Specialty Contractors Turn to Autodesk Construction Cloud in Record Numbers to Streamline Workflows, Ensure Quality and Win More Work


Leading subcontractors such as Helm Mechanical, Veit & Company and MAREK are standardizing on Autodesk’s cloud-based construction management and collaboration solutions

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Dec. 16, 2020 – Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced more than 4,000 specialty contractors across all industry segments – from mechanical to earthwork, HVAC, concrete, interior buildouts and more – now turn to Autodesk Construction Cloud technology for their projects. Helm Mechanical, Veit & Company and MAREK are three leading specialty contractors that have all standardized on Autodesk Construction Cloud products to increase collaboration, mitigate risk and reduce rework.

  • Helm Mechanical, formerly known as Mechanical, Inc., recently renewed their enterprise contract and standardized on BIM 360 to move away from paper-based processes and keep teams better connected.
  • Veit & Company, one of the Midwest’s leading specialty contractors focused on earthwork, utilities, demolition, foundations and dredging and diving, has renewed a multi-year contract and standardized on PlanGrid to double down on collaboration and transparency.
  • MAREK, a Houston-based specialty contractor with more than 1,500 employees and seven regional offices throughout the southern United States, has standardized on PlanGrid to improve jobsite communication and the transfer of real-time data between the office and the field.

These three subcontractors join Binsky & Snyder, a large mechanical contractor in New Jersey and leader in prefabrication construction methods, which has adopted BIM 360 to manage documents and collaborate with other project trade partners to ensure they consistently deliver high quality, timely work on their projects.

“Specialty contractors have shown incredible resiliency in the last year, tackling difficult economic and safety challenges as well as a skyrocketing level of complexity in project work,” said Jim Lynch, vice president and general manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “We remain committed to delivering technology that strengthens and evolves with the industry, enabling trade partners to continue to overcome any obstacles they may face. With a full breadth of connected solutions, real-time data and powerful automation, Autodesk Construction Cloud is helping specialty contractors improve collaboration, increase efficiency and future-proof their businesses.”

Helm Mechanical digitizes document management and keeps crews connected

Illinois-based Helm Mechanical, winner of PM Magazine’s Mechanical Contractor of the Year, has standardized on BIM 360 Docs to easily share models and documents between their team and partners across the project lifecycle, enabling their teams to collaborate more effectively.

“We knew we needed to move to a platform that allowed for better flow of information to our job sites,” said Jeff Knoup, vice president of operations of Helm Mechanical. “By migrating all our files to BIM 360 Docs, we were able to not only digitize our workflows, but also facilitate more collaboration between the field and the office. We can now easily share models and documents between our team and partners, all within a platform we’re really comfortable using.”

Veit & Company standardizes field collaboration workflows across all projects

Veit & Company, one of the Midwest’s leading specialty contracting companies focused on earthwork, utilities, demolition, foundations and dredging and diving, has standardized on PlanGrid to increase collaboration and establish a single source of truth for all construction documents.

“We pride ourselves on being able to take on projects that no one else can – the more abstract, the better,” said Britton Lawson, director of construction technologies for Veit & Company. “Part of the reason we’re able to do so is because we have such a strong investment in implementing a holistic approach through technology. Standardizing on PlanGrid allows everyone to see the same critical job information all in one place – no matter what the project or team. As a result, our team spends less time learning technologies or job structures and more time on what matters.”

MAREK bridges the gap between the field and office through real-time data and collaboration

MAREK, known for their work across a range of services such as metal framing, ceiling work and drywall, uses PlanGrid on all projects to keep teams in the office and field in sync through collaboration and cross-functional access to real-time data. 

“Using the most advanced technology puts us at a massive advantage across all our projects,” said Marcus Bollom, director of construction operations at MAREK. “Autodesk Construction Cloud helps contribute to our advantage by enabling better data sharing and streamlining communication and collaboration. Our whole team works from the most up-to-date information – keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring things are built right the first time.”

Binsky uses BIM 360 to stay in lockstep with trade counterparts

Binsky & Snyder, a leading mechanical contactor and early leader in prefabrication construction methods, has leveraged BIM 360 design to build strong, collaborative relationships with their trade counterparts during projects where their functions overlap. 

“We typically work with many different specialty contractors on a project and we often prefabricate skids to work concurrently with them,” said Bob Snyder, CEO of Binsky. “BIM 360 enables us to collaborate and stay closely coordinated with our counterparts to drastically reduce rework and help complete projects faster, and with more precision. We are able to stay in lockstep with our counterparts and fire on all cylinders across the entire project to build more efficiently.”

Autodesk Construction Cloud streamlines workflows to empower specialty contractors to deliver complex work, faster

Autodesk Construction Cloud allows specialty contractors to work more efficiently across a variety of project management workflows in the design, planning, building and operating phases of a project – leading to accelerated benefits from standardizing workflows, keeping crews connected and capturing the extent of completed work.

  • Model Conditioning: Autodesk Construction Cloud provides tools to deepen and enrich the information available within models, import custom assembly codes, apply unit costs to model elements and more.
  • Cloud-based Quantification: Estimators and preconstruction teams can collaborate using Autodesk’s comprehensive, cloud-based quantity takeoff tools that ensure everyone is working from the most up-to-date models and drawings.
  • Bid Management: Autodesk Construction Cloud provides a single shared environment where specialty contractors can keep track of bid invites, stay ahead of deadlines, accurately measure success of won business, issue more bids and increase bid accuracy.
  • Field Collaboration: Contractors in the field can quickly connect with their office teams and access drawings, models, documents, punch lists, photos, tasks and more – all from one location.
  • Document Management: Office and field teams can organize, distribute and share files on one connected document management platform ensure all team members have access to the information they need, when they need it.
  • Project Management: By connecting stakeholders in a common data environment between design, plan, build and operate, contractors can keep their projects on track, improve communication and uphold their contractual obligations.
  • Project Closeout: Automatic project activity collection helps subcontractors easily compile accurate living as-builts and quickly deliver complete project close outs.

To learn more about how Autodesk Construction Cloud empowers specialty contractors to increase win rates, work more productively and save cost on materials, visit our Specialty Contractor-focused resources page.

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