40 Under 40: Champions of Construction 2022

40 under 40 champions of construction autodesk 2022

Construction is one of the world's most important sectors and it wouldn't be where it is today without all the dedicated individuals who continue to take the industry forward. We love celebrating exceptional AEC professionals so every year, we ask the community to nominate their top picks for Autodesk's 40 Under 40: Champions of Construction.

After reviewing hundreds of submissions for 2022, we're excited to finally unveil this year's 40 Under 40 Champions. 

Read on to discover some of the innovators and changemakers making waves in construction today. 

40 Under 40: Champions of Construction 2022  

The list appears in alphabetical order by company name. Click on a name to jump to the individual, or scroll on.

  1. Andrew Cooper, AECOM Hunt
  2. Jason Moss, AKF Group
  3. Fei Xie, Amazon
  4. Brian Popis, Barton Malow
  5. Ariana Alvear, Boldt
  6. Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful Bahari, Boustead Projects Limited
  7. Kaci Roberts, Braun & Butler Construction, Inc.
  8. Kristoffer Flygare, Bravida Sverige AB
  9. Cierra Griffin, CG Schmidt
  10. Siddharth Kothari, Clayco Inc.
  11. Ashley Weir, Colt Data Centre Services
  12. Shawn Brennan, Continental Electrical Construction Company
  13. Matt Allread, Gaylor Electric, Inc.
  14. Suchayita (Sue) Bhattacharjee, Herrero Builders
  15. Jose Galindo, Huckabee
  16. Brian Harlow, Interstate Electrical Services 
  17. Adam Plunkett, John Holland
  18. Cillian Kelly, John Sisk & Son
  19. Landon Arciero, Largo Concrete Inc
  20. Ankita Ramakrishnan, Lendlease Construction
  21. Ali Borrelli, Leopardo Companies 
  22. Christian Waldo, Lydig Construction
  23. Siaw Wee Jong, Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.
  24. Casey Russell, Meta
  25. Maribel F. Barba, MG2 
  26. Charnice Williams, Microsoft
  27. Kacie Hokanson, Miron Construction Co., Inc.
  28. Katrina Smith, Pan-Pacific Mechanical
  29. Corey Coleman, Piquette & Howard Electric Service, LLC.
  30. Mohammed Kamal Sherif, Qiddiya Investment Company
  31. Maggie Farrell, S. M. Wilson & Co.
  32. Aubrey Ginn, Shapiro & Duncan, Inc
  33. Danielle O'Connell, Skanska USA Building Inc.
  34. Lauren L. Collier, SSOE Group
  35. Jennifer Chern, Subtext Development
  36. Breawn Felix, Swinerton Builders
  37. Chris Walker, The PENTA Building Group
  38. Mohammad S. Dadash, Turner Construction Company
  39. Jacob D’Albora, FMP, VIATechnik, LLC
  40. Adam Bear, Wessex Water

1. Andrew Cooper

VDC Engineer, AECOM Hunt
Indianapolis, IN

A skilled engineer with almost 20 years of experience in the AEC industry, Andrew has a proven track record of effectively working on both the design and construction side of projects. 

As VDC Engineer at AECOM, Andrew made significant strides in promoting digital maturity across the organization. He implemented advanced construction software across two of AECOM's largest projects and created connected data workflows to increase efficiencies across the project lifecycle.

Thanks to Andrew's work, AECOM teams have seen a massive increase in collaboration and communication, ultimately helping them deliver strong project outcomes. 

“Andrew is driving technologies in one of the largest construction firms in the world, and he continues to champion more efficient workflows. He is always learning to implement new processes to make the projects more effective, which helps decrease timelines and move data across the entire project lifecycle.”

2. Jason Moss 

Jason MossMechanical Engineer & Project Manager, AKF Group
New York, NY

Jason is a key strategist at AKF Group, and he's known for constantly improving products and processes. Case in point: Jason and his team won AKF's 2021 Innovation Contest because they found a better way to access and maintain record drawings. 

As Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager, Jason oversees the implementation of digital platforms in a multi-building and multi-phase project. His efforts helped stakeholders maintain a single source of truth and paved the way for more meaningful and impactful collaboration between all levels of project staff. 

“Jason shows great integrity and dedication to mechanical design and is valued for his ability to take the initiative and drive a project toward completion. He has been integral to projects that vary in scope and complexity—from small, historic structures to massive healthcare campuses.”

3. Fei Xie 

Manager, Global Design Tech, Amazon
Kirkland, WA

Digitizing 500+ Amazon facilities from the local archived library to an interactive virtual infrastructure world, Fei and his team are building the foundation for the company's digital twin ecosystem. In addition to monitoring and simulation, the system enables decentralized communication and data management that allows facility lifecycle change management. Synchronization is ensured among planning, construction and operation teams by mapping and analyzing various modes of information capture- drawings, photos or even text.

What’s more, Fei added tremendous value to construction collaboration by involving upstream and downstream stakeholders in the BIM process and implementing data-driven collaboration procedures to replace separate linear steps. All in all, Fei's work enabled Amazon's construction teams to digitize their processes, work smarter, and collaborate more effectively. 

