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Güralp systems are available in 65 countries worldwide

Designer and manufacturer of crane systems, standard or special-purpose hoists and lifts, Güralp lightens the load of any industry there is and contributes to reaching higher life standards across the world. Equipped with stronger innovative skills, Güralp exploits Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, smart design tech to prove successful in over 65 countries.

Systems Safe-to-use in Any Industry

Güralp is an engineering-focused company set about to lighten the loads, from 20 kg on, of any industry there is. The hoist, lift and transfer systems and equipment designed and manufactured by the company are available at all parts of the globe.

Its product range features wire rope and chain hoists, crane systems, bridge constructions, and end carriages. Among other company offerings are transfer carts, remote control systems, power transmission systems, scissor clamps, special applications. Güralp conducts all R&D design and manufacturing in-house.

Erdem Kurtmen, Project Manager at Güralp, informs that electric overhead traveling cranes are their number one product. Electric overhead traveling cranes are employed indoors such as warehouses and manufacturing plants that store raw materials, semi-finished goods and end products as well as outdoors including mining sites, and open marble and stone quarries that require handling of heavy blocks.

“We design remotely controllable and monitorable, fully automated systems that do not need any human intervention. For instance, we recently installed fully automated systems at a massive paint shop,” noted Kurtmen, adding that they also cater for industries that seek lifting services such as manufacturing, automotive, mining and transportation.

Double Girder Gantry Crane for Lifting Marble Blocks

A New Platform to Boost Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

In 2018, the company made a strategic decision. They were in need of a platform to improve their innovative skills, expedite design and modeling and bring in a focus on smart design. Any loss due to manufacturing defects was required to be minimized. To this end, the company has adopted the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.

By managing design and manufacturing as well as installation, after-sales support and maintenance via Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, Güralp aims at global efficiency that would fuel growth.

“The Autodesk Collection enables us to produce videos featuring all the installation steps in 3D views of a site,” says Erdem Kurtmen. He states that this introduces installation, a decisive step as regards customer satisfaction, to higher speeds and higher efficiency.

Hoist installation

Eight Times Faster with Smart Design

Adoption of Autodesk has earned the company “smart design” skills. Inventor’s iLogic feature has been used for automating designs, the Autodesk Vault technology for efficient and effective creation, management and revisions follow-up of product data, and Configurator 360 cloud solution for online 3D configuration views.

Izzet Yaman, Güralp Project Development Specialist, elaborates: “Actively using Inventor’s iLogic feature, we have fully adopted smart design and achieved automated and defect-free manufacturing. On Vault, we have created a parts library for our standard products, and a hardware library which we put into the service of technical departments”.

Special system designs that used to take up as long as eight hours are now finalized for manufacturing in one hour at the most. A standard crane system, on the other hand, can be designed in five minutes on Inventor online.

Technical drawings viewed on Autodesk Vault

A More Efficient Dealership Network

Faster design and modeling is likely to boost efficiency across the dealership network as well. “We have built our new dealership system via the Autodesk Configurator 360 cloud solution,” says Izzet Yaman. The solution generates the most suitable configurations for customer needs and provides prompt answers to possible inquiries, quickly proceeding to placing orders.

“We have used Autodesk Collection to submit a bridge and whole-system project proposal to a dealer in Denmark. The project had standard and custom specifications. We were fast to produce a 3D model. It used to take us a couple of days,” points out Erdem Kurtmen, Project Manager at Güralp.

The modeling was finalized in half an hour via iLogic feature of Inventor, and it was presented via Configurator 360. Result: A fast path from quotes to order. Kurtmen says that they have seen a significant rise in the next sales win rates.

Improved Planning with ERP Connection

As the Autodesk Collection can integrate with any ERP program, it allows us to feed planning departments with any data that might be needed in relation with a part.

Izzet Yaman says that they were quick to finish the relevant tests and any necessary data were created and sent to the ERP platform as early as in the design phase. This development in turn leads to more factual cost reports, more accurate pricing and faster offers.

Export Goals and Beyond

Erdem Kurtmen notes that they intend to capitalize on Autodesk Collection to significantly boost domestic and international order rates in one year. The aim is to increase the current 40% export rates to 60%. For this, they rely on the competitive edge and improved efficiency driven by R&D investments.

Kurtmen expresses Güralp's ultimate goal as follows: “Our greatest purpose is to produce ecofriendly designs for our future. And Autodesk provides us with the best platform to serve this purpose.”

Double Girder Gantry Crane Used for Osmangazi Bridge construction

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"It is now possible to produce videos featuring all the installation steps in 3D views of a site. Accelerating the installation phase, a critically decisive one as regards customer satisfaction, is quite important for us."

Erdem Kurtmen, Project Manager, Güralp