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Robots in Construction

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening right now at a construction site near you. Jeff Sample explores how robotics is changing the way we build, from demolition to drywall.



The construction industry already faces a shortage of skilled labor—and the average age for US construction workers is 45. Luckily, the field of robotics is advancing rapidly. Construction companies are now able to use automated devices that augment human capabilities and take people out of harm’s way. Longtime technologist and futurist Jeff Sample of eSUB introduces us to a range of new robots that can handle physically demanding tasks like demolition, moving cinderblocks, and hanging drywall, and shows how intelligent robotics can make building faster, safer, and more efficient.

About the speaker

Jeff Sample is a speaker and consultant with over 20 years in the information technology services field, with an emphasis on construction and robotics. He currently serves as the director of strategic accounts at eSUB Construction Software and holds a degree from Quinnipiac University.

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