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Autodesk excellence awards 2022

Every day, incredible projects are finished around the world thanks to the hard work and innovation of the construction industry. This industry drives real world change and shapes our cities while providing essential services to humanity.  

This truth inspires our Autodesk Excellence Awards, designed to recognize and celebrate the incredible achievements of our customers. 

 What Are the Autodesk Excellence Awards? 

Autodesk Customer Excellence celebrates the people, projects, and technologies behind exceptional contributions to architecture, engineering, and construction. It also recognizes work in the fields of product design and manufacturing as well as media and entertainment. 

The Autodesk Excellence Awards is an annual event which honors an inspiring collection of innovators whose transformational changes are making a lasting impact on the world. We love nothing more than getting a chance to showcase the best, brightest ideas and projects in construction annually – and we know 2022 will be no exception. Now is the time to celebrate your achievements, gain recognition, and help your work reach a wider network than ever before. All you have to do is enter your project in the Autodesk Excellence Awards. 

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Value to You and Service to Your Community 

So why submit your story to the Autodesk Excellence Awards?  


It’s not just about the project. The skills, expertise, and creativity that got it to completion also matter. By entering the awards, you get a chance to be recognized for the excellence that goes into every stage of the process, not just the finished product. 


Autodesk is all about building up our customers as partners. If you want to reach the people who matter most to your business and bottom line, what better way than by broadcasting your most amazing accomplishments? 


By sharing your story, you can offer inspiration, motivation, and hope for future projects and professionals. Who knows? You might even inspire the next generation of professionals.  

What Kinds of Stories Are We Looking for? 

Truth is, we owe it all to the innovators – those that create everything from homes to high rises to highways. That’s why the Excellence Awards highlights these innovators and groundbreaking projects.  

So, what kinds of stories are we looking for? Here are just a few of the most exciting projects we have recognized in the last 10 years: 

  • The University of Virginia (UVA) Health System University Hospital 
  • Chase Center & Warriors Mixed-Use Office and Retail Development 
  • Facebook’s Clonee Data Centre 
  • Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center 

Read more about some of the top award winners in our blog.  

Submission and Selection Process 

A panel of Autodesk leaders and external subject matter experts will review nominations to select the winners for the Excellence Awards. If your story wins an award, it will be showcased at our flagship event, Autodesk University.  

Share Your Story with Us 

Want to make sure your project gets considered? You can learn more here or simply fill out our form and submit it by July 21. We can’t wait to hear your story, and to help you and your team celebrate your accomplishments! 

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Alyssa Jaber

As Manager of Customer Marketing at Autodesk, Alyssa Jaber has been partnering with Autodesk customers in the construction space for 5+ years to build their brands and powerfully tell their stories. Alyssa is a human-first leader who supports a team of talented individuals who always put the customer experience first.