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Build a smarter reality capture strategy by leveraging BIM + GIS

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    With the advent of a more distributed workforce, a digital-first system of design and record has become more important, if not required. Communications and work between office and the field has also demonstrated a higher demand for a GIS + BIM solution. One way to ensure that all stakeholders are kept up-to-date is to maintain a digital twin of a project. There are many ways to acquire reality capture data, but one of the more common ways is by using a drone. The challenge is creating a distributed way of sharing the status of the project with the design. In this demo, we will walk through how to use 3D design files from Revit in Esri's ArcGIS Online so that they can be used in conjunction with reality data to model the as-built conditions of the project. Once the reality data has been processed, the data can be published straight to BIM 360 for import into Civil 3D or Navisworks for clash detection and other advanced workflows.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Publish Revit data to the ArcGIS Cloud
    • Pull BIM models into Site Scan for ArcGIS to plan drone flights
    • Publish reality capture data straight from ArcGIS to BIM 360
    • Combine drone-based reality data with BIM