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2021 Workflow for BIM 360, Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, Advance Steel, and Dynamo

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    Specialized applications for structure, analysis, detailing, and more are now included in your Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection subscription. How is the new, unified AEC Collection changing how you work? In this 60-minute session, you’ll learn about the seamless Revit software, Robot Structural Analysis software, Advance Steel software, and Dynamo software. You’ll learn how to link a Revit structural model to Robot Structural Analysis for structural steel code check and optimization. You’ll also learn how to control all models using Dynamo. This class will also cover how to set up and use BIM 360 Design software for sharing Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, and Advance Steel models, and to curate, coordinate, and manage deliverables throughout the project lifecycle. When design project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster.

    Wichtige Erkenntnisse

    • Learn how to set up and manage BIM 360 Design workflow for Autodesk 2021 products.
    • Learn how to effectively work with the 2021 workflow of Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, and Advance Steel.
    • Learn how to effectively use Robot Structural Analysis 2021 for structural steel code check and optimization.
    • Learn the basic concept of Advance Steel connections, detailing, and Dynamo usage.