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Elevate your Next AEC Proposal with Nearmap Vertical Imagery, 3D, & AI

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    There are powerful ways to improve your architecture, construction, and engineering workflows with 3D visualization. Discover how high-resolution aerial content, 3D, and AI from Nearmap can be used to solve specific and common challenges for Autodesk users to improve the quality of AEC designs and proposals. You’ll learn 5 ways to elevate your projects through terrain data, high-resolution imagery, textured mesh, point cloud, and building footprints derived from AI. We’ll cover the ins and outs of pulling Nearmap content into InfraWorks and various tools to make your proposal stand out. Set yourself up for success with proper integration between Nearmap, InfraWorks, and Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS, create common workflows and get relevant data in all the right places - for basemaps, digital twins, contours and topography, terrain themes, flood simulations, immersive conceptual design, and 3D visualization.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Understand how high-res aerial imagery 3D & AI content from Nearmap can be leveraged inside Infraworks and the AEC collection
    • Learn to properly import and integrate 3D imagery into your Autodesk platforms
    • Identify ways you can leverage aerial imagery to innovate and elevate your projects in Autodesk
    • Identify ways to maximise your CAD ad GIS across the enterprise with Nearmap, Autodesk and ArcGIS