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Modular Design, Design Standards, and Function Automation Using Inventor and iLogic
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This class will cover a broad range of elements that can be introduced by utilizing the power of iLogic within Inventor software. This 60-minute session will cover it all, from introducing the fundamentals to how more-powerful functions can be applied. We will show examples that organizations take advantage of today using this powerful capability. Topics covered will include developing standards-based designs; capturing engineering knowledge; developing recipes from existing assemblies to help build new designs; creating drawings using the latest updates from Inventor; as well as retrieving data from other sources and automating functions within a file such as CAM and FEA.

Enseignements clés

  • Discover the fundamentals of iLogic.
  • Learn how to build modular designs.
  • Learn how to automate functions such as Model Creation and Drawings.
  • Learn how to connect to external data sources.




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