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September 14, 2022

The Autodesk Experience in the Expo at AU 2022


The Expo at AU 2022 is the place to learn about pioneering projects, meet the teams who did the work, and get your hands on the technologies that make them possible. It’s where you’ll eat lunch each day of the conference and unwind over bites and drinks at the end of Day 1 and Day 2. And you can stop into the Community Zone any time you need to rest, recharge, or take a meeting. 

In the heart of the Expo, you’ll find the Autodesk Experience, where you can explore how some of the world’s most forward-looking teams are using Autodesk products to reimagine what’s possible in their industry.

  • The Autodesk Pavilion—Connect with peers and learn more about the themes, projects, and announcements featured at AU 2022. 
  • The Construction Zone—See what the future of construction looks like today as mobile and cloud technologies enable more connected processes. And take a tour of the British Antarctic Survey project from BAM, a project that took predictability to new levels to build in one of the most extreme environments on Earth.
  • The Architecture, Building Engineering & Civil Infrastructure Zone—Discover how new technologies and digitized approaches are enabling us to design and engineer buildings and infrastructure in more efficient, sustainable ways. And experience the winning proposal for the urban area around the Notre-Dame Cathedral[MG1]  in VR.
  • The Product Design & Manufacturing Zone—Get hands-on with the latest tools and connect with teams that are transforming manufacturing. From a 3D-printed smart bridge to a dragster engine to the new Vesuvius large-part additive printer, explore projects that are leading the way into the future.
  • The Media & Entertainment Zone—Grab a seat in our cinema and prepare to be dazzled by samples from the latest and most groundbreaking movies, shows, and games made with Autodesk software. From animation and special effects sequences to production and post-production pipelines, learn how creators are turning to cloud-based approaches to streamline workflows, control budgets, and collaborate more effectively.  
  • The Forge Zone—Learn how the Autodesk cloud platform can help you unlock your data and power your digital transformation. Pilot a car on a racetrack built with the help of ofcdesk's digital twin and learn how you can reduce your negative environmental impact with two sustainability-themed demos in the Carbon Corner.
  • The Factory—Experience an end-to-end design-to-manufacture process as we take a multifunctional electronic conference badge from concept to production using Fusion 360, CNC machining, and 3D printing. 


AU 2022 is all about learning—and learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Make sure to save some time during the week to put on the VR goggles, play with augmented reality, test-drive a digital twin, and explore new possibilities for your industry in the Expo.

Register for your Full Conference Pass to AU 2022 now and we’ll see you in New Orleans.