“Fei always thinks out of the box to address traditional construction issues in innovative ways. He introduced the data flow in building life cycle management from planning to construction execution. With his effort to optimize data flow, Fei evolved the construction process that quickly tightened upstream and downstream operation stakeholders.”

4. Brian Popis 

Brian Popis - Corporate HeadshotSenior Business Transformation Engineer, Barton Malow
Rochester, MI

Brian has provided leadership in the company-wide adoption strategy of digital solutions to streamline project processes and ensure folks have all the tools they need to succeed.

He worked with well over 100 project teams to understand their workflows, identify growth opportunities, and onboard their employees to the newest generation of project management tools. 

Brian has worked directly with Barton Malow's tech partners to identify opportunities for success and growth. Not only did he focus on current solutions, but he and his teammates spearheaded the beta testing strategy for upcoming software to ensure the company was equipped with the most useful and innovative tools. 

“Brian is intelligent, high-energy, hard-working, and tenacious. He asks great questions and is always looking to learn and become a better all-around professional. He is solution-oriented and is incredibly effective in managing relationships across different teams.”

5. Ariana Alvear

Ariana AlvearProject Manager, Boldt
San Francisco, CA

Ariana stays on top of multiple project components—from design to buyout, planning and execution. Based on Lean Construction principles she uses visual management techniques to plan the work and implements tracking tools to make work progress visible and aligned with the cost incurred. 

As Project Manager, Ariana is a crucial team member on the Stanford Medicine and Sutter Health's Cancer Center (SMSHCC) project in Oakland. As such, she is responsible for building and executing a production strategy that ensures a predictable and streamlined workflow throughout the life of the project.

Ariana also led the rollout of several construction software solutions, paving the way for digital transformation at Boldt. She provided metrics and reporting to owners, team leaders, trade partners, and design consultants. She also spearheads the implementation of lean practices while overseeing production scheduling, logistics, pull planning, takt planning and more.

“Ariana is one of the most highly trained engineers in our northern California office. Her skills are an asset to the company and our customers. Her high-level expertise is central to delivering Boldt's primary construction process, ILPD® (Integrated Lean Project Delivery).”

6. Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful Bahari 

Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful BahariDeputy Director - Group Technology Office, Boustead Projects Limited

Over the last 15 years, Khalil has witnessed significant transformation in the BE sector—from manually drawing designs to implementing game-changing digital processes like Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). 

As a champion of digital transformation efforts at Boustead Projects, Khalil has helped to drive workforce upskilling under the SkillsFuture Singapore Queen Bee Programme. Partnering with institutes of higher learning, Khalil worked with the BE ecosystem partners to identify skills gaps, curates and facilitates training programmes for them to build up their technology skills and capabilities. Khalil believes in enhancing soft skills, encouraging a mindset change, and hopes to foster greater collaboration within the BE Sector instead of working in silos – all with the help of technology. 

“Khalil is a digital champion at Boustead Projects a known digitalization leader in the Built Environment sector. During his role as the SkillsFuture Queen Bee, Khalil worked with industry partners to identify their training needs and promoted workforce upskilling, helping to build up the resilience of the Built Environment sector. ”

7. Kaci Roberts 

Kaci Roberts HeadshotController, Braun & Butler Construction, Inc.
Leander, TX

Kaci joined Braun & Butler Construction as an Executive Assistant and soon took over accounts payable at the company. From there, she rose to become Controller at the firm and is now a shareholder. 

On the technology side, Kaci managed Braun & Butler's efforts to implement new construction software—a challenging task for a smaller company. She and her team led the way to integrate standards across the organization, ensuring project managers and superintendents started with the same folder structures, forms, and access.  

This process began with meetings across job types and ages to find out what people liked about the tools they were using and what challenges they were experiencing. From there, she and her team implemented the technology and allowed teams to get more value from the tools they used.

“She is the youngest person on our executive team and yet uses her quiet voice to carry a conversation. When she speaks, people listen. She has been instrumental in holding the entire company accountable for transparent and accurate accounting. We are a better company because Kaci comes to work every day.” 

8. Kristoffer Flygare 

Kristoffer FlygareTechnology Manager, Bravida Sverige AB
Bayern, Germany

What Kristoffer has achieved by working on the E4 Stockholm Bypass Project—the biggest Infrastructure project in Sweden's history—is nothing short of remarkable.

Once Bravida won two of the five MEP contracts for 18 km of tunneling work, Kristoffer took charge of building a BIM system to empower teams to make informed decisions and implement effective designs.

To accomplish this, he leveraged digital tools to automate design operations. He also ensured all design information was stored in a common data environment, giving stakeholders a single source of truth. Ultimately, his work allowed stakeholders to stay on the same page and flawlessly execute across all project stages. 

“Despite his young age and relatively limited years of experience in BIM technologies (three years), his overall enthusiasm to enable high-end technologies with a simple "let's just learn it and do it ourselves" mentality makes him a champion among his peers in BIM space in Scandinavia.”

