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Get Up to Speed with Automotive Manufacturing
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In this class, we’ll cover four topics of automotive manufacturing: mold simulation and CAM, factory planning, automated manufacturing, and emerging design and manufacturing technology. We’ll begin with the challenges that automotive tooling companies face, and how the use of new technology and increased machine utilization can address the needs of more-complex and accurate tooling. From there we’ll move to factory planning and ways in which to address the challenges that drive change in manufacturing facilities; the problems that arise because of change; and the use of a unified digital model to manage this. We’ll then look at how manufacturing productivity can be increased using intelligent automation, and how it can improve consistency and component reliability. And we’ll finish discussing the use of emerging technology like generative design and additive and hybrid manufacturing, as manufacturers look to improve performance and efficiency of vehicles to meet sustainability and regulatory requirements.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the technological solutions that can be used to improve the quality of automotive tooling and the parts they produce.
  • Discover the challenges that drive change in manufacturing facilities, and learn about the use of a unified digital factory model.
  • Discover where automation can be utilized in manufacturing processes to improve production consistency.
  • Discover how generative design and additive and hybrid manufacturing processes improve component performance and efficiency.



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