Free Master Class for Project Managers: Best Practices for Project & Cost Management

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Everyone working on a project has the goal of delivering it on time and within budget, but few team members feel this quite as keenly as construction project managers. 

As the project manager, you’re tasked with overseeing and facilitating the several moving parts of a project. You need to be there during the planning, design, and construction phase, and everything you do is about maximizing profitability by managing the project’s timeline, budget, and quality.

This isn’t an easy task, particularly in an industry like construction, where margins are notoriously low

Project managers are plagued with inefficient processes, data silos, and limited visibility that hinder productivity and collaboration. 

Then there are the problems you don’t necessarily see. Due to the complex nature of construction, it’s easy for issues to go unnoticed or become hidden in the day-to-day business operations. And more than likely, these hidden problems are happening on more than one of your projects, ultimately impacting your bottom line. 

Overcoming these issues requires the right tools and know-how, which is exactly what you’ll discover in our recently launched Master Class Series

Construction project managers are encouraged to check out the Project and Cost Management Master Class, where you’ll learn ways to overcome the hidden issues that impact your bottom line. 

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Key Takeaways from the Project Management Master Class

This master class will shed light on valuable pointers and insights that you can take back to your projects.


Consider the following.

Centralize Data

The centralization of project data is the foundation to success. By organizing, distributing, and sharing project data through a centralized document management solution, teams can reduce rework, lower costs, and improve the schedule by ensuring all team members have access to the correct information they need when they need it. You can achieve this by adopting a single construction management platform that connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction.

Create More Efficient Processes

Standardization is the key to creating more efficient processes. When teams have reliable and repeatable processes, everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and how to do it, which increases efficiency, accountability, and output quality. 

This master class will show you how to standardize your tools, software, and workflows to vastly improve how tasks are carried out.

Connected Workflows and Integrated Systems

Construction projects move through different teams and stages, and it’s important to keep all those components tightly connected. Attend this master class to learn how digital construction tools can help you do just that. 

Effective Cost Control and Accurate Forecasting

Budget overruns cut directly into profit margins. The most valuable way to ensure profitability is by managing your cost activities in the same platform as your other critical construction management workflows. 

You can do this by adopting a modern construction solution that allows you to connect data and workflows giving you the most updated data at any given time. When you have real-time access to the right figures and details, you can make better forecasts and financial decisions. 

Visibility, Transparency, Accessibility

Construction projects involve several stakeholders who often can’t be in the same place all at the same time. That’s why visibility, transparency, and accessibility are key. Team members must be able to view and handle whatever information they need wherever they are — all while ensuring that other stakeholders are in the loop. 

This simply can’t be accomplished with traditional communication methods. When items are flying in via email, phone, paper, or other disconnected tools, keeping an accurate audit trail is next to impossible.

Fortunately, there are tools like Autodesk Build, which ensures that every single action that takes place is captured and time stamped. Plus, any and all information pertaining to items like RFIs, submittals, and contracts are saved as part of the project record and easily accessible.

In this master class, you’ll get a close look at how Autodesk Build supports transparency and accessibility. 

Level Up Your Project Management Game — and Profitability

By the end of this Master Class, you’ll learn the positive impacts standardizing processes, connecting your data, and improving visibility and accountability brings to your projects. You’ll also discover the benefits of managing your cost activities in the cloud and linking the right data to your cost activities, so you can mitigate risks, produce accurate forecasts, and make the margin you were expecting to make to begin with.

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Esteban Corrales

Esteban is Manager of Technical Sales at Autodesk, working with customers to understand, keep up to date, and explore Autodesk construction technology that could help in their existing and future workflows. As former Project manager for a large national construction firm, who has spent his career on Commercial and Industrial Renewable Energy projects, Esteban understands the pain points a company goes throw on both a project and company level, and strives to find ways to help our customers achieve their project and business goals.