Making a Better World


Bridges to Prosperity installs bridges like Marenge Suspended Bridge in Rwanda, which cuts travel time to schools, markets, and healthcare in half. (video: 1:02)

Over 250 million people in the world lack safe access to healthcare, employment, and education due to poor transportation infrastructure and difficult terrain. Bridges to Prosperity, builds footbridges across rivers and ravines to connect people with the critical resources they need.

The organization designs the bridges in AutoCAD so everyone can work on the same model and uses Civil 3D and InfraWorks to collaborate with customers, partners, and governments. Bridges to Prosperity is also developing an open-source AI tool that uses geospatial data for virtual site evaluations to scale operations. They’ve installed 500 bridges so far, like the Marenge Suspended Bridge in Rwanda that has cut travel time to schools and markets in half.

Bridges to Prosperity is building pathways to economic opportunity and a brighter future for millions.