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May 23, 2019

Closing the Gap on Skills and Gender Equity in Construction


We hear a lot about the shortage of skilled labor in construction, with more than 80% of construction companies reporting that they’re having a hard time finding qualified workers.

At the same time, we also hear about the lack of gender diversity in construction, since women make up only about 3% of the industry’s US workforce.

Lorien Barlow, director of the forthcoming documentary film, Hard Hatted Woman, thinks we can solve both problems at once. In a recent Redshift article, Barlow and others share their ideas and efforts to get more women into the building trades, including innovative programs around the country that are bringing greater equity in a growing industry.

“The more women we have on the job, the more the jobsite culture will change. And this creates a positive feedback loop.” –Lorien Barlow, Director, Hard Hatted Woman

Read the Redshift article now.

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