40 Under 40: Champions of Construction 2023

Innovation and leadership are the driving forces behind construction success. That’s why at Autodesk, we continuously put the spotlight on individuals who embody these characteristics. 

Case in point: our annual 40 Under 40: Champions of Construction roundup. More than just a list of people, Autodesk's 40 Under 40 initiative celebrates some of the brightest pros in our industry. 

Nominated by their peers for their exceptional achievements, these under-40 individuals aren't just building structures—they're constructing the future. After reviewing hundreds of submissions for 2023, we're excited to finally reveal this year's list. 

Join us as we spotlight their inspiring journeys and contributions to the field.

40 Under 40: Champions of Construction 2023 

The list appears in alphabetical order by company name. Click on a name to jump to the individual, or scroll on.

  1. Manuel Klingenfuss, Amstein & Walthert Bern AG
  2. Zack Zimmerman, BamCore
  3. Robert Havins, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
  4. Liz Fox, Barton Malow Company
  5. Yasmine Van Roosbroeck, BESIX Vanhout
  6. Stephen Brooke, Burns & McDonnell
  7. Mark Whitehead, Cpac Modular
  8. Georgia Loadholt, Clancy & Theys
  9. James Mize, CRB
  10. Ellery Miles, DBM Vircon
  11. Lil Magallanes, DPR Construction
  12. Gert-Jan Ditsel, Dura Vermeer
  13. John Lim Ji Xiong, Gamuda Bhd
  14. Jack Atkinson, Gaylor Electric
  15. Bianca Guzman, Granite Construction
  16. Anders Hagvall, H2 Green Steel
  17. Chris Rossetto, Hansen Yuncken
  18. Andrea Aita, Heathrow Airport ltd
  19. Alma Jauregui, House & Robertson Architects
  20. Michael John Penfold, Hydro Tasmania
  21. Krystal Burton, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
  22. Devon Murray-Mazany, McCarthy Building Companies
  23. Logan Warren, Meta
  24. Jonathan Mabe, Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  25. Mark Jason Villanueva, Newcon Builders Pte. Ltd.
  26. Yam Wei Jian, Obayashi Singapore Private Limited
  27. Akshay Barde, Oberoi Realty Limited
  28. Pedro Fajardo, Princeton University OCP (Office of Capital Projects)
  29. Azza Nureldin Mohammed Omer, Pure Salmon
  30. Álvaro Miranda, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
  31. Albert Franco, Rivian Automotive
  32. Fiona Caldwell, Robertson Construction Group
  33. Karan Veer Singh, Rustomjee Developers (now at Burns & McDonnell)
  34. Matt Fern, Stowe Australia
  35. Ziqing Liew, Sunway Property
  36. Megan Landau, Texas Instruments
  37. Deivis Escalante, Thunder Electrical Contractors, Inc
  38. Maria Fernanda Olmos, Unispace Global
  39. Ian McGaw, Global, Vantage Data Centers
  40. James Niyonkuru Bicamumpaka, Webcor Builders

1. Manuel Klingenfuss

Team Leader, Amstein + Walthert Bern AG
Bern, Switzerland

With Manuel's help, Amstein+Walthert has significantly advanced its approach to BIM. Over the past 3-4 years, he has elevated BIM to Building Information Management, playing a crucial role in implementing cloud solutions in major projects like Frauenklinik Bern, Inselspital BB12 and Gymnasium Neufeld. Manuel led the team responsible for maintaining and centralizing project information throughout the project lifecycle, from planning to operation. This approach established a strong partnership with the supply chain and led to the acquisition of new BIM projects.

Under his guidance, Amstein+Walthert is now recognized as a technology leader and modern employer in the Swiss construction industry. Manuel's commitment to driving BIM development—both technologically and collaboratively—was vital in promoting digitization within a traditionally conservative industry. Together with the core team at Amstein+Walthert, he establishes new ways of working in the other branches.

He is an important driver and a great internal promoter for BIM processes and digitization. Not only driving the BIM development from a technology point of view but also from the collaborative aspect, building specific project teams and virtual groups. Driving BIM methodologies and practices in a rather traditional Swiss Engineering company within the German-speaking region is already a challenge; not many are willing and courageous enough to lead and drive. It requires time and motivation to drive internal and external use cases at specific events or meetings. 

2. Zack Zimmerman

Chief Commercial Officer, BamCore
Windsor, CA

Zack is the driving force behind BamCore's success in forging strategic alliances and cultivating relationships with premier commercial builders across the US. His visionary leadership and analytical thinking have helped BamCore double its revenue in 2023. Moreover, he is skillfully maneuvering the company into a position poised to increase its results tenfold in 2024.

Known for his charismatic presence and unwavering integrity, Zack invests relentlessly in establishing strong and enduring business partnerships. He's dedicated to promoting biogenic building technologies and their widespread adoption in the industry, aiming to transform construction practices towards sustainability and innovation.

Zack Zimmerman exemplifies innovative leadership and unwavering commitment in the construction world, ardently championing the goal of decarbonization in the built environment while addressing the pain points of construction. Serving as the Chief Commercial Officer at BamCore, he aids in orchestrating the company's pursuit of pioneering biogenic construction technology, setting new benchmarks in sustainable building practices.

