New in Autodesk Construction Cloud: 50+ of the Latest Product Releases

At Autodesk, we want to empower our customers with the right tools they need to embrace and excel in a changing environment. It’s the reason we are always adding more enhancements and new features across our products. To help you keep up with all the new product changes, we’ve compiled all the latest and greatest updates across Autodesk Construction Cloud products including Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Takeoff, BuildingConnected, ProEst, Assemble, and BIM 360.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform

*=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & BIM 360

AutoSpecs in Autodesk Construction Cloud – Construction Operations Bundle customers can leverage AutoSpecs in Autodesk Construction Cloud to automatically generate comprehensive submittal logs, compare specification versions, and identify potentially missing submittal requirements. This saves time, dollars, and helps to mitigate risk. Read more here!

Admin Console | Role Management – On web, account admins can view and manage a list of roles available in their account through the new Roles tool in Account Admin within Autodesk Construction Cloud projects. Account admins can also add new roles, remove existing roles, and update the default access level associated with a role. Coming soon to Project Admin, admins can also manage project members and their roles in the Members table, with the new ability to customize the columns.

Bridge | Revit Cloud Worksharing – On web, members can link cloud models from Revit to their Autodesk Construction Cloud account via Bridge, helping to bring different teams together to ensure they are working with the right data. Learn more about how you can implement this workflow. 

Dashboards | My Home  Now on the Autodesk Construction Cloud main webpage, all members now have access to a personalized user-centric dashboard that provides cross-project view with actionable insights. Members can customize their dashboard to include Assigned to Me, Recent Items, My Projects, Bookmarks, and approved Partner cards. Read more here!

Data Connector | Schedule Data – Members on web can now access their Schedule data from Autodesk Construction Cloud as a part of Data Connector extracts and link it to their BI dashboards for analytics. This schedule metadata includes revisions, activities, milestones, plus all their related detailed information; dependencies between activities; comments; and suggested edits.

Data Connector | Activity Data (Public Beta)[Coming Soon] – In the Data Connector API, members can access Activities as a new data schema, providing activity data on their Docs-specific workflows, as well as Issues, Account Administration, and Project Administration.

Files | Revit File Upload Indicator – Now available on web, members can easily distinguish which Revit files were published from Revit desktop application to Autodesk Docs, versus from Desktop Connector or directly uploaded to web.

Files | Save and Rerun Search in Files – On web, members can save, edit, and rerun search criteria in Files. Members can search by keywords, all filters (including customer attributes), other settings, and which folders to search.

Markups | Copy/Paste Markups (Web) – On web, members can use keyboard shortcuts or menu options to copy and paste standard and photo markups on a sheet and 2D file. Members can choose to copy and paste onto the same sheet or copy from one sheet and paste to another sheet in the project.

Markups | Polygon Improvements – On web, members can experience an improved polygon and polyline editing workflow with the new ability to add and remove vertices simply by double-clicking on a line to add a vertex and double-clicking on a vertex circle to remove.

Product Experience | Filter Project List on Home page – On the Autodesk Construction Cloud main webpage, members can now filter their project list within their account. In the filter panel, members can narrow their project list by project type and project created dates.

Product Experience | Improved Product Links on Home page – On the Autodesk Construction Cloud main webpage, members now see an improved UI enhancement to their product links as well as new access links to Account Admin and Executive Insight (if member has access).

Reports | Allow Non-admins to Schedule – On web, project members can now save their reports to Templates and schedule reports, enabling members with the flexibility they need to do more with their reports.

Reviews | Copy Markups with Approved Files – Within a review, project admins can choose to have markups copied alongside approved files. Project admins can also defer the decision responsibility to the approver. The final approver decides on all existing reviews.

Reviews | Export Files from a Review* – Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs members, who have download permission, can select and export PDF files from a review and include markups to export. Please note: the ability to batch export is not available for BIM 360 Docs.

Reviews | Improved Copy Error Handling* – When submitting and copying a final review, the approver now sees a new error handling workflow for failed copies.

Autodesk Build

*=features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360 

Submittals | Allow Reopening Unreviewed Items – Users are able to reopen Submittal items that were closed before being fully reviewed.

Submittals | Reports Improvements –Users are able to customize their exported submittal reports in the items list and the item details page by deciding what option to include in their reports. (i.e. Photos, References, Embed attachments, etc...)

Cost Management | Home Page Reviews Chart* – Within the Homepage, a new In Review chart displays items in review for custom approval workflows. Users can quickly see all current active workflows, item links, review step, reviewer, and due date; this helps to increase accountability and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Forms | Template Builder Update [Coming Soon] – Create flexible review workflows and get approvals faster with the Forms Template Builder Update. When creating a form template, Autodesk Build members will be able to require an optional 'In Review' step and assign a Person, Role or Company to approve with a signature or send back with comments. Forms terminology is updated to reflect workflow actions, and closed forms without review will be able to be reopened by managers.

Forms | Form Description Column - Create descriptive forms. The Forms Description Column update will add a column in the Forms web view that displays the forms description.

Issues | Due Dates in Issue Templates - Assign deadlines to issue templates within projects. Now, members can create issues created with default due dates within projects.

Issues | Manage Fields in Issue Detail Report - Bring focus to important information within issue reports. With Manage Fields in Issue Detail Report, teams can select what fields are displayed, and the order they’re shown, in issue detail and summary reports.

Product Experience | Partial Download for Photos – On mobile, members can perform a partial of their photos when syncing their projects instead of a full download. Members can choose to download photos from the last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days.

RFIs | Create RFIs from Markups on Mobile - While on Sheets, users are able to create new RFIs from markups on mobile along with adding links to existing RFIs.

