Meet the Insider: Eoghan Harris, Digital Operations Manager, mac-group 

eoghan mac-group

Finding one version of truth is a problem that has dogged the building industry for as long as there has been a building industry. Competing trades, confusing paper-based workflows, and debate between the office and the field are only some issues that muddy the waters. Companies that want to avoid such issues must place centralized, easily accessible information at the forefront of their operations and philosophy. 

Prioritizing a single source of truth in construction drives Eoghan Harris, Digital Operations Manager for mac-group. There, he manages BIM and digital delivery strategy. He focuses on understanding the unique challenges of each project and creating client-specific resource plans to mitigate risk and deliver successful jobs. 

Eoghan has specialized in Autodesk design and construction software for over 25 years, beginning his career with Symetri, an Autodesk integration partner. Since then, he has worked across various design and construction firms utilizing a range of Autodesk solutions. 

We are lucky to have him as one of the newest members of our Digital Builder Insiders program, where he’ll share his insights into digital transformation and the importance of truth in construction.  

Ready to learn more about Eoghan?  

Tell me about yourself and what you specialize in? 

I specialize in innovative AEC workflows using Autodesk tools. My focus is working towards a “single source of truth” as Digital Operations Manager with mac-group, a leading contractor in Ireland and the UK. 

How did you get into the construction industry? 

At 18, I took an IT course, where my tutor noticed a keen interest in AutoCAD 13. That led to work experience with Procad/Symetri. The good folks there placed me with a local architect as a CAD technician, converting paper plans to CAD. Interestingly, mac-group is still a partner of Symetri 25 years later, as a licensed supplier and technology support. 

I then moved to the construction sector with mac-group, where innovation is supported from the top down. That’s the key to working with new solutions and developing our digital roadmap.  

What are you passionate about in construction?  

The construction industry is behind other industries, like automotive and manufacturing, in using automation. The good news is that our industry has enormous potential for change. 

And while standardization brings many challenges due to variables between different project requirements, technology is an enabler intaddressing this, and I’m passionate about finding solutions to advance our industry.  

Is there a project or person in the industry that inspires you to build better or differently? 

Michael Earley of the Dublin Airport Authority has done essential work with the RIAI BIM pack as a “plain language” breakdown of ISO19650 implementation (information management using BIM). In my view, it’s a highly valuable and underrated guide for anyone involved with project delivery standards. 

What can readers expect to learn about from you?  

My stories of practical innovation and moving toward ISO19650 compliance will prove helpful to readers navigating changes in BIM standards. As a part-time artist, I must be creative and push boundaries, which carries over to my work.  

What’s one “tool” you can’t live without and why?  

One thing that can’t be stopped is a great idea – “S.S.O.T.”– the single source of truth, when all disciplines involved in a project refer to a single model. This underpins everything else–the tools, workflows, roadmaps, strategy, etc. Connecting everyone on a project from concept to end-of-life is an exciting development and will help our industry advance and build great things. 

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