AU Day 4 Recap: Top Insights from Construction Sessions

Day 4 Autodesk University construction recap

AU Day 4 Recap: Top Insights from Construction Sessions

As Autodesk University comes to a close, we hope you have been able to fully enjoy your experience! Day 1 there were  exciting keynotes and new construction announcements. On Day 2 and Day 3, we were able to share some exciting insights from the sessions that took place on those days. As we wrap up our recap blogs with Day 4, we are sharing highlights from great sessions that cover industrialized construction as well as Autodesk Construction Cloud’s common data environments. 

We’ve recapped some sessions that took place on Day 4: 

All of these sessions and hundreds more are still available on demand. You can visit our Session list and Construction Hub for much more Autodesk University Content!

An Owner’s Perspective on Industrialized Construction

This panel was moderated by Amy Marks, Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk. She was joined by Robert (Rob) Crotty, Assistant Vice President Capital Productivity Improvement and Strategy, HCA, Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Data Centers, and John Turner, VP of Innovative Solutions, Gafcon. Together, they discussed their perspectives on this trend of industrialized construction and how they are approaching this disruptive method of building.

Amy started out the discussion by mentioning how change happens in a complex ecosystem from the top down and how we need big influencers in order to effect change, “Industrialized construction, we want to think of it as the application of manufacturing techniques and approaches to the entirety of the environment, not just construction but design, manufacturing, etc. We have to apply what we’ve learned in the manufacturing space to all these phases of the life cycle.”  

They then discussed the question, “Lots of serial owners want a playbook. What does that mean?”

John began this discussion by describing what a playbook does, “It’s something that persists, rather than prescribes and will set up the guiding principles by which we will start to filter decisions and then start to make better decisions.” Nancy then joined this conversation by mentioning, “One thing the industry has to get really good at is building a change.” Rob then added, “The playbook is based on successful principles of production and it tells you how to get from where you are today to that future state and it also has to be a 360 look. It has to be holistic and encompasses all the aspects of the production that you’re trying to achieve.” 

This discussion included many more insights and conversation topics. Make sure to watch the full session on-demand here.

Industrialized Construction Panel—Why It's Not Just Modular

This panel was moderated by Az Jasat, Senior, Industry Manager, Industrialized Construction, Autodesk. He was also joined by Matt Gough, Director Of Innovation, Mace, Lindsey Rem, Vice President of Systems, Barton Malow, and Warwick Stannus, Group Engineering Manager, A.G. Coombs. In this panel, they discussed the prefabrication continuum and why it’s not all about volumetric modular. 

They started out the conversation by asking, “Why is volumetric modular getting so much attention?”

Lindsey started off the conversation by describing the appeal, “It’s easy to understand. It’s an entire apartment or hotel room arriving and being stacked. It’s impressive and it’s ‘sexy'.’” Warwick added, “It is still a niche form of construction, whereas  off site fabrication is less noticed but is becoming mainstream.” Matt then joined in saying, “It’s the big sales pitch. We’ve seen it with the 1,000 bed hospital being built within eight weeks and it's all over the news.” 

Az then asked, “Why is it that those other elements in the prefabrication continuum are so important?” 

Matt provided an example, “There is a significant amount of building and infrastructure required. If we’re going to have 10 billion people on the planet by 2050 and 70% of those people want to live in cities, there’s big urbanization coming. We need to build the equivalent of New York City every month for the next 30 years and that’s a lot of building. You’re not going to get all of that out of modular volumetric factories.” Lindsey then mentioned how malleable preconstruction is, “One of the great benefits is that the amount of planning that you have to do up front in order to do prefabrication has all sorts of downstream benefits.”

Want to hear more? Check out the full session here and learn more about Industrialized Construction and its benefits. 

ISO19650, the Common Data Environment and Autodesk Construction Cloud

This session was hosted by Angela Yee, Senior Product Manager, Autodesk and Joan Allen, Sr. Group Product Manager, Autodesk. In this panel they discuss the development and use of BIM standards and how they relate to how people are using Autodesk Construction Cloud.

As they moved into the Q&A they were asked, “Do you expect ISO19650 to be a requirement for North America and APAC in the next few years as it is in EMEA now?” 

Angela started off by explaining the amount of customer research that they have been doing, “Many of our customers  are using ISO19650 around the world. We are hearing from our clients in North America that they are either starting to implement the work flows themselves because they see the clear benefits of it, or they have owner clients that are asking them to implement it.” 

Joan then joins the discussion by saying, “While the concentration of the original adoption is in EMEA, we’re definitely seeing those trends from our customers in APAC and North America as well. This is driven by the fact that it just makes sense to have a common data environment and these standards are great best practices around managing your information flow.” 

As this discussion went on attendees asked about when they could expect to see ISO19650 for Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Joan shared, “We do have an on-going private beta with customers representing a cross section of the types of companies that need to comply with ISO19650 including general contractors, design firms, and owners. We intend to launch these capabilities within Docs in the coming months.” 

To listen to more and learn more about ISO19650 and Autodesk Construction Cloud, watch on-demand here!

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Alexa De La Parra Ramirez

Content & Communications Coordinator, Autodesk Construction Solutions