The future of work is already here. Are you ready?

Future-proof your career and your workforce in an era of unprecedented transformation.

Three ways to get started in the future of work

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of work. With solutions that span countless industries, Autodesk provides insights, technology, and training to help you and your business prepare for a future driven by rapid change.

1) Gain insights into new ways of working

Learn about key industry trends and find out how people and businesses are successfully adapting to the future of work.

  • To prepare for the workforce of the future, upskill employees today

    Businesses that focus on reskilling and upskilling can prepare employees to thrive in a time of ongoing technological change.

  • Close the skills gap in manufacturing with workforce upskilling

    Learn how manufacturers and educators are navigating rapidly changing technologies and the shortage of skilled workers.

  • How employees can adapt themselves to a changing workforce

    As automation alters almost every industry, workers will thrive by embracing lifelong learning and flexible new learning models.

  • Here comes the fourth transformation in building design

    Autodesk VP Nicolas Mangon explains the digital transformation led by centralized data, automation, and digital twins.

2) Embrace new technologies

Stay competitive by adopting technologies and tools that can help you keep pace as digital transformation accelerates.

  • See how architects and engineers are redefining team collaboration

    Learn how companies accelerated adoption of digital collaboration tools to successfully adapt to work-from-home protocols.

  • Automate routine tasks to save time and improve quality

    Automate processes and connect workflows through the product lifecycle with the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

  • Gain business insights from connected data and teams

    Connect project teams and data in real time to proactively manage quality, predict issues, automate tasks, and reduce rework.

  • Align creative teams with production in the cloud

    Keep global production teams, data, and physical and digital assets connected through all stages of the creative process.

3) Invest in continuous learning

Whether you’re an individual worker or a manager building a workforce, you and your business can prosper with a continuous-learning mindset.

  • Learn how industry credentials are key to keeping up with change

    Self-paced, flexible skill building—in the form of credentials and badges—offers mutual benefit for both employees and employers.

  • Grow your career with industry-validated training

    Set a learning pathway to expand your knowledge and earn Autodesk certifications that signal your experience with future-focused skills.

  • Future-proof your workforce with training from a trusted source

    Equip your employees to tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with training from an authorized Autodesk Learning Partner.