Quickly Generate Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings in Autodesk Build

Quickly Generate Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings in Autodesk Build

In June 2021, we released our Zoom integration with the Meetings module in Autodesk Build. 

Now, Autodesk Build and BIM Collaborate users will have the ability to choose between launching a Zoom or a Microsoft Teams meeting. This provides companies with a wider choice of conference platforms as well as more flexibility for your project teams.  

This free integration gives meeting organizers the ability to automatically generate a Microsoft Teams meeting directly from a meeting record. When meeting participants access the agenda within Autodesk Build, they can simply select the MS Teams link to join the meeting. Not only does this integration make it easier for participants to access and join meetings, MS Teams video and audio-conferencing capabilities increase engagement during the meetings. 


Key benefits of the Microsoft Teams and Meetings Integration 

enhanced meeting views autodesk construction cloud

  • Greater flexibility related to the ability to choose the video conference tool of company preference based on IT requirements  
  • Integrated workflows between Autodesk Construction Cloud & Microsoft Teams 
  • Improved speed and productivity  
  • Enhanced collaboration across project teams 
  • Single source of truth: enhanced track record of meetings in one common data environment 


Key features of the Microsoft Teams & Meetings Integration 

  • Add Microsoft Teams Link to a Meeting
  • Choose between Zoom & MS Teams  
  • Join Teams meeting from the browser, Teams app or by downloading the app to the PC  

Note: Generating the link is only possible from the web interface, however, the link will be visible on the mobile device within the app.  


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