PENTA Building Group Places Its Bet on Construction Technology for Operational Certainty in Las Vegas

The PENTA Building Group is a nationally recognized commercial contractor that partners with multi-disciplinary teams to develop, design, and construct a variety of projects ranging in size and scope across the commercial, education, healthcare, industrial, hospitality/entertainment, and gaming industries. PENTA is continually ranked annually among ENR’s top 400 national general contracting firms and top 200 CMAR firms. 

With Autodesk Construction Cloud™, PENTA brings operational certainty to its projects through access to real-time data, enabling greater collaboration, communication, and efficiency to meet tight timelines. 

“In Las Vegas, there’s a small margin of error as we need to deliver a casino, restaurant, or nightclub project quickly,” says Clifton Cole, Director of Virtual Design and Construction at PENTA Building Group. “Having a single source of truth for project data is critical. With access to the right information at the right time, our field team can operate efficiently and build projects right the first time.”

Watch how PENTA uses Autodesk Construction Cloud to get information seamlessly across the project lifecycle from design to construction to build high-quality projects for their clients.


[Interview Transcript]

Clifton Cole, Director of Virtual Design and Construction at PENTA Building Group: PENTA Building Group is a general contractor based in Las Vegas our vision is to be the best builder we can be for our clients. We look at technology as a way to improve how we do that business. 

One thing that we always are struggling with is the lack of information that we need to build. If we can virtually see a space before we start building, understand where the gaps are, and what information we need and how we can communicate that back to the design team or to the owner that’s how we can be more efficient to build these amazing facilities.

Specifically in Las Vegas the level of detail and with the tight timeframes that we typically have here requires a lot of coordination amongst the different stakeholders.

The other thing we have to do which is critical to be any kind of success is making sure that we are providing a visual aid to help improve communication and collaboration amongst those stakeholders. And that can come in different ways, whether it's in preconstruction and we're putting together a logistics plan or we're using the model to extract quantities to better understand the scope of work or whether it's doing clash detection to better coordinate. 

Information impacts everything we do. Just because we don’t have the right information or we have outdated information, that’s critical. We don't do anything without a set of plans. Having that one location that people can get the latest information from and trust that the information is accurate. 

The field needed a better solution than they had. With the implementation of PlanGrid, we have access to drawings easily in the field so everybody has the same information. That is critical.

The best advice I can give to another company that's looking to implement technology is not always looking for fast, but looking for efficiency. If you listen to your end-user, what do you need, what are your pain points. What can we do to help you? The best way to do that is to go walk the jobsite.

I don’t want people to focus on the technology, if you’re in the field and you have to nail something, you naturally know you’re going to have a hammer in your hand. It’s just natural. That’s where we’re trying to get to with technology, where it’s natural. The field just expects it and that's how we're going to do it.

Lauren Ginsberg

Construction Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions