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December 1, 2016

Class is in—AU 2016 sessions now online

AU 2016 may be over but that doesn't mean the time to learn has come to an end. If you were in Las Vegas with us, you probably heard Jeff Kowalski and Carl Bass talk about the importance of ongoing learning and embracing new ideas and technologies—the keys to staying relevant and succeeding in today’s rapidly evolving market. We’re all about helping you succeed, so we’re excited to announce that all 700+ AU 2016 sessions are now available at AU online. Anyone can take advantage of our online learning—class is always in, and always free. You’ll find thousands of materials and expert resources including downloadable handouts, presentations, data sets, and hundreds of hours of recorded media from AU 2016. Want to keep track of your online learning? Simply sign in or sign up so you can save classes, keep track of your activity, and more. That way you can learn on your own time, all year long. If you’re already part of the vibrant AU community or if you’re planning on becoming a contributor, be sure to activate your contributor profile too so you can showcase your knowledge and share your expertise across every Autodesk online community including the Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN) and Autodesk forums. Sharing what you know is a great way to boost your profile (and maybe your career). Learn more about the new unified contributor profile. Don’t wait for the new year to make your resolutions—head to AU online now and tap into the wealth of insight, experience, and cold hard knowledge gathered and shared at AU 2016. Keep learning and keep ahead. au-2016-class-1