Key features of Spacemaker

Site studies in Spacemaker

Ready-to-use data sets 

Spacemaker sources site-specific data sets such as terrain, buildings, boundaries, and infrastructure.

Smart design tools 

Draw fluidly in 2D and 3D with dynamic tools that tally floor area in real time while you draw.

Noise analysis 

Address problems related to environmental noise and meet comfort and compliance goals.

Wind analysis 

Assess your site for various effects caused by wind, providing insight into airflow patterns.

Solar panel analysis

Quickly evaluate the potential of your site for solar panel electricity generation.

Sun analysis  

Analyze sun hours on building facades and on the ground, taking into account surroundings and terrain.

Parking design and analysis 

Spacemaker automatically fills your defined parking area with parking spots and calculates your parking coverage.

Import and export

With IFC and OBJ formats, move your work to and from other software, including Revit and AutoCAD.

Automatic area calculations 

Easily calculate gross floor area, building coverage, floor area ratio, rentable area, facade area, and more.

More Spacemaker features 

Other features

Microclimate analysis

Evaluate the thermal comfort (UTCI) of outdoor spaces quickly, easily, and accurately.

Visualization of differences 

Quickly compare your proposals and visualize key differences between the numbers and statistics.

Apartment generation

Quickly generate apartments, defining your desired mixture of sizes. Get insights on the distribution of apartments on your site.

View analysis 

Understand the view distances from facades and assess whether there is a view to areas of interest. 

Building analysis

Quickly understand the various metrics related to the buildings on your site, such as total volume or average height.

Real-time noise and sun

Get an instant approximation of noise and sun levels on the ground with Spacemaker’s predictive machine learning tool.