9. Cierra Griffin 

Ciara GriffinVirtual Design Engineer II, CG Schmidt
Wauwatosa, WI

Cierra went to school for civil engineering and dove right into her role as a Virtual Design Engineer. Her position includes laser scanning and processing, MEP coordination, building modeling, 3D site logistics, 4D schedules, and virtual walkthrough plans.   

At the humble age of 24, she's already demonstrated excellent tech and leadership skills. For example, when conducting laser scanning on a hospital project, Cierra's keen eye caught a few errors that would've delayed the project. The issues were fixed, and the owner saved a copious amount of time and money—all thanks to Cierra's diligence.

A large part of Cierra's job includes using digital platforms. She expertly navigates construction technology, empowering teams to work efficiently together and deliver better project results. Cierra, passionate about the health and wellbeing of the community, is also an active member of CG Schmidt’s Strategic Plan Committee (Corporate Environment Responsibility). She is the pioneer in getting both CG Schmidt Offices WELL Health and Safety rated. The first and only general contractor in the state of Wisconsin with that accomplishment.

“Cierra has been a trailblazer in seeking out new software and technology and deploying them to better serve construction projects and the company as a whole.”

10. Siddharth Kothari 

Siddharth KothariVDC Director - Regional, Clayco Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

Siddharth represents the perfect combination and abilities of a modern-day construction employee. He bridges the gap between the "old school" superintendent and utilizing technology to improve each project. 

Siddharth led digital transformation and tech adoption for multiple projects at Clayco. He was heavily involved in centralizing the company's design models in one location, reducing downtime from design changes to field communication. Siddharth also takes an active role in training field staff on leveraging the latest design models, reviewing upcoming changes, and revising construction plans to minimize mistakes.  

The teams at Clayco go by the maxim "beyond these walls," which means the structures they build have impact far beyond their walls and to the communities they are in. Siddharth represents this to the fullest extent as he takes the time and attention to ensure technology helps improves the lives of the people involved in construction and people who will occupy the buildings.

“His involvement in our high-rise development has resulted in a successful process that will show its results not only in construction but also in the ongoing health of the building. He is a crucial member of this team and will push every individual to bring their best to the table.”

11. Ashley Weir 

Ashley WeirHead of BIM, Colt Data Centre Services
London, United Kingdom

Before working in the realm of data centers, Ashley worked for three major contractors and was involved in some of the largest projects in the UK—including HS2 and East West Rail. From there, he worked on a data center campus in Europe, helping to deliver BIM on two 40MW data centers. 

Ashley then moved to Colt Data Centre Services as a BIM specialist, quickly moving up to a senior position as Head of BIM. He currently oversees a team of four managers working on 12 hyperscale data centers in a rapidly growing company and market. 

Ashley is heavily involved in all projects operating a CDE for Colt and developing 3D models that are integrated throughout the design and construction stage. He keeps an eye on all project components, ensuring that a smooth handover and as-built model are achieved on all new projects. 

“Ashley was a key player in the construction technology implementation at Colt, and has been the go-to person for executing digital workflows.”

12. Shawn Brennan 

Shawn BrennanConstruction Technologist, Continental Electrical Construction Company
Oak Brook, IL

The teams at Continental Electrical Construction Company are a lot more productive, thanks to Shawn. In his 15 years with the company, hee helped implement Revit and other digital tools across the company, so coordination between the field and the office has become much smoother. 

In addition, Shawn is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity  without increasing the stress and workload on the company's projects. 

Shawn's construction tech knowledge and degree in Technology Education  make digital transformation a smooth process for Continental Electrical's office and field teams. The solutions and strategies he implemented have proven to be very useful on several multi-million dollar projects with electrical contract values as high as $95 million

“He has personally helped me learn construction tech at a higher level and helped my understanding of BIM. Prior to October 2021, I had zero knowledge of these tools. Since then, I've worked on three sizable BIM-heavy coordination projects and could not have done it without his assistance and willingness to pass on his knowledge.”

13. Matt Allread

Matthew AllredEducation Manager, Gaylor Electric, Inc.
Noblesville, IN

Matt started as an intern in the warehouse before becoming a project engineer, then project manager of the service department.  Today, he serves as Gaylor Electric's Education Manager, where he directs the education team and strives to develop the company's workforce. 

Colleagues describe Matt as highly innovative in allowing his team to make impactful changes to improve the company. 

Matt was also a key player in implementing digital platforms across Gaylor Electric. He helped educate almost 80 new in-house inspectors on how to use cutting-edge construction tools in their projects.

“He strives to make our education department the best it can be. Whether it's helping to get things funded or finding the correct personnel to hire within the education department, Matt enables us to grow our company and find the knowledge gaps that may have been missed in school or at the jobsite.”

14. Suchayita (Sue) Bhattacharjee

Sue BhattacharjeeDirector of Preconstruction, Herrero Builders
Fremont, CA

Sue's career began as a Field Engineer for a Colorado-based general contractor in Salinas, CA, working in field operations. She eventually transitioned into preconstruction in the last 15 years, working at leading general contractors.   

Sue is now the Director of Preconstruction at Herrero Builders, where she helps grow the firm to become a top general contractor in the Bay Area. She focuses on people, processes, and software that improve preconstruction practices.  

