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High performance and innovative approach in mega projects

In Turkey, Yüksel Proje is named among the biggest export companies of its industry while it is rated as the number 203 by ENR amongst all the design companies around the world. The largest of its industry based on its turnover, the company's head-office is located in the capital city Ankara and it has branch offices in Istanbul, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Romania and India. Yüksel Proje operates in 17 countries abroad, also having signature under the successful construction, infrastructure and transportation projects in these countries. As it takes firm steps forward in the process of being one of the most prominent companies of the world, Yüksel Proje uses Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection with an integrated BIM (Building Information Modelling) toolset.

Integrated BIM tools for standing out in the crowd

Yüksel Proje is a bold player in the arena with its global objectives and mega projects. Cihan Kayhan, the R&D Coordinator of Yüksel Proje, states that for them it has become mandatory to use the integrated BIM tools included in the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection. The company has to reduce the costs and delivery times as it competes with not only local rivals but with global players within the global arena.

Cihan Kayhan says that they expect to complete a project just in 10-20 days which before would previously be possible almost in a year. This is achieved through R&D investments and establishing a robust BIM infrastructure. Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection supports the company’s innovative perspective by reducing the costs and increasing the productivity.


Yüksel Proje never confines itself into ordinary projects. All the projects undertaken up to now were the ones that require innovative approach and demanding research and expertise. For this reason, the company consists of various disciplines. It possesses the required competence for the most challenging projects ranging from highways to railways, seaways to airports.

Yüksel Project has an approach that makes difference in smart building and infrastructure projects. The company’s local and international success is well-deserved as the result of its talent in combining its own engineering know-how with the benefits of the technology.

BIM is mandatory for Istanbul’s rail system project

Cihan Kayhan says that BIM is now a must have for the companies. He points out the recent mandatory requirement to work with BIM infrastructure in the projects that were just quoted or started in Mozambique, India and Romania as well as the new 8-line rail system project in Istanbul.

“These are the lines that should be completed using the BIM processes. Here, there must be a shared BIM infrastructure to be used not only in design processes but also for engineering analysis. We have to provide a shared working platform for interdisciplinary collaborations.”

Yüksel Project has the capacity to meet these new requirements thanks to the recent technologic transformations and establishment of R&D center within the company. The company is well positioned to stand-out in the competition, to reduce the costs and delivery times.

ISTANBUL METRO LINES: Project, Consultancy and Supervision Services

Yüksel Proje Board Member İsmail Hakkı Baydur explains how they could have move forward without Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection: “We could have still gotten the projects with our expertise in engineering and design, but we would need to collaborate with a company using BIM. And that would increase the costs and we would take the risk of completing the project without making a profit.”

20-25 percent increase in “accuracy”

Yüksel Proje began to switch from 2D modelling to 3D design (to BIM - Building Information Modelling) by installing Autodesk Revit 6 years ago. After receiving external consultancy and trainings, the company included Revit experts into its human resources from various disciplines.

Cihan Kayhan, the R&D Coordinator of the company, states that the company is now completely working with an end-to-end BIM philosophy, and they are using Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection including 12 different disciplines.

Kayhan states that this way, the company obtained shorter project duration and significant increase in accuracy: “After implementing Autodesk’s BIM infrastructure, we achieved substantial improvement in project design processes. Now we can produce more accurate projects than ever from the very beginning and minimize the revisions as well as saving 20% in project design time.”


“This 20% saving is the result of a dramatic increase in our productivity after the fixed preliminary research process. Previously, we could complete a mechanical system design of a station in 10 days, but now we can complete just in 4-5 days.”

Fast rendering increases customer satisfaction

Using Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection in design processes allows the company to render faster than before. Cihan Kayhan explains: “When we make the design, we can also render it in 3D. Providing this fast rendering is one of the most important factors in customer satisfaction - we can have more competitive power in the industry in this way.”

Yüksel Proje benefitted from this feature when bidding for a military installation project abroad in collaboration with another company. They could visualize the project as early as the bidding phase for the entire installation and could prepare a 360 degrees presentation including preview videos just in 3 days.

International collaboration platform with BIM 360

This cloud-based approach which focuses on reducing IT costs, fast access to the latest technologies and updates, and creating a shared working platform easily wherever you want, provides the required flexibility especially for a global player like Yüksel Proje.

Cihan Kayhan comments on BIM 360 implementation: “We have branch offices in Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey as well as in different countries. Each office produces projects. Sometimes it is necessary to include the teams in different offices into the same project.”

“Previously, we provided connection between Ankara and İstanbul via fiber network of a local telecommunication company using servers which brought considerably high costs. On the other hand, with the same costs, it was not possible to connect to Algeria, India and Azerbaijan. The solution came along with the cloud. With Autodesk BIM 360 cloud solution, we solved this problem.”

Featured projects that Yüksel Proje involved in

Yüksel Project provides an advantage in foreign market with the expertise that was gained by completing challenging projects, even the firsts in various areas in Turkey, and with its capacity to use the integrated BIM (Building Information Modelling) toolsets.

Here are the some of the most prominent works of Yüksel Proje in Turkey: Marmaray, Osmangazi Bridge and Istanbul-Izmir Motorway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and North Marmara Motorway, large percentage of the Istanbul Metro lines, 3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel (when completed it is going to be the first 3-deck tunnel of the world), Zorlu Center, Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed Railway, Turkish Airlines Additional Facility Construction for Istanbul Airport, Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration Master Plan, Okmeydanı Hospital (the first Leed Gold certified state hospital of Turkey) and in honor of its 40 year, METU Yüksel Proje Amphitheater which was presented as a gift to the University.

As the prominent projects in foreign market, we can name Tram Network in Algeria, Tlemcen Railway and road projects, 3 railway projects in India (in very high altitudes), Nagpur-Mumbai Highway, Amaravati Iconic Bridge, Dnipro Metro of Ukraine, Sofia Metro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina Zenica Motorway among others.

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"Integrating Autodesk AEC Collection into our company was an important part of our strategy to be among the long-term global players."

-Ismail Hakki Baydur, Board Member, Yüksel Proje