The New Cornerstone for Preconstruction Workflows in Autodesk Construction Cloud

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For the first time, Autodesk is combining 2D and 3D quantification capabilities in one cloud-based solution to empower estimators to create accurate estimates and competitive bids, faster. The Autodesk® Takeoff solution has tools to perform both types of takeoffs in a single solution. 

Autodesk’s quantification capabilities are integral to Autodesk’s new vision for construction: a connected experience where data easily flows through every stage of construction. With connected construction, the industry will become more collaborative, efficient, and profitable for all builders. As part of Autodesk Construction Cloud’s unified platform and common data environment, Autodesk Takeoff will be available alongside Autodesk® Build for the field teams and Autodesk® BIM Collaborate for BIM and VDC managers in early 2021.

Autodesk Takeoff is the Comprehensive Takeoff Tool from Autodesk Construction Cloud

Drawing and model-based quantification workflows on a centralized platform fosters transparency and collaboration for estimating teams. They can work confidently knowing they’re working with the most up-to-date documents and information through Autodesk Construction Cloud’s common data environment. Producing accurate takeoffs from current plans and models helps save time catching small but meaningful design details, vital for estimators in determining costs and scope to win projects and contribute to profitability. 

David Vrabel, an estimator at Herrero Builders finds he will be able to work more precisely with the use of these new tools. “The combination of 2D and 3D takeoffs will help eliminate any type of oversight and streamline the process of how we do our takeoffs by having data points collected in a single tool,” he says. “Oftentimes, you may not see something in the layers of the 2D print that you will be able to see in the 3D model because it is so much more apparent when you’re looking at it through a 3D lens. This will help eliminate the risk of scope gaps, creating more accurate takeoffs.”

The Past of Quantification

Before Autodesk’s unified quantification tool, performing takeoffs was a disjointed, and a time-consuming process. Having disparate processes and tools for performing 2D and 3D takeoffs meant data wasn’t easily passed between the two systems, making it difficult to collaborate, identify nuances, and work quickly. This causes mistakes in the procurement process which potentially can lead to improper bidding, unnecessary overhead, and mismanagement of materials. For most estimators, this means their time is spent on fixing mistakes, instead of value-added activities like cost analysis and supporting project managers and executives to win more business. 

John Mack, BIM Department Manager at Dome says, “Autodesk’s quantification tool will eliminate cumbersome workflows of sharing data between multiple solutions. As a cloud-based takeoff solution, data is accessible across estimating teams which will save time, increase collaboration, and accurately track where scope of work is trending based on design, which will be beneficial on our IPD projects since we’re having to estimate and budget on a weekly basis. With data stored in one, single location, we can calculate budgets and estimates more quickly.”

A Better Solution for Accurate Bids and Winning More Work

Estimators can now confidently create competitive bids quickly and accurately with capabilities including:

  • Streamlined, Flexible 2D Takeoff: Capture project scope with linear, count, and area takeoff, to save time generating multiple quantities from one takeoff.
  • Automated 3D Takeoff: Quickly access quantities from BIM model for increased time savings and project scope visualization.
  • Flexible, Customizable Takeoffs: Select from predefined or upload custom classification systems and use customized formulas to generate complex quantities in both 2D and 3D.
  • Cloud-based Document Version Control: Get clear notifications when and where documents are updated and ensure you get access to the most up-to date information.

Delivering a New, Connected Future

The construction industry is progressively moving towards more connected data, workstreams, and teams. With Autodesk Takeoff, builders can now achieve the new possible.

Autodesk quantification tool will be available in early 2021, click here to learn more. To learn more about all the exciting product announcements this month, take a look at our release.  

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Nick Zeeben

Nick Zeeben Product Manager, Preconstruction, Autodesk