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The Secret That Doesn't Need Keeping: CAM Is Easy with Fusion 360

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    Ever wanted to get hands on with CAM in Fusion 360 software but felt a bit intimidated or didn't know where to begin? Want to see a job set up and run live during the session? Well, this is the class for you! Throughout the last 10 months, the speaker has gone from knowing nothing about machining or CAM to knowing slightly more about machining and CAM! This is the class for CAM newbies! We will go through the process of posting out your first computer numerical control (CNC) job without assumed knowledge. This will involve opening the Manufacture workspace in Fusion 360, creating a setup, creating tools, generating toolpaths, and posting out to machine G-code. We will even have a live demonstration of the running of the CNC job on a machine at University of Warwick's Engineering Build Space!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the basics of setting up a CNC job.
    • Discover how to create a setup in Fusion 360 Manufacture workspace.
    • Learn how to use tool libraries in Fusion 360.
    • Learn how to post process your first G-code file and see it run live.