3. Robert Havins

Director – Integrated Construction, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Austin, TX

Robert has played a pivotal role in driving significant advancements in Bartlett Cocke’s technology initiatives. While overseeing the VDC Department and Planning & Scheduling efforts at Bartlett Cocke, Robert also spearheaded the identification and implementation of a Reality Capture program/platform, an enterprise Resource Management platform, a 3D take-off/production tracking platform, in addition to leading the company-wide transition from PlanGrid to Autodesk Build.  

Robert is also incredibly data-centric. He built custom PowerBI dashboards so teams can benefit from real-time field data and make more informed business decisions. 

Robert brings a passion for identifying intuitive solutions to help solve problems, create transparency, or improve processes for the end-users he supports. Robert's contributions have not only enhanced operational efficiency but have also been pivotal in aligning with Bartlett Cocke's strategic vision of “being the most sought-after integrated building solutions company delivering projects safer, faster and better than anyone.”

With over 13 years in the industry, Rob stands out as a rising star and leader in construction technology due to his unwavering commitment to driving innovation, efficiency, and operational excellence, all while keeping empathy for the end-users as his compass. Rob enhanced profitability and supported Bartlett Cocke's overall business objectives by driving innovation and efficiency into existing processes.

4. Liz Fox

VDC Manager – Technology Implementation, Barton Malow Company
Southfield, MI

Liz strives to introduce robust construction tools (like Autodesk Build) to streamline projects at Barton Malow. But she doesn't just present teams with new tools; she also creates standard processes to fit the specific requirements of each project and client. 

Liz has extensively collaborated with large, repeat clients on their BIM360 and Build implementations, actively working with Autodesk and these customers to enhance functionality, particularly with Bridge. Her understanding of both construction and technology enables her to effectively assist project teams in adopting new technologies. 

Liz gets construction, and she gets tech. She can connect with project teams to help them overcome the challenges of adopting technology for their processes. They trust her, and she advocates hard on their behalf. Liz’s efforts make a real difference in how teams experience technology and how those teams, in turn, can change how a project is executed.

5. Yasmine Van Roosbroeck

BIM Manager, BESIX Vanhout
Geel, Antwerp, Belgium

Thanks to Yasmine, Vanhout was able to successfully adopt advanced digital construction tools and innovate their operational processes. She led the company-wide adoption of Build, a transition that started from a single pilot project and quickly gained momentum across the entire company. Her efforts didn't stop there; under her guidance, Vanhout has become a leader in innovation within the international group Besix, a multinational with a $3.3 billion EUR turnover. 

Apart from driving digitalization, Yasmine has been involved in a startup focusing on sustainable housing using AI—a project that earned her a nomination to present at Autodesk University. Her leadership in transitioning from BIM360 Docs to ACC Docs and digitizing onsite operations using Build has led to further technological adoption in other departments.

Yasmine combines the strategic vision of digitalisation with pragmatic project-specific knowledge. She is able to see digital solutions beyond features while maintaining a practical approach to the onsite implementation.

6. Stephen Brooke

Digital Delivery Manager, Burns & McDonnell
Kansas City, MO

Stephen Brooke is a Digital Delivery Manager at Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City, MO. His impact on the team has been nothing short of exceptional. Stephen stands out for his adeptness in reshaping collaboration dynamics throughout project lifecycles, seamlessly integrating diverse construction software platforms.

At the core of Stephen's contributions lies his exceptional skill in optimizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) execution plans, setting elevated global practice standards, and significantly enhancing the quality of both models and contract drawings. His proficiency extends beyond the digital realm, drawing from real-world field experience to inspire designers toward heightened drawing accuracy and enriched content.

One of Stephen's top achievements is his role in championing cutting-edge tools, exemplified by his instrumental involvement in key projects like the SuperBAB project—integral to Intuitive Machines’ upcoming moon landing mission. Notably, his advocacy for innovative platforms such as Autodesk Construction Cloud has played a pivotal role in reshaping project landscapes.

Stephen's commitment to leveraging technology to its fullest is evident in his pursuit of maximizing team output and results. His track record of success in implementing digital tools has not only left a significant mark on his projects but has also paved the way for widespread adoption across Burns & McDonnell’s business units. This ripple effect has fostered increased collaboration and a string of successful outcomes.

A true go-getter, Stephen has spent the past year challenging the status quo, propelling new workflows and technologies through Burns & McDonnell. As a leader who fearlessly puts his neck on the line, Stephen consistently delivers tangible value to his projects, embodying the essence of success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

7. Mark Whitehead

Construction Director, Cpac Modular
Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland

Mark is making a name for himself as a construction industry influencer with a passion for offsite modular construction. A regular keynote speaker at top construction events, Mark has covered subjects ranging from "Accelerating BIM adoption" at the CitA Gathering23, "Setting the Vision" at the SME Digital Acceleration Series, to presenting the "Benefits of using Modular Offsite Construction."

Beyond his thought leadership initiatives, Mark has positively impacted Cpac Modular. He has advanced the firm's performance, ability, quality standard, and R&D—all of which have shown significant advances, ensuring a long future for the company. 

Mark is a natural leader with immense emotional intelligence; he sets a respectful, honest, and genuine caring tone within the business, assuring staff, suppliers, and clients positively benefit from all interactions.

8. Georgia Loadholt

Operations Analyst, Clancy & Theys
Raleigh, NC

Georgia has significantly enhanced Clancy & Theys' tech and operational efficiency. 