Sue believes the industry needs to dismantle and rethink who can estimate. She has trained and mentored Junior Estimators, Project Engineers, and Field Engineers, helping them work in preconstruction roles. This created a sustained class of new employees passing through all preconstruction phases, enabling everyone to experience preconstruction firsthand. 

“Her honesty, vulnerability, and willingness to speak up helps the team perform as a well-conducted orchestra. Sue's ability to advise and scale Herrero's practices, due to her previous experience at 3,000+ employee firms, helps her excel. Her varied resume and passion for leveraging technology enable her to lead projects successfully into the next decade by aiming to make construction more technology-driven.”

15. Jose Galindo 

Jose GalindoVice President of Digital Practice, Huckabee
San Antonio, TX

In 2022, Jose led Huckabee's digital practice team to push the boundaries of what they can do through co-authoring with generative design, business intelligence, process automation, and software development. This effort to integrate digital strategy and automated technologies provides Huckabee's architects and engineers with the agility to cope with various challenges.

Huckabee is an exciting place to be right now, partly due to Jose's initiatives. The firm is growing, and is the founding brand of MOREgroup, a platform of architecture and engineering firms nationwide. Jose’s work has the potential to touch not only education through Huckabee, but also civic, government, healthcare, and engineering markets through MOREgroup’s partners. 

The timing of those efforts to prioritize innovation and technology is one of the many reasons Huckabee can support that growth. Jose is a very proud member of the firm's leadership team and credits the organization and other members of leadership for his success. 

“Jose's passion is evident in every aspect of his work. He strives to impact digitization with each touchpoint and encourages change management by leading by example.” 

16. Brian Harlow 

Brian HarlowVDC Specialist, Interstate Electrical Services
Manchester, NH

Brian's tenacity and innovation have allowed ​​Interstate Electrical Services to maximize collaboration on projects, whether at the office, on the jobsite, or remotely from home.

One of the biggest values Brian brought to Interstate is the ability to seamlessly work remotely which became essential during the COVID pandemic. Having the option to collaborate from any location, made it possible for Interstate’s VDC team to continue to work every single day while many other companies were at a stand-still trying to process what the next steps were. . Brian established and set up solutions to enable field-to-office (or home) communications and improve the model connectivity  for Interstate's teams.

One major project Brian worked on was the New England Biolabs Garden Expansion, which required massive files that would typically take up excessive space on the servers. By implementing digital construction tools, Interstate could have the models in the cloud, so teams could work on huge models without taking up space on the server or their computer.

“Brian has grown the team's capabilities, elevating how Interstate can utilize BIM models for fully built, in-house prefabrication —without ever stepping foot on the jobsite.”

17. Adam Plunkett 

Adam PlunkettGroup Manager- Business Technology & Planning, John Holland
Victoria, Australia 

Adam acts as a technology strategy lead to drive John Holland Group's Digital Transformation Strategy, supporting the adoption of technology solutions and digital tools across the enterprise and on John Holland projects which aim to drive productivity and increase operating efficiencies. This has included the  recently completed iconic Sydney Football Stadium. Doing so enabled the project delivery team to access the most up-to-date information in the field for this fast-paced and complex project.

In addition Adam is responsible for supporting John Holland's emerging technology and digital twin strategy, including identifying industry and technology partnerships to set up John Holland's future successes in adopting transformative technologies.

“Adam's strategic approach to technology and digital solutions has proven to deliver productivity and bottom-line benefits and drive a data-first approach to traditional construction practices at John Holland.”

18. Cillian Kelly 

Cillian KellyHead of Digital Project Delivery, John Sisk & Son
Cavan, Ireland

Cillian was one of the first BIM pioneers at John Sisk & Son when he started his professional career in the business in 2011. He brought his Construction Management / Architectural Technology background and demonstrated the benefits of working in a collaborative BIM environment. His efforts resulted in improved decision-making, increased certainty of delivery for our clients, and cost savings for the company. 

Cillian paved the way for new digital career paths at John Sisk & Son, and he is now part of senior management leading a team of 70+ professionals who provide technical innovative solutions across multiple industries using Digital Project Delivery (DPD). Cillian and his team have performed incredibly well and have played a critical role in the successful delivery of our projects for our clients, receiving both global and local recognition for their efforts by winning 15 industry awards over the past five years. 

Beyond his role at John Sisk & Son, Cillian is an active thought leader in the industry; as the Digital Construction Ambassador with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and Board Member with Future Cast in Ireland, he's always willing to share knowledge, and help construction teams improve collaboration and implement best practices of Digital Construction using MMC to achieve Net Zero carbon, smart and intelligent projects.

“Cillian has always led our DPD team with great enthusiasm and expertise. With an ever-growing department within our business, Cillian has constantly supported our projects and ensured the project DPD teams were set up to deliver best-in-class digital construction at every opportunity”  Warren Judge

19. Landon Arciero

Landon ArcieroSenior Project Manager, Largo Concrete Inc
Phoenix, AZ

Landon was instrumental in constructing the award-winning YouTube Theater at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. This complicated gem of a space turned out to be an increasingly tricky project with several iterations and even more last-minute changes. 

