Account management for education

Enable SSO

If you are an IT admin with an Institution subscription, you can enable SSO to easily invite students and educators to your Autodesk account. For step-by-step details, refer to the Autodesk Single Sign-on Setup Guide.

Prepare for Setup

We recommend you use your institution email to create your Autodesk account, as you will need to prove your eligibility. If a dedicated IT admin email is part of your institution's internal practice, you can invite another Autodesk account using the dedicated IT admin email as a secondary administrator to your account. For more information on admin roles, refer to User management admin roles.


Follow the steps in the Autodesk Single Sign-on Setup Guide for your institution's domain. After completing the setup and testing phases, you will be asked if you want new users to automatically receive single sign-on access by checking the option to Automatically give new users access to sign in with SSO. (You can change this setting at any time under Edit SSO access.)

Manage Education Entitlements

If you checked Automatically Give New Users Access to sign in with SSO (you can check this setting at any time under Edit SSO access), the Autodesk Team that enabled SSO for your institution's domain is where new users will appear. Once the user is added to your Autodesk team, you can create groups and move users within these groups.


  1. If further user organization is desired, create an Autodesk group. See Manage groups.
  2. To assign education subscriptions to an Autodesk group or to individual users, see Assign product access.

Manage education and commercial entitlements together

If your institution needs both education and commercial licenses, you can separate them into different Autodesk accounts, managed by different IT admins, or by Autodesk team to avoid confusion and accidental license assignment.


Be aware that the Autodesk team that enabled SSO is where new users will appear, if the option to Automatically Give New Users Access to sign in with SSO was checked.


Separate education and commercial licenses into two Autodesk teams in one Autodesk account:


  1. Create an Autodesk team for assigning your commercial licenses. See Manage teams.
  2. Move users who need a commercial license to the new team. See Add and remove users.
  3. Assign commercial licenses to the team or assign commercial licenses to individual users. See Assign product access.


Note: If your institution plans to use Directory Sync as part of a commercial offering, please be advised of the current Autodesk team restrictions. 

  • For users who need both a commercial and an education license: If such users are using a single account (via your institution's domain), they won't be able to use both product entitlements at the same time. The commercial license will be their default entitlement.
  • For users with a commercial license using a device installed with an education license: If a device is activated with a serial number-based license and the user signs in, the device will continue to use the serial number-based license unless the user changes the license type. Users requiring a commercial license should avoid using education-dedicated devices.

Support for Directory Sync / AD Sync

The Autodesk Education plan does not currently support Directory Sync for education licenses. If you would like to use Directory Sync to manage your groups, users, and product assignments, you'll need to purchase a Standard or Premium license.


Note: To use Directory Sync with your education licenses, all licenses, including any commercial licenses you may have, must be managed within the same Autodesk team.

Data deletion with SSO

When a student graduates and they are deleted from the domain, the underlying Autodesk SSO student account and content remains in place. SSO student account data retention will follow standard Autodesk processes, which are subject to change. You can learn more about data retention practices in the "What are the Autodesk storage and data retention practices?" section of the Autodesk Privacy Statement

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