Schedule | Suggestion Summary Excel Report - Schedule suggestions help improve communication, ensuring any required schedule adjustments can be made quickly to keep projects on track. Users can now filter the suggestions table as needed and export them to Excel, further extending the use of the suggestions made and their status.

Schedule | Microsoft Project Custom Attributes Support - When importing schedules from Microsoft Project, users now have access to custom attributes within their schedule. Custom attributes are also available while filtering the schedule and the attribute columns can be toggled on and off for easier consumption while in list view.

Sheets | Filter by Locations and Disciplines (Mobile) - Members on mobile have an improved filtering experience for their sheets, with the new ability to filter by locations and disciplines. This new capability allows field teams to narrow the scope of their search to focus on the data they truly need.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 

*=features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM 360 

Coordination | Turn Off Clash in Coordination Spaces* – Users now have more control over their coordination workflows with the ability to turn off automatic clash detection when creating new coordination spaces. Giving BIM Managers the ability to load and access models in Autodesk BIM Collaborate for processes such as model aggregation, collaboration, constructability review, and issues creation while still leveraging the control and granularity of Navisworks’ clash capabilities.

Coordination | Issues Tool* – Autodesk BIM Collaborate users now have access to Issues tool easily accessible through the side tool panel. Previously, issues only surfaced in the clashes tool. This promotes easier access to any issues created in the coordination spaces regardless of whether they were created in Model Coordination, Navisworks or Autodesk Docs. Note: Does not include issues created in 2D or in Design Collaboration.

Coordination | Publish Models to Field General Availability – Users can easily create custom views and share refined project models directly from Autodesk BIM Collaborate to field stakeholders on mobile by publishing to folders in Autodesk Docs. Previously, this feature was available through open beta. Additional enhancements include the ability to create custom snapshot names, easier surfacing of functionality on the views page and special character handling notifications when saving snapshots.

Coordination | Revit Issues Add-in Panel Enhancements - Users can now @ mention a specific user, company, or role in the Revit Issues add-in panel comments section. The issues panel in Revit now has access to 2D issues created in Autodesk Construction Cloud. They can also easily refresh the panel. Further enhancing usability, project administrators can now navigate directly to the Coordination space in Model Coordination from Revit.

Coordination | NWF Files | With the upcoming release of Navisworks 2024, views created on desktop or the web will be saved as NWF files. This file type allows for multi-user access to the same file, making it easy to have multiple users working in parallel with one another.

Autodesk Takeoff

Takeoff | PDF Export Enhancements – Adding further capabilities to the PDF export functionality in Autodesk Takeoff, users can now export multi-page PDF with takeoff and legend. This allows users to save and share information with internal and external stakeholders that may not have access to Autodesk Takeoff in a more efficient manner.

Takeoff | Takeoff Legend Enhancements – Users can hide takeoff quantities in the legend when exporting to PDF, giving more control over what information is included in the export for external consumption.


BC Pro

Bid Management | BC Pro and Autodesk Docs Integration – By integrating with Autodesk Docs, BuildingConnected Pro shares a single source of truth to manage important documents across the project lifecycle.

BC Pro and Bid Board Pro

Bid Management | BuildingConnected API Improvements – The BuildingConnected API is now available on the Autodesk Platform Services, supporting connections across multiple applications and products. Virtually all BC Pro and Bid Board Pro data is available in the API.

Bid Management | New Product Picker For users that have logged in with Autodesk ID, there is a new product picker at the top left of the screen. This enables teams to switch to other Autodesk Construction Cloud products, such as TradeTapp or Autodesk Docs.

Bid Management | New Industrialized Construction Keywords –GCs and subs can find contractors in the Industrialized Construction market with new keywords.


Qualification | New Product Picker For users that have logged in with Autodesk ID, there is a new product picker at the top left of the screen. This enables teams to switch to BuildingConnected or Autodesk Construction Cloud projects.


Move/copy with Assign Option [Coming Soon] – On each estimate, selected items can be copied and/or moved (reassigned) to a different sort type.

New Page and Estimate Table [Coming Soon] – An estimate table can be repeated based on a selected grouping without having to duplicate and copy information over. A new table and new page option can be selected to print the repeated table on a new page.

Custom Formulas in Estimate Table [Coming Soon] – Create custom formulas as a column in the Estimate Table.

New Formatting for Notes on Sort Types [Coming Soon] – When entering notes on sort types, a pop-up window appears for easier note taking and formatting. Includes format tools like bullet points, font format, and more.


Assemble | 3D View Selection during Cloud Publishing [Coming Soon] - Users with Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs are already able to publish Revit models to Assemble without the need of using a Revit Add-in. Continuing to further improve the cloud publishing workflow, users now have the ability to select a specific 3D view or a phase they prefer prior to publishing.

BIM 360 

*=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & BIM 360

Checklists | Checklist Sync Error [Coming Soon] Understand errors in critical workflows like capturing and syncing data from the field. Whether due to connection, incorrect permissions, or a problem with a checklist signature, items and checklists may not sync properly. Through the Checklist Sync Error feature update, BIM 360 app users can now understand why a checklist or item may not have been properly synced and, in some cases, learn how to correct it.

Daily Logs | Detail Report [Coming Soon] – Develop better project insight through the Daily Logs detail report. Non-admins with access to Field Management can now create a Daily Log Detail report from within the Daily Logs module. View project, weather, and labor information without permission restrictions to increase team collaboration and efficiency.

Reviews | Export Files From a Review* – Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs members, who have download permission, can select and export PDF files from a review and include markups to export. Please note: the ability to batch export is not available for BIM 360 Docs.

Reviews | Improved Copy Error Handling* – When submitting and copying a final review, the approver now sees a new error handling workflow for failed copies.