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A Digital Revolution in Resilient Housing, Build Change, and Autodesk

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    From designing retrofits in AutoCAD to automating Revit workflows using Dynamo, and now exploring the many uses of Forge, Build Change has been using Autodesk products for 17 years to revolutionize the design of resilient infrastructure, particularly in the housing sector, and successfully reach national scale in many countries. By leveraging the latest Autodesk tools, Build Change is making home retrofits safe and possible in the COVID-19 era. In this session, we will explore Build Change’s 17-year history of using Autodesk products to impact 600,000 lives across 24 countries, providing an integrated solution for improving the resiliency of homes and communities and preventing loss of life in natural disasters. This session will feature a case study of the work Build Change is doing in Colombia, one of our largest country programs, and the Autodesk technology being used to scale housing retrofits there.


    • Learn how Autodesk products can impact infrastructure resilience, particularly in housing in emerging markets
    • Learn how to implement digital solutions for infrastructure resilience
    • Learn how to develop flexible, adaptable BIM tools for many different use cases
    • Learn how to solve bottlenecks in the construction value chain using digital tools