Introducing Autodesk Build: One Platform to Connect the Office and the Field

In construction, the gap between the office and the field is nothing new. Whether you are on the jobsite or in the trailer, it can oftentimes feel like you’re operating in a silo with little visibility into your counterparts world. But the construction industry is transformingwe’re seeing new ways of working and data collected at a rapid rate. At the same time, project risk is increasing with little to no room for miscommunications and mistakes. Today more than ever, we need to close the gap and truly connect teams that are ready to embrace and excel in our industry’s future.  

To empower our customers for success in an evolving industry, today, Autodesk announced a new set of products on a unified platform, including Autodesk Build. Autodesk Build unites the best of field collaboration solution, PlanGrid, and project management software, BIM 360, with additional new functionality to further connect data, workflows, and teams from design to operations.  

“With Autodesk Build you have everyone on the same interface and can seamlessly and efficiently communicate across project stakeholders saving time, money, and resources which are all valuable assets in construction,” says Amy Kozlowski, Project Manager at Herrero Builders   

Read on to learn more about Autodesk Build.  

Configurable Construction Project Management Workflows  

Keep the project on track with configured, streamlined, and connected workflows like escalating an issue to an RFI, and RFI to change order. And with the ability to link nearly any references - photos, issues, documents users can understand the impact of changes, faster.​  

  • Seamlessly manage and connect RFIs: Link RFIs to other tasks, escalate Issues to RFIs, and RFIs to Potential Change Orders to streamline workflows and reduce the risk of data loss 
  • Streamline and simplify the submittal process: Initiate submittal requests, manage reviews and approvals, and access approved submittal information from your mobile device.  
  • Centralize meeting minutes: Gain clear visibility into commitments made, link to essential references, and keep an organized history of all meeting records. 
  • Track construction progress: Track, visualize and report on work progress to reduce uncertainty and miscommunication.  

Centralized Cost Activities 

Connect and improve cost management  on one platform. Drive forecast accuracy and predictable cash flow with real time information and visibility into cost related risks.  

  • Enhance collaboration: Add owners and suppliers online into the system to enhance collaboration and streamline construction workflows. 
  • Communication and accountability: Streamline upstream and downstream change order workflows, for clear accountability and visibility of impact on the overall budget. 
  • Accurate forecasts: Centralize all cost management activities in the cloud to give an accurate view of each project’s financial health and a real-time picture of cost-related risks. 
  • Customize workflows: Tailor terminology to align with company standards, set up custom budget structures that work with any accounting system, and create custom calculated budget columns. 

Collaborative Quality and Safety Tools  

With easy-to-adopt tools for safety and quality, make miscommunication a thing of the past and give the entire team visibility into live project information. With forms and issues, the whole team can contribute to quality and safety conformance.  

  • Standardize quality control: Standardize quality inspection processes, resolve issues faster, and reduce rework. 
  • Centralize issue management: Empower dispersed teams to track and resolve quality issues using a single centralized issue list. 
  • Effective safety planning: Prevent safety blind spots and risky situations at your construction sites by creating and executing standardized safety plans for your projects. 
  • Maintain safer jobsites: Quickly assign safety issues to team members, leveraging automatic issue creation for non-conforming checklist items and unsafe observations. 

Simplified Project Closeout   

Take the stress out of the construction closeout process by connecting data from the field and office to ensure the documentation you need is at your fingertips. 

  • Streamline commissioning and turnover: Reduce the time it takes to access asset data in the field, perform commissioning, and resolve defects while reducing the risks. 
  • Accurate and comprehensive turnover documentation: Organized by folder for easy navigation, documents can be downloaded as the most up-to-date record and hard copy of a project.  
  • Fast and complete as-builts: Generate as-builts to enable efficient operations and facilities management, including the export of drawings, models, documents, and photos. 

PlanGrid Build Mobile App Drives Productivity in the Field 

Autodesk Build will also includes the PlanGrid Build mobile app, empowering teams to complete tasks from anywhere on the jobsite with seamless access to all project data, even when offline.   

Autodesk Build is Reinforced by Autodesk Docs and Insights 

Autodesk Docs enables teams to store and manage all project documents and data from design through construction in a Common Data Environment.​ Teams can manage document workflows consistently and correctly on every project, comply with key industry standards, and confidently distribute documents across a large workforce with Autodesk Docs.​   

Additionally, Autodesk Build allows teams to leverage and extract data to improve business outcomes. Leveraging the machine learning technology of Construction IQ, Insights delivers curated and configurable views of project data relevant to individual needs, visibility into the performance of one or many jobs, and predicts and prioritizes risk factors.   

Autodesk Build has the potential to solve the fragmentation of data in different applications by not only unifying the data, but also unifying workflows and how people work and collaborate together,” says Hung Nguyen, Senior Virtual Design Construction Process Manager at Herrero Builders.

With Autodesk Build, we will have greater insight into our data to streamline decision making that will impact overall project success and create better relationships between the owner and construction team.”

You can actually try Autodesk Build free for 30 days. Learn more here. To request a demo, click here. To learn more about all the exciting product announcements this month, take a look at our release.

Dive deeper into Autodesk Build by watching our on-demand webinar: Introduction to the Unified Platform: Customer Insights on Autodesk Build


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David Mendelson

David Mendelson, Director of Product Management, Autodesk Construction Solutions