Case in point: she led a large committee in the comprehensive evaluation of the company's next technology solution, covering a range of workflows, from Analytics and Cost Management to BIM/VDC, Safety, and more. 

Georgia's role in facilitating the rollout of ACC across the organization has been pivotal. She created smaller committees to effectively disseminate information and organize the adoption process of Autodesk Build and Cost solutions. 

She's committed to future-proofing Clancy & Theys, which is why she's heavily involved in various beta tests, ensuring that the firm can meet their needs both in the present and in the years to come. Georgia has also been able to visualize critical data and information at a project and cross-project level using Power BI to ensure proper reporting at all levels of Clancy & Theys.

Georgia has a data first approach to solving problems that General Contractors face in our industry. She listens to the needs and wants of the field to translate them into processes to help support the Clancy & Theys organization to be more efficient in using data as their guiding star.

9. James Mize

Digital Delivery Specialist, CRB
Boston, MA

James is a thought leader at CRB, starting as a BIM Coordinator he moved into a corporate role in Digital Delivery where he channeled his passion for construction technology, analytics, and data visualization to revolutionize CRB's workflows and decision-making. His transformative work has manifested itself in the creation of powerful dashboards, the implementation of cutting-edge tools (such as ACC), and updated business processes that have shaped the company's approach to project delivery. His data visualization prowess has fostered a culture of transparency and accountability at multiple levels of the business.  

In addition to his analytical contributions, James has helped the firm transform their data strategies and make better insight-driven decisions. This approach facilitated more informed strategic planning and resource allocation. James’ transformative work can be felt at the corporate and project level where he implemented digital tools across CRB's major projects. He led comprehensive training sessions for pilot project teams, wrote updated business processes, and developed communications for the implementation, showcasing his ability to simplify complex concepts and meet diverse training needs. 

James is a rising star in the construction industry, primarily due to his dedication to harnessing technology's potential. In an industry resistant to change, James has been an advocate for technological innovation. He recognizes that the complex building types CRB works on, such as biopharma manufacturing, demand a modern approach.

10. Ellery Miles

Digital Project Manager, DBM Vircon
Brisbane, Australia

He may be relatively new to the industry, but Ellery has already made a profound impact. His expertise in BIM and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) has significantly elevated project efficiency and quality.

Ellery also has a solid ability to foster collaboration within his team and with external partners. As such, his efforts have streamlined project workflows and delivered results that exceed expectations. In his time at Wiley, Ellery transitioned from a graduate in a cadet role to a leader in the business in a few short years. 

Ellery's journey in the construction industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He has rapidly ascended the ranks from his initial role as a Design Cadet to his current position as a Digital Project Manager. Ellery's ability to grasp complex concepts, his dedication to continued learning, and his vision for the future of construction make him a standout leader. His passion for embracing digital technology to improve construction processes and outcomes underscores his position as a leader in the field.

11. Lil Magallanes

Construction Technology Project Manager, DPR Construction
San Diego, CA

Lil joined DPR's Construction Technology national team in 2021. Lil has played a crucial role in successfully implementing and rolling out ACC. She serves as DPR's primary ACC contact, funneling all vital info to appropriate stakeholders. She also ensured DPR team members received proper training and resources so the entire organization could put construction tech to good use.

In her previous role as BIM Coordinator for the Los Angeles Community College District, Lil's team identified technologies and applications of Building Information Modeling. It challenged the industry to deliver projects through modeling standards, digital collaboration, and quality assurance. She was also part of Bluebeam's professional services team, where she helped build their consulting framework and helped hundreds of customers implement Revu to increase project efficiency.   In addition, she has served as the Membership Committee Chair for the Construction Progress Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to defining the future of project data governance through common data exchanges, and a Board Member for NAWIC Los Angeles, celebrating women in the AEC industry.

She has been our most valuable partner at DPR, helping ensure the ACC suite's success across their organization. Lil, in particular among her fellow integration managers, has been facilitating conversations and research between DPR stakeholders and our product teams, managing and providing feedback to our product betas, and developing a process using ACC Issues to track DPR feature requests and tease out trends of the most needed issues from the firm. In addition, she played an integral role in constructing a successful partnership with Autodesk.

12. Gert-Jan Ditsel

Business Partner Digital Construction, Dura Vermeer
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Gert-Jan pioneered digital construction within the Building Division of Dura Vermeer, a prominent Dutch construction company of over 168 years. He was recently promoted to Business Partner, Digital Construction for all divisions—a well-deserved promotion given his work fostering digital transformation. 

By empowering the employees within the company together with his team of BIM specialists, they helped Dura Vermeer go far by going together.  He ensured that all employees understood the benefits of innovation and new ways of working. Working side by side with his team, Gert-Jan embedded the enhancements in the Dura Vermeer processes. On top of that, he contributed to the improvement of the company's supply chain by ensuring Dura Vermeer recognized the value and benefits of digital collaboration.

Gert-Jan has become one of the most influential and visionary persons in the Dutch construction industry. Over the years, he has driven many initiatives to improve the quality of the construction industry and the industry's partnership with Autodesk.

