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Design Automation for Structural Engineers

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    In the structural engineering industry, one of the challenges is reducing manual and tedious design tasks. Computational design tools such as Dynamo software give structural designers, engineers, and detailers the possibility to automate the creation of their deliverables to build structures with minimal energy. By doing so they spend less time on the repetitive tasks and more energy on the important parts of the design. In this class, you’ll learn how Dynamo can support design automation and computational modeling workflows for structural analysis and design of concrete and steel structures. You’ll learn about the appropriate packages to perform automation in your own daily workflows, and you’ll receive a set of teaching examples.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Learn how to apply design automation techniques on your designs.
    • Learn more about the structural design automation packages in Dynamo.
    • Learn how to automate the placement of steel connections and rebar detailing in Revit.
    • Learn how to create automation scripts for analytical models.