Landon deftly navigated a very challenging situation; along with his team, he delivered a truly spectacular product. Reviews are universally and overwhelmingly positive from the owner and visitors alike.

Landon was also an early tech adopter and a prominent team member in executing digitization at Largo Concrete. He was among the first project managers to implement new construction software, and teams rely on Landon to train newer employees on how to best utilize the firm's toolsets.  

“A natural leader, Landon's industry knowledge has both breadth and depth. This is why we ask him to wear many hats for us. From managing projects to developing business to recruiting and training, Landon has consistently succeeded in erecting complex structures and growing Largo's business across several markets.” 

20. Ankita Ramakrishnan

Ankita RamakrishnanAssistant Project Manager, Lendlease Construction
New York, NY

As a woman of color focused on leveling the playing field in construction and development, Ankita is focused on the sustainable environment, social responsibility, and resource conservation. 

She grew up in the Bay Area and experiencing gentrification and expensive housing shaped her interest in building affordable homes rooted in ethical community development. She moved to New York with the intent to construct mixed-use housing and below-market units.

She was part of the team that executed the 950 Market job in San Francisco, and she was there from excavation to closeout. In New York, she stepped up and managed minority business outreach, community relations, and sustainability and LEED credential efforts.  

“Ankita's drive and perseverance toward building and managing equitable housing make her a true construction champion. By stretching across construction and development, she is a rising star and one to be watched.”

21. Ali Borrelli 

ALI_BORRELLISenior MEP Coordinator, Leopardo Companies
Hoffman Estates, IL

Ali is a Senior MEP Coordinator at Leopardo Companies, where she manages the process of coordinating MEP trade partners. 

Not only will Ali evaluate the system's design, but she also will assist teams in crafting the scope of work these firms will be bidding on. These include systems such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection. Ali harnesses the technology available to assist project teams beyond MEPFP coordination and often engages in the coordination of many other elements of the project including structural and architectural features.

She remains engaged throughout the 3D virtual development of a coordinated building model and through the quality control aspects of installation onsite.

“Teams love working with Ali. She considers the client's and designer's needs but is also comfortable challenging stakeholders when what's asked for is not possible. She is truly the advocate teams want to have in their corner.”

22. Christian Waldo

Christian WaldoVDC Manager, Lydig Construction
Seattle, WA

Christian has been instrumental in creating a VDC department for Lydig's Seattle Office during the era of the pandemic. Christian is passionate about utilizing developing technologies to ensure inclusivity, efficiency, and safety for all the projects he works on.

He has worked on a number of notable projects, spanning most major market segments, including The Lodge at St Edward's—a historic seminary building completed in 1931 in Kenmore, WA. After sitting vacant for 45 years, it was restored in 2021 to meet the standards of both the Washington Heritage Register and the National Register of Historic Places. Maintaining historic integrity was a vital component of the overall project. But without dependable original documents available, the Virtual Design & Construction team was tasked with developing a virtual model of the entire 75,000 SF structure, internal systems, and materials used. 

Christian brought his passion for preservation to this job by using a laser scanner and collaborating with the software provider; Christian and his team virtually recreated the building over two years. They generated a usable model from that information in three days, and the final product was a full representation of The Lodge, accurate to within 5 mm with a photo-realistic 4K appearance. Christian has led the charge for technology adoption at Lydig and has established himself as a subject matter expert in the world of reality capture services.

"Christian has been assisting subject matter experts within our organization in evaluating our current project management platform. He is a great resource, and his knowledge and experience offer tremendous value to the team."  

23. Siaw Wee Jong

Siaw Wee JongInformation Manager, Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.
London, United Kingdom

Madison Square Garden (MSG) Entertainment Corp. is on a mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry through its Sphere venues—i.e., constructed spherical structures encased in high resolution immersive LED screens. They are extremely complex, and Wee's role is critical in executing the projects. 

Wee is responsible for digital information and process management.Part of her job includes designing and configuring workflows and processes and deploying digital systems relating to the delivery of MSG Spheres. These include managing requirements of information models and documentation delivery, setting up the standards and structure of information/data inputs i.e. budget/cost, procurement, design, schedule and construction delivery.

Additionally, Wee supports the Senior Vice President in playbook writing for digital delivery for the MSG Development & Construction division. She also writes policies, procedures, and information requirements for MSG herself, which ultimately affect the entire project team and drive significant value using digital technologies. 

“Not only does she deliver work in a breadth of disciplines but she does so by embracing technology and processes. We are about to see Wee's work come to fruition in London with MSG using a range of digital construction tools, and she is at the heart of implementing and managing them all.”  

24. Casey Russell 

Casey RussellGlobal Manager, Manufacturing Innovation Strategy, Meta
Bend, OR

Casey has built Meta's Manufacturing Innovation Strategy Team from the ground up using the principles of Manufacturing Informed Design (MID).

He brings all of the cross-functional partners, general contractors, and trade partners together to make informed decisions in Meta's product development process. Casey significantly impacts the company's construction processes with his strategies and vision.