13. John Lim Ji Xiong

Chief Digital Officer, Gamuda Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

John is the founder and pioneer of the Gamuda Innovation (GAIN) Hub, a centre of excellence to build the next-generation tools for the construction industry. The innovation hub brings a fresh lens to a traditional industry, staffed with young engineers sourced from across the group’s operations and reskilled to become software engineers, data engineers and innovation leaders. This team has been a notable driving force behind many award-winning in-house innovations such as the Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine, BIM Augmented Reality and Gamuda Insights. 

Under his leadership, Gamuda Bhd has established a streamlined suite of digital tools for all its projects known as the Gamuda Digital Operating System (GDOS) which is underpinned by Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). Key to Gamuda’s regional success has been to drive the uptake of technologies that drive collaboration, transparency and cascading of best practice for the organization. To drive this success, John’s team provides technical leadership and supports BIM & technology rollouts across all projects in the group. Because of John’s foresight and leadership in innovation, Gamuda Bhd has made great strides in their digital transformation journey and continues to push the envelope of possibilities for the industry.

As we have seen in TechX, where he spoke with Jim Lynch, John is incredibly insightful. He believes that Autodesk Construction Cloud can take the world by storm because it is an open platform that enables customers to manage projects collaboratively whilst having a rich set of APIs for companies like Gamuda to build new ideas on top.

14. Jack Atkinson

Electrical Engineering Manager, Gaylor Electric
Noblesville, IN

Jack has been an important figure in Gaylor Electric's success, particularly in a multi-billion-dollar, confidential data center project spanning several national locations. His innovative design and construction approaches have led to improved production, efficiency, and safety. Beyond project work, Jack has significantly contributed to Gaylor Electric's corporate growth strategy, developing content for the engineering page of the company's website and enhancing its online presence.

Jack is committed to fostering growth within the company, actively participating in recruitment by engaging with students and promoting construction careers. His mentorship and approachability have been crucial in attracting new talent.

Jack is an outstanding young construction leader. His journey at Gaylor Electric has been a remarkable one. His visionary leadership has propelled his team and the construction industry forward, redefining how we approach building projects and emphasizing innovation as a core principle.

15. Bianca Guzman

Project Manager, Granite Construction
Everett, WA

Bianca has driven positive changes on multiple levels—including Granite's projects, teams, and company as a whole. At the project level, she successfully managed three complex projects: the Seattle Waterfront, which presented major access and geotechnical challenges, and two intricate fish passage projects completed under tight deadlines. Her passion for these projects and excellent communication skills played a significant role in their success, saving upwards of $2M on the Seattle project through her expertise in 3D AGTEK modeling.

At the team level, Bianca's tailored communication strategies fostered success, adapting to different personalities and ensuring transparent communication for effective planning and execution. 

Company-wide, Bianca has been a leader in Granite's Pacific Northwest Region's Construction Technology Group, volunteering to pilot Autodesk Build and providing vital feedback for its enterprise implementation. 

Additionally, Bianca played a crucial role in implementing Plangrid and its transition to Autodesk Build, leading its development, internal training, and support. 

She operates at the highest standard, with a constant drive to push boundaries, advocate for change, and raise the bar for others. She prioritizes building cohesive teams— with solid communication, teamwork, and trust at their foundation—that continue to execute at the highest level for some of the Pacific Northwest Region's most complex work. 

16. Anders Hagvall

Head of Digital Construction & Engineering, H2 Green Steel
Stockholm, Sweden

Anders' work has helped H2 Green Steel advance its mission to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries. Since early 2022, he has led the adoption of ACC and Docs to track the entire project lifecycle of a hydrogen based steel mill, aiming for start of operations by the end of 2025. Anders and his team leverages modules like Collaborate, Build and Cost Management to digitally capture every construction step, from design intent to asset delivery of the entire factory.

Anders has also been instrumental in integrating comprehensive project management and collaborative design tools to redefine steel plant operations. This has improved communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, centralizing project data for smoother workflows and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Anders and his digital team have invested early and heavily in digital adoption, intending to set a new example for data and automation within construction and engineering projects and subsequent operations. He is an exemplary leader in the construction industry, making significant waves with his innovative approach and forward-thinking strategies.

17. Chris Rossetto

VDC Manager, Hansen Yuncken
Melbourne, Australia

A firm believer in construction tech, Chris facilitated Hansen Yuncken's transition to advanced tools, including BIM360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud. 

His careful, intentional, and diplomatic approach led to the smooth rollout of ACC on Hansen Yuncken projects in Melbourne. His proactive communication and demonstration of the technology's value to various stakeholders have been critical in this process.

Aside from his leadership, Chris is also big on knowledge-sharing. He doesn't hesitate to share his insights at industry events, and thanks to him, Hansen Yuncken has become a model for the successful adoption and utilization of construction technology.

Chris is an outspoken advocate for construction technology and BIM practices at Hansen Yuncken. He is enthusiastic about sharing his experiences and knowledge in construction tech and furthering the impact of technology in the construction industry.

18. Andrea Aita

Digital Delivery Lead, Heathrow Airport Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Before 2023, collaboration at Heathrow's supply chain and client stakeholders group involved multiple methods, including email and word of mouth. Andrea was tasked with improving Heathrow's digital delivery processes, and he delivered exceptionally well on the assignment. 

Under his leadership, over 450 users now collaborate using a single platform with managed workflows, enhancing information quality and increasing interest in extracting further value from managed data. Plus, he implemented value-added activities like point cloud survey data workflows, automated forms for stakeholder management,  and progress reporting.

