The Top Sessions for Project Managers at AU 2022

Idea Exchange at Autodesk University 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It has been quite a while since we’ve been able to host Autodesk University with everyone in one place, but in 2022, we’re excited to say that Autodesk University is back in action in-person in the beautiful city of New Orleans between September 27-29. 

This year, we’ll cover some key topics that will help you improve your business–from driving your digital transformation to helping build better resilience, communication, and sustainability through cloud-based solutions. 

With AU 2022, this is your annual opportunity to learn and grow as you gain the crucial insights you need in the ever-changing construction industry. Find out more about emerging technologies and how project management is evolving. 

This is one construction event you don’t want to miss out on, so mark your calendar, register today, and get ready to head to AU 2022. 


What You Can Learn About Project Management at Autodesk University 2022 

It’s no secret that project managers have to be on the cutting edge of all the latest innovations and strategies in the industry if they want to remain competitive. AU 2022 brings you the latest information, so you can level up your learning and push your career forward. 

Session topics at this year’s AU include how to get the most out of your data and analytics, cost control, new developments with Autodesk Construction Cloud, how to refine your workflows, and more. 

Not sure which sessions to attend? You can choose from hundreds of options, but we also curated our top session selections for this year, so you can learn as much as possible about the future of project management. 

The following list isn’t comprehensive and is only a preview of what’s to come. You’ll find a full session catalog here that you can explore.  

The Top Sessions for Project Management at AU 2022 

These are several of the highlights we think you’re going to love this year at AU 2022.

Road Map to Successful Implementation with Autodesk Construction Cloud | CS500907

Change is difficult. In your workplace, you need to build a culture of innovation and efficiency if you want to be successful in this industry. Combined in partnership with our customer success team, Autodesk Construction Cloud has empowered enterprises to use technology in ways that allow us to work closer than ever before– even from afar. In this presentation, we’ll cover Barton Malow’s strategy for using BIM 360 and Autodesk Build on our projects. 

The Secret Sauce to Effective Construction Cost Management | CS501294

Tired of high-risk projects with low margins? Get better control over costs and obtain better visibility by leveraging the cloud. In this session, you’ll learn about the robust cost-management capabilities in Autodesk Build, ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration, and other innovative, new features that improve cost management practices, lower risk, and increase profitability.

Unleashing the Power of Data to Deliver Projects Using Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect | CS502823 

In this technical instruction course, you’ll learn to use Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, so you can connect your own personal custom app integrations without having to learn to code. We’ll also discuss how to connect siloed data to integrated data to help support more efficient EPC delivery. 

How to Optimize Project, Design, and Risk Management with Autodesk Forge | CS502226

Are you ready to optimize project and design management? We will go through automated processes and workflows that help track deliverables’ development progress in this class. Learn to compare development progress with your schedule to make a budget efficiently and with better accuracy. We’ll work within ISO 19650 for this class. 

Democratizing Schedules: Be On Time with Up-to-Date Schedule Communication | CS501231

Scheduling is a major part of every construction project, but getting everyone to be on the same page isn’t easy. Can scheduling be more streamlined and efficient? In this class, health-care provider Tirol Kliniken will share how it used the schedule tool in Autodesk Build to collaborate on project schedules and has delivered over €800 million in projects on time. 

Register Today and Plan Your Trip to AU 2022

We know that AU 2022 is going to be an excellent experience that helps bring back together industry professionals, experts, colleagues, speakers, and other talented individuals who are making big moves in the industry. 

Are you ready to register for AU 2022 and join us in New Orleans? Head over to the official AU 2022 website and get your tickets now.

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