Team members describe Casey as a trailblazer leading the way in DfsMA and Manufacturing Innovation for Meta's programs. He makes a daily impact not only in product development and manufacturing innovation but across the programs with his deep technical knowledge and construction expertise. 

“He is a true builder who understands what it takes to birth a "crazy idea" from a napkin sketch to a full-blown product ready for manufacturing. He is changing the way we think about construction.”

25. Maribel F. Barba 

Maribel_BarbaAssociate, MG2
Seattle, WA

Maribel was the Project Manager and Designer for Costco Wholesale in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City.

A Costco like no other, the warehouse, 3-level parking garage, and loading dock are all hidden under a green roof, soccer field, 2 basketball/volleyball courts, a padel court, and a children’s skate park, all connected by walking, running and biking paths to La Parque Mexicana, a 70-acre public park. The project is hidden from view on three sides and from the park, there is no indication that there is a Costco below.

“She is a technology champion and works effectively in a collaborative environment while advocating for integrated design. Maribel functions closely with the entire team—including owners, consultants, and contractors—to maximize project results. The years 2021 and 2022 saw tremendous growth for her professionally, and she is definitely a rising star in the industry.”

26. Charnice Williams 

Charnice WilliamsSenior Construction Program Manager, Microsoft
East Wenatchee, WA 

As Senior Construction Program Manager at Microsoft, Charnice has exhibited the ability to dissect challenging industry problems, while constructing data centers,to develop effective solutions. While under immense demands to deliver capacity, she successfully utilized her interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills to influence others and generate collaboration in highly tense environments. 

In addition to her construction management responsibilities, Charnice has been a strong advocate and culture champion. Diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of her beliefs and practices. 

Charnice has been an innovation champion. She pilots and publicizes several proprietary initiatives to improve quality and schedule within Microsoft. Her inclusive behaviors and flexibility have paved the way for creating a regional “lesson learned” dashboard. This ultimately sparked the migration and creation of a centralized “lesson learned” database to share project learnings on a global scale.

“Some people persevere in the face of challenges, go above and beyond, and are driven by a strong work ethic. Charnice has all these qualities and applies them every day. She quickly took charge of a large multi-million-dollar data center project, employing her vast experience and skillsets gained through the military, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.” 

27. Kacie Hokanson 

Kacie HokansonVirtual Construction Specialist, Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Neenah, WI

Kacie consistently goes above and beyond the needs of the project. Her renderings and visualization for Miron have won multiple project pursuits and provided substantial value for numerous projects. She has a unique skill set that makes her a tremendous asset to the company.

Kacie has always had a knack for training. She has trained many individuals at Miron on various tech tools so teams can do their jobs more efficiently. 

She also creates excellent training pieces that are custom to Miron's workflows. Kacie has brought many on board to Autodesk Construction Cloud and makes them feel comfortable and confident using the platform.

“We recently won two large university projects that may not have happened without Kacie’s detailed visualization work and BIM expertise. She wowed the audience with her deliverables and made a huge impact on winning the job.”

28. Katrina Smith 

Katrina SmithProject Manager, Pan-Pacific Mechanical
Fremont, CA

Katrina is relatively new in her role as Project Manager, but in 2022, she already completed a design-build cGMP laboratory TI and a plan and spec hotel renovation project. She also completed the preconstruction and successful installation of the underground plumbing at a multi-building life science campus.  

Self-motivated and driven, Katrina takes ownership of all projects and executes down to the finest detail with only broad direction from higher-ups. 

“She has the intangible leadership qualities of empathy, resilience, focus, and positivity, and the day-in and day-out demonstration of those qualities make those around her better, even if not directly involved with her work. She is a credit to herself and Pan-Pacific and is the definition of integrity.” 

29. Corey Coleman 

Corey ColemanDirector of VDC / Director of Education, Piquette & Howard Electric Service, LLC.
Derry, NH

Corey has led the way in implementing digital solutions into Piquette & Howard Electric Service's daily routines. Thanks to his work, teams are better equipped with the latest technology and programs to meet client requests, challenges, and deadlines. 

Corey has also introduced more useful document management tools into the company's engineering routines. With versioning software, P&H Electric’s ability to monitor and detect changes within construction documents has significantly reduced the engineering effort required to complete design-build and design-assist projects. 

This adaptation of versioning has also allowed P&H Electric to keep track of their prefabrication document iterations and show how pre-fab designs evolved throughout the project's lifetime. 

“Corey has led the way for P&H Electric to integrate BIM/VDC on all of our major construction projects in 2022. He develops the BIM/VDC objectives and implements the plans to have the highest degree of accuracy for our field staff.” 

30. Mohammed Kamal Sherif

Mohammad Kamal SharifProgram BIM Manager, Qiddiya Investment Company
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed looks after Technology & Innovation in the Built Environment for Qiddiya Investment Company, which represents clients from the largest entertainment destinations worldwide.

With a clear and ambitious digital delivery strategy, Mohammed developed solutions and processes to connect the gaps in data and information exchange between different systems that support the planning, development, and delivery of Qiddiya City Assets.

