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60 in 60 Minutes: Enterprise Tips for Fusion Lifecycle
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Get on board with the enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) team at D3 Technologies and learn from experts who configure and support Fusion Lifecycle software for some of the largest implementations in the United States. If you are a Fusion Lifecycle user or administrator, or you want to get in on the action and see (within 60 minutes) all the cool things this amazing technology can do, this class will deliver. Be warned, some topics may include terms like API, REST, and computed fields—but not to worry, we will do our best to keep it consumable and interesting for all user levels. Each team member plans to present at least 10 tips for improving your Fusion Lifecycle tenant or user experience. Setting the stage, we’ll have at least one solution architect, Fusion Lifecycle system administrator, implementation consultant, developer, and even a project manager. That is quite a team with a ton of experience implementing every type of field, script, workspace, project, and integration that connects to Fusion Lifecycle.


  • Discover how to implement simple techniques within Fusion Lifecycle that improve your users' experiences.
  • Learn how to identify potential roadblocks that impact system performance and future scalability.
  • Obtain real-world advice from a team that architects, implements, and supports Fusion Lifecycle daily.
  • Learn how to take actionable content and configuration settings back to your Fusion Lifecycle implementation.