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Kutlusan Poultry: Preferred Quality in Turkey and Over 60 Countries

Kutlusan Poultry, which designs and produces quality equipment for the poultry industry, is a global Turkish brand recognized and preferred across five continents. With its facilities in Izmir and sales offices in China, Iran and Mexico, the company boasts a total design and manufacturing area of 58,000 m2. Kutlusan owes this success to its ability to turn its resources into high quality products and to its extensive use of technology. Using the Autodesk PDM Collection in line with its global targets, Kutlusan proudly continues to promote Turkish engineering in 62 countries and expand into new markets since 1996.

R&D-Focused, Environmentally Friendly Production

In addition to its existing facilities, Kutlusan has five R&D barns at two separate farms with a total area of 150,000 m², 10,000 m² of which is indoors, which were established to study the changes in equipment and the effects of these changes on broilers and laying hens.

As part of its R&D activities, Kutlusan develops cage systems and ancillary equipment in accordance with poultry regulations in the countries where its products are used, furthers its growth through a global supply network driven by quality, reliability, efficiency, innovation and dynamism, and strives to become a leading global brand by maintaining an eco-friendly production operation.

Emphasizing that their quality was the main driving force behind their success of becoming a preferred “brand” across five continents as of 2012, Kutlusan Poultry General Manager Hasan Büyükkutlu said: “Since the inception of our company, we have produced quality products with quality materials and embraced an approach that puts customer satisfaction above all else. At our current standing, ‘Kutlusan Quality’ has become a staple for our customers.”

“Moreover, empowered by the values of Turkish engineering, we are continuously engaged in R&D activities. Leveraging Autodesk’s Product Design & Manufacturing Collection solution package, we expand our product range with each passing day and further consolidate our position among the pioneering companies in the global industrial landscape.

Autodesk Was Integrated During the R&D Process

R&D work, which Kutlusan attaches great importance to, plays a critical role in achieving the targeted quality. Accordingly, Kutlusan develops systems powered by AI-based software that require minimum human intervention, prioritize the well-being of the animals and can adapt to seasonal transitions and animal age.

Initially, Kutlusan began its journey by offering the designs of the Netherlands-based cage design company Rijvers B.v. to the Turkish market. The designs belonged to the founder of the company, Alois Rijver. Kutlusan decided to establish its own R&D department to develop original designs by drawing on the know-how it had garnered during the cooperation process.

R&D Manager Teoman Onat said that they were introduced to the Autodesk Solution Package after they formed their R&D team. They preferred the Autodesk PDM Collection because of its 2D and 3D modeling capabilities, powerful integration features and smart design. The Autodesk PDM Collection, which currently has 12 active users, is updated regularly every year. The organization also boasts eight Autodesk Vault Professionals and 12 Autodesk Inventor LT Suite packages.


Parametric Design and Easy-to-Understand 3D Presentations

R&D Manager Hüseyin Sümer said, “In the past, projects were modeled at the proposal stage and later in the 2D AutoCAD environment as per the dynamics of the industry” and added: “2D models were both time consuming and difficult for non-technical people to understand. We were able to work on the project layout quickly and visually with the modules and blocks we could create in the Autodesk Factory Design environment by only entering certain parameters using Autodesk Inventor's iLogic.

3D visuals and presentations prepared in the Navisworks environment by Kutlusan's R&D team help us drive customer satisfaction by facilitating the decision-making processes. In addition, it enables us to create a virtual tour of the facility to be built during its project phase, allowing customers to see the facilities to be delivered in advance.

R&D Specialist Atakan İlkbal stressed the fact that iLogic applications provided a highly convenient user experience in projects involving layer combinations: “By design, our products consist of a large number of parts that feature layer combinations and that have the same shape, but in different sizes. In the past, we had to work on each individual part. Parametric design allows us to create every size combination on a single solid model, thus saving us time.”

Saving Time and Cost in the Design Validation Phase

Stating that they also saved time and cost during the validation phase with the Autodesk Inventor Nastran application enabling them to perform stress analyses, R&D Specialist Atakan İlkbal said: “In the past, a prototype had to be produced to test the design as part of the design validation process. Thanks to the Nastran application where we can perform all the stress analyses, this is no longer necessary."

With Nastran analyses, parameters such as material, thickness and structural conditions can be simulated on the model and we can revise the design according to the results. This approach helped Kutlusan save both time and money.

Revision Management Made Easy with Vault

Before Vault, the R&D team used a workflow that featured a disorganized folder structure. Everyone involved in the project would receive a copy, resulting in numerous duplicate designs. Even deciding on which revision was the latest version would take time. Transitioning to the Vault environment eliminated all these complex processes within the file management system.

R&D Specialist İbrahim Küçük said, “Before using Vault, finding out which assemblies any given revision would affect used to cause great confusion” and added: “The easy-to-use features the Vault environment offers made all this confusion disappear. Now, we have more time on our hands for the design process and R&D activities."

85% of Labor and Time Saved with ERP Integration

R&D Specialist Aytekin Rumibeyoğlu said that they achieved a highly significant efficiency gain thanks to the Autodesk Solution Package's ability to work integrated with the ERP infrastructure. It used to be a very difficult process to open and revise a stock card in the ERP system for the Planning Department and other departments to use, because the information had to be entered manually, which was a highly time-consuming process. Relevant departments had to work on every single part one by one.

Aytekin Rumibeyoğlu explained how this issue was resolved with an iLogic application: “Now, the necessary information can be exported from the solid model environment and converted into a table, with the possibility of creating a stock card and recipe automatically. With this application, we were able to save approximately 85% of the time and labor that used to be spent on this task."

Now, plate and quantities can be automatically selected from the solid model environment for sheet metal parts and the transfer of information to the ERP environment is automated. iLogic has also automated the process of creating.pdf and .dxf files required by production and their transfer to the necessary directories.

Design Visuals Shared with Cloud Services

“Shared views" is a feature Autodesk integrates into its software as part of its cloud services. The Kutlusan R&D team frequently uses the "Shared views" feature to share its designs with external team members as well as with customers and subcontractors.

Kutlusan can easily create the most up-to-date, photorealistic images and panoramic images of its designs in the cloud environment. The technical team can perform this process quickly in the cloud environment without having to use any system. The images created can be quickly shared with a QR code.

Convenient Assembly Process

Kutlusan aims to drive growth through holistic efficiency achieved by managing the assembly, after-sales support and maintenance processes as well as the design and production processes on the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

Evaluating their current workflow, R&D Technical Artist Zafer Hayran said: “Autodesk Inventor Studio and Presentation applications have made it possible to generate animations demonstrating every stage of the assembly on a 3D view of the assembly site and share them with the assembly teams. With the use of Shared Views, site assembly is now more streamlined and accurate. Assembly catalogs are also prepared for equipment animations of which are unavailable. We also transfer the management of periodic maintenance and support services to the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection."

“Thanks to the ERP integration and parametric design, we have saved approximately 68% of our time spent on the new part creation process and 70% on the revision process. We were able to achieve time savings of 85% in new part designs and 83% in revisions in modular products and products with size combinations."

Hüseyin Sümer, R&D Director, Kutlusan Poultry


“Autodesk PDM Collection will continue to empower us to achieve our goal of building facilities abroad, increase our footprint in the global market, and create a workflow chain that will ensure the fastest delivery of products, streamlining the entire value creation process from design to production."

Teoman Onat, R&D Manager, Kutlusan Poultry