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December 18, 2017

Social Media for Manufacturing: AU Speaker John Saunders Shares His Insights with Redshift

“To post on social media, to be a creator of content, you should also be a consumer of content. It's simple. What do you enjoy looking at? What's fun to see? What catches your eye?” —John Saunders, Founder, NYC CNC
Manufacturing content on social media? Trust us, it’s a thing. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people follow content related to manufacturing on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. And one of the stars of the genre is John Saunders, founder of YouTube channel NYC CNC. Saunders has amassed over 200,000 subscribers and more than 30 million views over 10 years posting videos about his development as a machinist and an entrepreneur with his own shop, Saunders Machine Works. Each week on YouTube, he publishes multiple how-to videos, software tips, and other content to help machining enthusiasts improve their work.   He was a speaker at AU this past November, and now Saunders is sharing his social media wisdom and prowess with Redshift. Check out “6 Social-Media Tips for Manufacturing Companies From a ‘10-Year Overnight Success’” to learn everything from how social media can help you build your business to how to choose your platform, engage your audience, and refine your content.