Mohammed's work has led to the smooth transfer of data so different stakeholders can achieve their KPIs and make accurate decisions across the asset life cycle across the city. He takes charge of the BIM task force and sees that VDC technologies are implemented consistently and adhere to the company's digital transformation roadmap.

“His main achievement in 2022 was taking control of the data delivery of the new city framework across 20+ consultants to cover different workstreams. He accomplished everything with a tight workflow implementation through digital tools and made the information available in real time to all stakeholders.”

31. Maggie Farrell 

Maggie Farrell 2022 (4)Diversity & HR Manager, S. M. Wilson & Co.
St. Louis, MO

Maggie's career started in nonprofits and social services. In 2018, she joined S. M. Wilson, a 100% employee-owned, construction management company. As the Diversity & HR Manager, she is responsible for leading the company's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

In a typically non-diverse industry, Maggie has helped open doors for people of color and women. Through her efforts, S. M. Wilson was selected as a two-time honoree in the Women's Foundation of Greater St. Louis' annual Women in the Workplace: Employment Scorecard. 

In her role, Maggie has introduced the firm to minority subcontractors, directly leading to new projects. Thanks to her initiatives, S. M. Wilson is expected to achieve more than 75% growth from 2021 to 2022. 

“With Maggie's efforts in implementing unconscious bias training and increasing diversity in recruitment, we have seen a 37% increase in people of color employed at S. M. Wilson. Maggie also helped create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, which guides, develops, and promotes DEI initiatives.” 

32. Aubrey Ginn 

Aubrey GinnSystems Engineer, Shapiro & Duncan, Inc
Rockville, MD

Aubrey is all about making the industry more efficient; this includes investing in technology, saving field labor, and creating open panels for communication and collaboration. She makes everyone around her better. 

In 2022, Aubrey spearheaded a gain-share program at Shapiro & Duncan. This program involved all the company's 200+ field employees to incentivize labor savings and share the profits with all members involved in the project. 

The initiative created a team-first culture and significantly increased the margins of the projects. And since the program gives additional benefits to Shapiro & Duncan's workforce, Aubrey's efforts have done wonders for the firm's recruitment and employee retention.

“Aubrey drives innovation in everything she does. From implementing new software to speaking at local conventions, she embraces change which is a huge win for not only Shapiro & Duncan but also the entire construction industry.”

33. Danielle O'Connell 

Danielle O'ConnellSr. Director, Emerging Technology, Skanska USA Building Inc.
Boston, MA

Danielle is often sought out as a thought leader—both within and outside of Skanska—on the applied use of digital twins, laser scanning, drones, 360-degree photography, and model management. She is also a leader and guide for women in the industry, many of whom can remember a time when they did not have another female on their team, let alone a female manager or mentor. As she carves out a career path for herself, she is concurrently doing the same for women coming behind her. 

Danielle guides many of Skanska's key strategy decisions, helping the firm's national leadership evaluate available technology and make smart investments. She has been uniquely successful in her assignments across the country due to her ability to listen, develop relationships, and ensure everyone feels they have a seat at the table.

Beyond her role at Skanska, Danielle co-chairs the northeast chapter of Skanska's Women's Network and is involved with the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts, serving on both their Innovation Committee and with Building Women in Construction.

“Danielle's passion for connecting people, construction, and technology makes her a rising star in the AEC industry. She is laser-focused on creating a company of innovators, connecting the right people, and empowering project teams with tools that reduce work burden and enhance results for our clients.”

34. Lauren L. Collier 

Lauren CollierDirector of Project Technology, SSOE Group
Toledo, OH

Lauren started her career at SSOE Group as an architect in training with a BIM specialty focus in 2007. Since then, she quickly rose the ranks and held multiple positions within the company. Today, she serves as SSOE Group's Director of Project Technology, where she leads a multi-disciplinary team of VDC, DevOps, and data professionals. 

Those who've seen her at work commend Lauren's ability to develop departments and teams. She's brought together multi-disciplinary teams who have gone on to deliver some of the most complex industrial projects in North America. 

Lauren operates with a true growth mindset, as she strives for continuous improvement in herself and the people she leads.

“Lauren has a knack for finding top talent in the industry and allowing them to rise to the next level by giving them autonomy and mentorship to flex their creative muscle.”

35. Jennifer Chern

Jennifer ChernProject Manager, Subtext Development
St. Louis, MO

Jen started as a Project Manager Intern at Subtext in 2019 before joining the company full-time as a Project Manager in June 2021. And despite being relatively new, Jen expertly keeps up with peers who have 5-10 more years of experience. In fact, she's already worked on three  separate $50MM+ projects in Boise, ID. 

Those who work with Jen admire her innate ability to build rapport and gain the respect of industry veterans. She doesn't shy away from challenging situations, and she's always ready to take on large, complex projects.

In addition to her project responsibilities, Jen heads up the internship program at Subtext, where she manages several Design and Construction Interns. She is also responsible for the administration of multiple construction technology platforms used within the organization and has been the driving force in implementing new construction solutions.

“Jen represents everything we need from young professionals in the construction industry today. She is passionate about what she does and deeply cares about the success of her projects, our company, and the people she works with.”