He has worked off his own initiative and developed business training material to help guide users. Andrea has overcome barriers of users being reluctant to change ways of working; this has been achieved by ongoing hand-holding, ensuring the users see the benefits. Andrea can work with little input and develop ideas engaging with all levels of our organisation.

19. Alma Jauregui, AIA

Managing Partner, House & Robertson Architects
San Francisco, CA

Alma's profound impact goes beyond the boundaries of individual projects or teams at House & Robertson Architects; her work enriches the entire company. 

As the face of House & Robertson Architects' San Francisco office, Alma has continuously championed the interests of the firm's clients, colleagues, and consultants. Her commitment to mentorship actively nurtures talent, and cultivates professional growth within her teams and beyond. This dedication has sowed the seeds of a vibrant culture of continuous learning and development, ensuring that employees thrive and evolve. 

Not only that, but her exceptional communication skills and client-centric approach have fortified existing client relationships and forged new, meaningful partnerships. Alma possesses an innate ability to comprehend client needs, providing innovative solutions that consistently translate into client satisfaction. Her efforts have yielded repeat business and garnered glowing referrals and testimonials, affirming her status as an invaluable asset to the organization.

Alma has firmly established herself as a rising star and a prominent leader in the construction industry, driven by a unique combination of exceptional qualities and achievements. Her work ethic, remarkable adaptability, and outstanding leadership skills are at the core of her leadership. 

20. Michael John Penfold

Team Leader - Design, Drafting & Document Management, Hydro Tasmania
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Performance driven, detail-oriented experienced engineering professional with a career spanning office-based design, domestic and expatriate site engineering overseeing documentation, managing labor teams, installation works and commissioning.

During his time at Hydro Tasmania he has built a team from the ground up, enhancing the skills and internal project teams capability, continuing to ensure collaboration, open learnings and conversations and to persevere building on standardization of designs where applicable and ensuring consistency of delivered asset documentation.

Michael has been the initiator and driving force behind several digital adoptions of emerging technologies promoting efficiencies for major capital projects, and the greater business unit with a goal of generating a lasting positive legacy for Hydro Tasmania. 

This has included the most recent challenge of producing a robust Common Data Environment (CDE) solution to remove immeasurable time wasted, and frustrations in the way we find, store, and consume data for our Power Generating Assets. He is currently leading the implementation of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) guiding the fundamental structure in accordance with international standards, namely ISO 19650. These efforts have expanded the team’s digital capabilities and played a crucial role in developing a naming scheme, folder structure and the method of coordinating valuable project design data to internal and external stakeholders.

Michael has been leading the implementation of Autodesk Construction Cloud into Hydro Tasmania. Successfully completing a proof of concept program, deployment timeline, and currently staging increased usage of the platform across current and planned projects to ensure successful utilization is achieved.

21. Krystal Burton

Manager, Project Coordination, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Minneapolis, MN

Krystal began her career at Kraus Anderson as the company's Project Coordinator before moving up to Lead Project Coordinator and then to her current role as Manager, Project Coordination.

Colleagues describe her as a leading team member, and she was instrumental in helping Kraus Anderson adopt technology. She has been a constant leader with her guidance and training for teams and projects.

Krystal has been the driving force at Kraus Anderson from the project coordination standpoint, having developed the standards and training materials for ADSK Build, ACC Autospec, and Pype tools.

Krystal built fantastic relationships with members of construction projects, and she has earned the respect of her colleagues at Kraus Anderson. She has proven to be a leader and respected member of the construction industry in Minnesota.

22. Devon Murray-Mazany

Project Manager, McCarthy Building Companies
Overland Park, KS

Devon has rapidly risen through the ranks due to her exceptional leadership and commitment to excellence. She currently leads a team on one of the United States' largest wastewater treatment projects, valued at $600 million. 

Devon stands out not only for her project management skills but also for her role in championing women in construction. Not only that, she also mentors young talent, helping them navigate the industry. It's no wonder, then, why Devon has been tapped many times to present her team's innovative strategies to company leadership. 

Her other contributions extend to cost management, integrating different technologies seamlessly, and being a respected voice within McCarthy Building Companies—and the industry in general. 

Devon is a force to be reckoned with. McCarthy has continued to promote her within the ranks to leadership, and she now leads a team on one of the USA's largest Waste Water Treatment projects. She is blazing a trail for the women in her organization and for young new talent to help them navigate the industry and their organization.

23. Logan Warren

Platform Governance Lead, Meta
Las Cruces, NM

Logan's work at Meta has enabled the company to advance its data center operations. Most notably, he successfully orchestrated the implementation of five massive data center campuses into the Autodesk Construction Cloud, integrating thousands of users into the system within six weeks. As part of the project, he developed an innovative approach to implementation checklists for data center equipment installations, which helped ensure that the transition to ACC for all new data centers was seamless and efficient.

Logan's leadership extends beyond implementation; he drives Meta and its ecosystem to new heights. His vision? To have a technology platform that supports the design, build, and operation of Meta's data centers.

Logan formulated a plan with Autodesk and internal teams to implement five massive data center campuses this past summer. All five of these campuses and thousands of users were brought into the system in a six-week period.

24. Jonathan Mabe

Assistant Project Manager, Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Newnan, GA

Jonathan joined Miller Electrical just over a year ago, but he's already made a massive impact—particularly in the adoption and use of technology. 

