Winning in Construction: The 2023 Autodesk Construction Solutions EMEA Sales & Technical Partner Bootcamp 

technical sales training bootcamp emea

The end of June saw our annual Autodesk Construction Solutions EMEA elite partner bootcamp hosted in the Dublin Autodesk office.  

With over 80 participants from 14 different partners across 18 countries in the EMEA region, we were all ready to learn more about the Autodesk Construction Cloud and the opportunities to make an impact for our customers. It was also fantastic to be together in person, and the Dublin office was a great location to host. Two fun facts – this building used to be U2’s music recording studio, and, if that wasn’t cool enough, the Dublin office has its own pub within the building! The event was spearheaded by our dedicated EMEA Construction Specialist team; Krystal Schroeder, Senior Manager Construction Channel Sales, and our Construction Partner Specialists, Danielle Foss, Giovanni Quartana, and Hilal Cakmak. 

With our growing ecosystem of channel partners, construction professionals have the opportunity to leverage technology like never before. With two full days of separate tracks for sales professionals and technical professionals, the agenda was packed to maximise knowledge transfers and networking. 

The construction industry itself urges for more connection – from people to data – and technology plays a key role in this opportunity. Day 1 of the sales track kicked off with ‘Demystifying Construction’ with Matt Keen, Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS) Director of Strategic Planning, and the positioning of Autodesk and its Construction Cloud to help customers, delivered by Mike Malkin, Senior Director of ACS Sales. Over on the technical track, we began with John Paul Mann, Manager of ACS Adoption Services and Mags Carey, Senior Adoption Consultant, leading on ACS Adoption Team Engagement Framework and Project Management Workflows. Both days contained hands-on simulated exercise discovery sessions, applying a mindset of solving rather than selling. 

After a full day of learning, we turned to the aforementioned Dublin office pub to enjoy a pint of Guinness, canapes, and a healthy dose of competition over on the football table. 

Day two kicked off bright and early with a discussion around the huge opportunities that the construction industry gives and how to dive into these conversations and highlight the value partners and Autodesk Construction Cloud can bring to customer pain points. The day wrapped up with a focus on the power of customer success stories – extolling the link between our partners as solution providers, combined with the Autodesk Construction Cloud product – and celebrating our customer’s success forged from that combination. On the technical track, Nick Prato, Implementation Consultant, led Cost Management talks and Dariusz Kiszka, Senior Adoption Consultant, led the rest of the team spoke about the Integrated Workflows via Autodesk Construction Cloud and Power BI and Data Connector. 

All in all, a full and fun packed 48 hours in Dublin full of learnings on how to help our customers go beyond and achieve tangible, positive impact to their businesses. Our EMEA ACS partners are integral to the success of our customers. We’d like to thank our partners for sharing their knowledge, experience, and time. We’re excited for the possibilities that lie ahead to create a fully connected construction industry!     

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Check out some photos from the bootcamp:

Say hello to our fantastic partners and the ACS team!
Say hello to our fantastic partners and the ACS team!
The sales track of Dublin Partner Bootcamp
The sales track of Dublin Partner Bootcamp
The infamous Autodesk Dublin office pub
The infamous Autodesk Dublin office pub.
Technical bootcamp kick off.

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