Account management for education

Options for unqualified institutions

Educational institutions that don’t qualify for access to free Autodesk software may have other options, including training, participation in membership organizations, and software access for nonprofit organizations.


  • Courses for commercial customers—Autodesk Authorized Training Centers (ATC) provide training, support for product mastery, exam preparation with testing, and certification for Autodesk product users. To locate an Authorized Training Center or to learn more about becoming an ATC, see the Autodesk training website.
  • Courses for students and educators—Authorized Academic Partners (AAP) are part of the worldwide Autodesk Learning Partner community. AAPs offer courses, support for educators and students, faculty development, course adoption, certification, and other services to academic customers using Autodesk products. To locate an Authorized Academic Partner or to learn more about becoming an AAP, see the Autodesk training website.
  • Retraining programs— Organizations participating in government-funded or other retraining programs for displaced workers typically don’t meet the definition of a qualified educational institution. However, your organization may qualify to join the Authorized Training Center (ATC) program.

Membership organizations and trade unions

The Membership Training Provider Program is a collaboration between Autodesk and the national leadership of major North American trade unions. This effort includes personnel who manage membership training programs. The program supports membership organizations that train, test, and certify their members. To learn more, see the membership training website.

How to enroll

The Membership Training Provider Program is currently available in North America, Ireland, and Australia. To enroll in the program, complete these steps:

  1. Complete the Membership Training Provider site enrollment form and return it to a designated distributor or Autodesk.
  2. Review the Membership Training Provider Program Guide.
  3. Review and sign the Membership Training Provider Program Agreement.
  4. Pay the annual subscription fee(s) prior to ordering software subscriptions.

Enrollment contacts

Nonprofit organizations

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