Jonathan’s focus has been on hospital projects, where he leveraged technology to enhance digitization and productivity. He specifically championed the Assets + Progress Tracking capabilities of Autodesk Build to manage the lifecycle of prefab and installation of electrical panels and wall receptacles.  

Known for his optimism and early adoption of disruptive methods, Jon constantly seeks ways to improve operational and project efficiencies. Despite being a younger member of his team, his influence as a technology champion has notably enhanced productivity and progress tracking. 

Jonathan has been a pivotal player in implementing technology, recommending and defining SOPs, and is an out-of-the-box thinker. I've worked with Jonathan at two different electrical subcontracting firms, and at both jobs, he has been an innovation leader.

25. Mark Jason Villanueva

Corporate BIM Manager, Newcon Builders Pte. Ltd.

Thanks to Mark's leadership and drive, Newcon Builders has seen increased efficiency and cost savings, and his work has fostered a culture of excellence and innovation. 

His management of project costs using digital tools—combined with his meticulous project planning—have resulted in projects being delivered on or ahead of schedule, enhancing client satisfaction and the company's reputation. 

Not only that, but Mark fostered better communication and teamwork across the company by promoting digital collaboration tools like ACC. Mark's commitment to quality assurance can be seen in the consistently high-quality deliverables from his projects, and he continually keeps his team updated with the latest technologies.

What truly sets Mark apart as a leader is his commitment to innovation. He continually explores novel ways to leverage technology, often customizing workflows and integrating emerging tools into his projects to maximize efficiency and quality. Mark's willingness to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of construction technology exemplifies his forward-thinking approach.

26. Yam Wei Jian

M&E Engineer, Obayashi Singapore Private Limited

One of the reasons behind Wei Jian's rise to prominence is his ability to tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions. Whether it's streamlining communication, optimizing workflows, or mitigating potential clashes, he consistently finds creative ways to ensure smooth project execution. 

His proactive problem-solving approach has saved valuable time and significantly reduced costs for his projects. Wei Jian knows the importance of collaboration and strives to improve communication between stakeholders. One of the ways he does this is through ACC, which serves as a central hub on which architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors can collaborate seamlessly. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry, individuals who embrace innovation and harness cutting-edge technology play a pivotal role in reshaping how projects are executed. Among these trailblazers stands Yam Wei Jian, a M&E Engineer whose remarkable dedication and leadership have propelled him to the forefront of the industry. His mastery of Autodesk Construction Cloud and unwavering commitment to its application in daily work and project coordination make him a construction industry leader.

27. Akshay Barde

Executive - EHS, Oberoi Realty Limited
Mumbai, India

Akshay paved the way for digital transformation at Oberoi Realty Limited, particularly in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS). He encouraged the use of BIM 360 software, guiding the project team in its usage and resolving related issues. His efforts include coordinating with BIMAGE and the Autodesk team to develop and implement the software at the project level.

All of his work aligns with the company's goal of digitization, significantly impacting the adoption of digital solutions for EHS management at Oberoi Realty. Akshay's initiatives have not only streamlined EHS processes but have also advanced the company's overall digitization strategy.

Akshay encourages the team towards digitization through continuous monitoring of projects. He also guides the project firm in BIM 360 usage and resolves issues related to software.

28. Pedro Fajardo

BIM Manager, Princeton University OCP (Office of Capital Projects)
Princeton, NJ

Pedro is helping Princeton University level up its construction workflows by spearheading the implementation of digital solutions like ACC. The objective? To centralize and standardize project management across the university's campus. As such, he is leading the initiative to transition the remaining workflows from PMWeb to ACC, aiming for a unified source of truth for all projects. 

This effort is part of the broader strategy to link design, construction, and operations seamlessly through model-based asset workflows, impacting all internal and external teams involved in Princeton's projects.

Pedro's work is crucial in the final stages of the 2026 Campus Plan and in laying the groundwork for the university's next development phase. His focus is on establishing ACC workflows and standards that will guide construction and operations for the next decade.

Pedro is leading the effort to establish the use of ACC to manage the Princeton University campus projects for the entire lifecycle of each project, from design to construction and operations. He is developing design best practices and setting a standard for construction firms to use the Princeton Autodesk Construction Cloud project to centralize information and collaboration. 

29. Azza Nureldin Mohammed Omer

BIM Coordinator, Pure Salmon
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Since day 1, Azza has strongly believed that technology is meant to simplify people's lives and drive better project outcomes. So, she made sure that Pure Salmon successfully met their goals and objectives through the optimum use of technology. She made it her goal to use her skills in architecture and Project management to train and lead workflows to a unified digital collaboration environment, standardizing project communication and management. 

Azza's initiatives also include experimenting with Build tools such as assets and Cost and considering integrations with ACC Connect. Her efforts have made Pure Salmon a strong user of Autodesk technology, including Revit, Civil 3D, Plan 3D, Navisworks, ACC Docs, Collaborate Pro, and Build, among others.

She is a rising star because she stepped out of her role as a BIM Coordinator to become a global team leader at Pure Salmon. She is currently the focal point where different teams meet. Azza has taken the responsibility to connect teams together. 

