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Virtual Construction-Site Management with Advanced Workflow in BIM 360

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    This class will explain how to manage and improve the construction process of linear infrastructure projects with BIM 360 software in order to improve data quality and reduce costs and time by 60%. The digitalization of these processes enables us to retrieve relevant data and information directly in the construction site, reducing wastefulness and promoting sustainability. Currently we are managing roughly 150 projects with BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Field, and BIM 360 Project Management software. For these projects we mainly implemented three processes: the quality check, the inspection survey in BIM 360 Field, and the design variation check. The workflows are valid either if the project has been developed with BIM methodology or through the traditional method. The management of the company can use data and statistics to analyze the progress and the status of the works through powerful dashboards made with Forge. We will show the workflows improvements with a clear metric analysis.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Learn how to create an innovative workflow to manage a railway’s construction sites.
    • Learn how to implement workflows that are valid either if the project has been developed with BIM methodology, or through the traditional way.
    • Learn how to implement clear metric analysis to show the improvement in the processes.
    • Learn how to verify information of the construction site in real time.