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January 18, 2018

Apply to Speak at AU London 2018—Call for Proposals Closes January 31

AU London 2018 itself doesn’t go down until June 19-20. But the deadline to apply to speak at this year’s event is coming up at the end of the month. So if you’re of a mind, you might want to jump on that. Wondering What You Should Speak About? Fair question. Just ask yourself: What do I make look easy that others still find challenging? What creative ways have I found to integrate and use Autodesk software in my daily work and projects? It might be a certain workflow that improves efficiency, saving time and money. It might be a novel approach to a task or a process. It might be an inspiring case study. It might even be a whole new way to think about a technology or your industry. Bring Your Best Whether your expertise is in architecture, design, engineering, construction, manufacturing, or media, AU is the way to showcase what you know best. And AU London is a great place to do it. Share your tips, walk through your workflows, and bring your big thoughts. Join a community of experts and thought leaders from the industries that make our built world—and do it in one of the world’s great cities. (Not that we don’t love Vegas, don’t get us wrong.) The Call for Proposals for AU London 2018 ends January 31. Submit yours now.