30. Alvaro Miranda

BIM Manager, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
Barcelona, Spain

Alvaro helped to lead complex projects involving the development of multifunctional buildings, like a multifunctional hub on an island, cultural development along two kilometers, academies, etc.

These projects —which is akin to building a city from scratch—required the coordination of numerous teams and companies working around the clock from different locations. Using a multifaceted BIM strategy, Álvaro successfully optimized the design, modeling, and coordination of various assets, including road networks, topography, landscape, and buildings.

Aside from his work on the project, Álvaro defined a strategy that optimizes the design, modeling and coordination between masterplan, civil infrastructure, and buildings as: museums, hotels, residential buildings, hospitalities, leisure, etc. He also established collaboration workflows to workflows and deliver better outcomes. 

Álvaro has a dedicated passion for driving change. He has taken a methodical approach to change—by first understanding the digital skills level of every colleague and secondly, implementing soft landing workflows that have helped all the discipline members to use digital tools and make them understand the benefits of digitalization.

31. Albert Franco

Sr. Manager, Facilities Technology - Design Technology - Data Analytics, Rivian Automotive
Los Angeles, CA

Albert played a crucial role in building the design and construction technology infrastructure for Rivian Facilities physical footprint. He oversaw a team focused on advanced 3D workflows and innovative project delivery approaches, emphasizing forward-thinking over traditional methods. 

Albert's leadership and strategic decisions have significantly contributed to Rivian's growth and tech advancement. Case in point: He was instrumental in managing the technology for Rivian's ambitious project pipeline, which includes their main manufacturing plant in Illinois, multiple service centers, Workplaces, and charging stations across the country. He has also been involved in initiating what will soon be a new $5 billion greenfield factory in Georgia. Albert oversaw Facilities design and construction workflows, ensuring Rivian moved rapidly with cutting-edge technology and efficient processes. 

Through his expertise and dedication, Albert successfully standardized factory design and construction processes into a common data platform. This achievement has revolutionized his company's operations, as they can now easily access and leverage valuable insights from housing data in one centralized location. Albert's innovative approach has not only streamlined their workflow but also empowered them to make informed decisions based on comprehensive and accurate information.

32. Fiona Caldwell

Business Systems Coordinator, Robertson Construction Group
Kirriemuir, Scotland, United Kingdom

To say that Fiona played an essential role in Robertson Construction's digital transformation would be an understatement. She led the testing, development, and rollout of ACC, significantly improving consistency, reporting, and management across the business. 

Fiona's efforts in advocating and leading the adoption of ACC have not only enhanced Robertson Construction's operational efficiency but also improved the company's industry profile and continuous improvement initiatives. Working closely with colleagues, her leadership has been instrumental in integrating ACC into the core of the company's quality and safety management and its overall digital construction strategy.

Fiona's appetite for converting the mindset of everyone in our Construction business to a digital-first approach has improved our business profile and supported continuous improvement for system users of all ages and backgrounds.

33. Karan Veer Singh

Digital Delivery Manager, Burns & McDonnell
(Former BIM/VDC Manager at Rustomjee Developers)
Mumbai, India

As BIM/VDC manager, Karan was crucial to Rustomjee's management. He was responsible for implementing, training, and driving all BIM-mandated processes across all project teams in the organization and the external teams. He checked all approval workflows related to design, contracts, planning, estimation, and billing teams. 

Plus, he maintained the usage of mobile applications at construction sites for capturing quality and safety-related digital checklists and issues. Karan ensured 3D models were utilized to develop BOQ procurement packages and extract model-based GFCs at all project stages.

In November 2023, Karan joined Burns & McDonnell as Digital Delivery Manager, where he now leads BIM development and execution for facility design-build projects globally.

Karan was driving the BIM/VDC division of one of the leading developers in India. He takes care of the end-to-end delivery of all construction projects and implements technological tools and processes during the pre and post-construction stages.

34. Matt Fern

Digital Engineering Manager, Stowe Australia
Brisbane, Australia

Matt was central to the digital transformation of Stowe Australia through the implementation of the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) suite. This initiative has significantly increased efficiency and collaboration within the business. He is managing the Digital Engineering (DE) strategy for Stowe to integrate various business units and activities through a common data environment (CDE), in addition to advanced digital technologies such as BIM, AI and data analytics to enhance the design, planning and management of their construction projects. 

Matt's efforts have also improved internal data quality by enabling team members to work in a CDE and reducing the number of independent and siloed software solutions, enhancing data driven decisions and reducing errors. Additionally, his experience and management of Stowe’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) initiatives has optimized construction management and maintenance, leading to reduced waste, improved productivity, and proactive maintenance strategies.

Matt is pushing the boundaries of how digital products should connect and work together in the industry. He implemented the entire ACC suite into Stowe as a digital transformation effort. This has led to a large increase in efficiency, collaboration and transparency within the business.

35. Ziqing Liew

Head of Digitalisation, Development & Delivery (3D), Sunway Property

Ziqing defined the path forward for digitalization change management with the Sunway group of companies. This was no easy feat, considering Sunway is one of the ASEAN region's largest construction and property development firms. Driving change management at such a large scale is a humongous task, and Ziqing has managed to champion this within a relatively short period.

Ziqing has a very diverse group of personnel working under him. He brought on professionals with specializations in software engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture and quantity surveying. Such diversity offers loads of experience to champion change management enterprise-wide. Under Ziqing’s incredible leadership, Sunway Group has seen tremendous improvements in the value they provide to the services they offer.

