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Work with the AutoCAD Web Application: Work from Anywhere at Anytime

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    AutoCAD software is a widely accepted and practiced CAD tool. It is the world’s best 2D drafting tool with high ease-of-use capability. Even though 3D-modeling software systems are governing the CAD market today, AutoCAD is able to increase its market capture. When it comes to the shop floor, it is 2D AutoCAD drawings that are actually used for manufacturing/ production as engineers or operators typically need 2D drawings for shop-floor usage. After recently launching the cloud-based AutoCAD web app, Autodesk has gained popularity among new users. You only need to create an account (paid/free) on Autodesk, and you can access your work, edit it, and even make new drawings. However, there are several limitations with the AutoCAD web app. This class will discuss how to work with the AutoCAD web app, and cover its advantages and limitations.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Learn how to work with the AutoCAD web application.
    • Discover the primary difference between standalone installation and web application of AutoCAD.
    • Learn about the advantages of the AutoCAD web app.
    • Discover the limitations of the AutoCAD web app.