36. Breawn Felix 

Breawn FelixRegional Support Services Manager, Swinerton Builders
Santa Ana, CA

Since joining Swinerton in 2014, Breawn has leveraged her technical skills and education to implement a fresh new vision within the organization. During her time at Swinerton, she has managed roughly 60 separate projects totaling over one billion dollars. 

Because of her excellent work, Breawn was promoted to SoCal Regional Virtual Design & Construction Manager in 2020. In this role, she provided valuable and efficient construction technologies on all SoCal projects from pursuits all the way through project closeout. She oversaw Swinerton's talented VD&C Engineers, who supported all markets throughout the entire SoCal region. 

She has recently been promoted to Regional Support Services Manager for the SoCal+HI region where she now oversees the leaders of Swinerton’s VD&C, MEP, and Scheduling Departments. Breawn will continue to work on the region- and company-wide standardization efforts by developing best practices and ensuring all Swinerton projects are equipped with the right technology. 

“As a leader and mentor, Breawn creates a learning environment for her team that fosters growth and instills self-confidence. Through her relentless drive for success, she leads by example and holds her team to the same high standards she expects of herself.”

37. Chris Walker 

Chris WalkerVDC Project Manager, The PENTA Building Group
Las Vegas, NV

Chris Walker is a key member of PENTA's Virtual Design and Construction Department. He is heavily involved in preplanning the construction process by assembling and managing 3D virtual models that help pinpoint constructability and design issues before the physical start of a project. 

In addition to his regular day-to-day work in preconstruction and operations, Chris is responsible for improving internal processes at PENTA. One great example is when he initiated, facilitated, and managed PENTA's in-house drone program so high-definition aerial  shots can capture assorted project phases from start to finish.

To top it all off, Chris is a leading member of PENTA's diversity committee, a group tasked with innovating the firm's wider culture through diversity and inclusion. As a black man and as a recipient of an internal diversity award himself, Chris takes pride in his position on the committee by giving fresh ideas and perspectives to encourage wider diversity at PENTA.  

“Chris provides leadership by training PENTA teams on how to use the latest technologies, utilize modeling software, and effectively implement modeling on the jobsite. Through PENTA's internship program, Chris has personally mentored interns through the VDC department, guiding them through the fundamentals of the job and its many processes. At least one relationship carried on to an intern's eventual full-time hire and onward career path.”

38. Mohammad S. Dadash 

Mohamed DadashVDC Precon Project Manager, Turner Construction Company
New York, NY

Mohammad has provided immense value as VDC Precon Project Manager at Turner Construction Company. Last year, he improved New York's preconstruction department using cutting-edge tools to communicate effortlessly through drawings and diagrams. His actions have elevated Turner's sales pitches and logistics plans, helping to distinguish the company from its competitors.

The team he leads is often described as a "well-oiled machine," distinguished for its collaboration, seamless turnarounds, and outstanding efforts in a high-pressure environment.

In 2022, Mohammad led his team on several fronts. While delivering over 100 sales pursuits, 25 site safety plans, and providing construction support to five ongoing jobs with a group of 16 members, Mohammad has created the foundation for a laser scanning service that will be used to support ongoing jobs.  

“Mohammad displays a work ethic and vision that is unparalleled. He can pay attention to detail and eliminate flaws in ways few people can. He works tirelessly to perfect his work and can visualize deliverables from very early stages.”

39. Jacob D’Albora, FMP

Jacob DAlbora-Headshot-CLT4Director of Digital Building Operations, VIATechnik, LLC
Charlotte, NC

As Director of Digital Building Operations, Jacob focuses on cultivating relationships and providing value to new and existing clientele across all stages of the building lifecycle.  In addition, Jacob is currently leading multiple advisory projects with owners across Fortune 500 companies, healthcare networks, and infrastructure.

VIATechnik is contracted as the BIM and VDC consultant for one of four phases for the $6.9 billion Valley Transit Authority expansion to connect to the BART transit by tunneling under the city of San Jose.

Jacob, the lead team member responsible for creating and implementing the BIM strategy and execution plan, has been instrumental to the team in the innovations and early works phases. In addition, he works directly with all project members, including key stakeholders from the VTA and BART groups.

"Jacob has been an industry rockstar for several years. A true leader and innovator, Jacob is always looking for new opportunities to help individuals and companies grow."

40. Adam Bear 

Adam Bear - Strategic Digital Manager - Wessex Water - Autodesk HeadshootStrategic Digital Manager, Wessex Water
Bath, United Kingdom 

A registered Architect, Adam focuses on the overlap between design, construction, and maintenance. He goes above and beyond and thoroughly considers the big business picture while looking for ways to increase team productivity. 

His specialties include digital platforms, governance, common data environments, and multiple business intelligence models. 

Adam has helped drive digital transformation at Wessex Water, overcoming various technological implementation hurdles in the process. From winning over teams and promoting new ways of thinking to creating governance processes and training all stakeholders, he works tirelessly to ensure systems are used efficiently and sustainably. 

“Adam's approach to listening to people, understanding their needs, and responding with a candidly honest approach is key to his successful delivery of new ways of working in Wessex Water.”

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