Ziqing has managed to create strategies and roadmaps for the various disciplines within Sunway to implement and integrate ACS products. Introducing a planned structure has led to tremendous productivity improvements and efficiency gains for the group, while injecting a forward thinking strategy such as using AI in ACS products has kept Sunway at its leadership position.

36. Megan Landau

Facilities Project Team Manager, Texas Instruments
Richardson, TX

Megan has effectively managed the capital project team, overseeing large facilities projects across various systems like DIW, chilled water, heating water, and more. Her team—which consists of project managers, engineers, technicians, and drafters—handles projects from design to commissioning, acting as the internal “General Contractor” for World Wide Facilities. They see that projects meet all quality standards and adhere to the company's values, schedule, and budget.

She also identified the need for consistent and efficient project processes and helped drive digital transformation at Texas Instruments. Megan led the implementation of ACC Build for over 600 users, creating standardized global processes to enhance productivity and efficiency. Thanks to Megan's work, the company now benefits from having a common data environment, which significantly improves collaboration, communication, and overall efficiency in the team.

She is a very dedicated leader and considers every aspect of digital transformation, from change management to ease of process. She has been wonderful to work with when implementing ACC Build.

37. Deivis Escalante

BIM/VDC Manager, Thunder Electrical Contractors, Inc
Davenport, FL

We all know that better collaboration leads to better outcomes. And thanks to Deivis, the teams at Thunder Electrical were able to transform how they manage projects and work together. Deivis has focused on enhancing the implementation of BIM, fundamentally improving communication and collaboration processes. Plus, he was instrumental in establishing and structuring the BIM department from the ground up, enriching it with essential tools for efficient workflows.

Deivis's ability to understand and address the needs of individuals, the organization, and projects has led to exponential company growth. He has created a synergy between office and field operations, resolving previous communication bottlenecks. His advocacy for the growth and proper training of the BIM department, backed by his extensive experience as a tutor in BIM tools, highlights his dedication to driving innovation and fostering a collaborative working environment.

We believe that the most significant impact Deivis has generated in projects, teams and throughout the company is connecting with each other and establishing proper communication through BIM tools. Since his arrival, he has been in charge of improving all implementation processes of BIM, which has had an extraordinary impact in all aspects. In addition, it has made all of us involved in the projects learn how to use BIM tools to be able to collaborate, share, and publish the data that is being generated.

38. Maria Fernanda Olmos

Global Principal Digital Integration, Unispace Global
London, United Kingdom

Maria has been a shining example of educational leadership within Unispace. She's done more than just implement new systems and processes; she's also educated her team on the vital importance of digital transformation. This educational focus has made transitions smoother and empowered her team members to become advocates for change. It's also created a ripple effect throughout the company.

When it comes to productivity, Maria has been a driving force in boosting the company's effectiveness. She simplifies complex systems and streamlines processes to eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies. 

Her unique mix of technical expertise and business know-how, developed through her background in architecture and an MBA, enables her to easily handle the complexities of her role. This combination of skills is especially valuable in an industry that demands a deep understanding of both technical and managerial elements.

39. Ian McGaw

Senior Manager, Product Innovation, Global, Vantage Data Centers
Chicago, IL

Ian's work has shaped the trajectory of Vantage Data Centers, driving a level of impact that has reverberated not just through a single project or team but across the entire company and industry. Ian's contribution can be segmented into three main areas: technological advancement, organizational effectiveness, and industry influence.

Ian's leadership in technological advancement led to the successful launch of a groundbreaking BIM platform, notably reducing project timelines and costs. This platform has also provided valuable data analytics for informed decision-making. 

Beyond internal advancements, Ian has influenced the construction industry by formulating new industry standards for digital information lifecycle management. 

Under Ian McGaw's leadership, the company has not only significantly improved its internal operations but has also introduced products that have the potential to redefine industry standards. Their approach to product development is not just about technology; it's about solving real-world problems.

40. James Niyonkuru Bicamumpaka

Sr. Project Engineer, Webcor Builders
San Francisco, CA

A true construction champ, James actively represents Webcor at diverse supplier events, leveraging his role to connect with numerous suppliers across California and neighboring states through affiliations with WRMSDC and NAMC. This has enabled him to link these suppliers with subcontracting opportunities at Webcor. 

He's also passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and is a member of Webcor's black ERG, The Collective. Aside from introducing diverse suppliers into Webcor's ecosystem, he's boosting the company's diversity through recruitment initiatives, including interviewing interns and creating opportunities for students from HBCUs.

Outside of Webcor, James is doing humanitarian work with Engineers without Borders and is working with the Fiji team on the planning, engineering, and implementation of bio-sand filters (BSFs), which will increase access to potable water for the remote communities of Buca, Loa, and Vunikura.

James is one of the most passionate and optimistic people I have met, and he is doing many great things in the construction world. Last November, James worked hard to get 3 USGBC certifications in the same month: LEED GA, LEED AP BD&C, and True Waste Advisor. He then immediately used his sustainability knowledge to help the Google Downtown West F-Block project work towards its TRUE Waste goals. He later served as the Sustainability Lead for the Santa Clara Valley Medical Clinic project, assisting the project work towards achieving LEED Gold Certification for Healthcare.

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