Delhi Metro transforms transit with BIM


DMRC shares how BIM is making an impact with design, construction, and operations. (video: 3:36)

The exponential population growth of Delhi is undeniable, recently reaching more than 32 million people. Rail is a vital component for the city to reduce traffic congestion and provide millions of citizens with safe, reliable transportation. 

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) is a mass, rapid-transit system serving millions of riders in Delhi and the surrounding region. With BIM, the organization can now achieve goals for growing transportation demands, easily collaborate with stakeholders, and overcome the challenges of building an expansion of the system in a major population center. "We have completed our phase one, two, and three well ahead of schedule despite being in such a difficult urban landscape," says Dr. Vikas Kumar, Managing Director, DMRC.

Once the expansion is complete, Delhi Metro is poised to become one of the largest systems in the world. Using BIM will also help with the eventual operations of the new metro line.

"If we’re revamping down the line in maybe 30, 40, 50 or 100 years, we know what exactly we built and what we have to build on. Preparation of a BIM model or a digital twin now is very essential for any of the projects."

—Samim Sekh, Deputy Chief Architect, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited