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How to Use Real-Time Visualizations Throughout the Architectural Workflow

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    Improved and affordable software has made the concept of real-time rendering to become fully realized in the AEC industry. Designers are now able to effortlessly produce high-class renderings throughout every stage of their workflow. A game-changing feature that has added to the improvement of the design workflow is an integration that gives designers the ability to work with both CAD and renderings side-by-side. Adjustments can be made on the fly and the changes will appear on the rendering instantly. This session will demonstrate the possibilities users get by being able to create fully rendered walk-throughs with just one click. From standing out in the conceptional design stage with videos and VR to displaying BIM data to answer questions on facility management. We will outline how all members of the AEC industry can benefit by implementing rendering functions into their workflows and shorten their trial and feedback iterations.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Identify use cases of real-time rendering beyond rendering images and videos
    • Use Enscape throughout all phases of the architectural workflow with different approaches
    • Demonstrate the value of real-time visualization as a tool for internal and external communication
    • Understand how features like virtual reality, panoramas for mobile and video exports can be used effectively