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Creating room data/layout sheets & manuals are getting easier with BIM

ビデオ、プレゼンテーション スライド、配布資料のキーワードを検索する:


    The accumulation and management of the building design data, including room requirements, medical equipment, and other room-based items, which starts from early design stages and keep changing until getting the construction documentation, can be enhanced through BIM techniques using Revit and Microsoft office tools, this ensures that all elements and information are coordinated and validated among all relevant disciplines. This includes a link to a central data source (MS Access), used to create a space program, create room datasheets, and specification manuals. Also extract design plans and 3D views as part of the BIM models. This session will cover the database used and explains the relationships between objects and associated rooms and will show some techniques in Revit and dynamo in a live demo. The session goes beyond learning Revit basics and looks at the underlying information requirements of emerging integration in project delivery highlighting innovative ideas and workflows.


    • Understand how building design data represented in BIM objects and the connection to a database.
    • Using of Revit, Microsoft Access, and dynamo instrumentally together to enhance the project deliverables.
    • In-depth workflow in using data-centric approach for creating, validating, and delivering the project documents (room data sheets, room layout sheet, and specs manuals).