Meet the Insider: Ellery Miles, Digital Project Manager, DBM Vircon 

Teamwork makes the dream work, yet collaboration is much easier said than done. But without collaboration in construction, projects are less likely to finish on time or within budget. Therefore, it’s more critical than ever in today’s modern building environment to de-silo organizations and ensure interdisciplinary communication. 

That’s where people like Ellery Miles come in. 

The Digital Project Manager at DBM Vircon, Ellery focuses on implementing and integrating digital technologies such as BIM to drive better project outcomes. He has a demonstrated history of working in the construction and engineering industry, working heavily on integrated project delivery. 

Ellery will be writing about digital transformation for our Digital Builder Insider program, helping readers understand exactly why cutting-edge technologies matter to the future of construction. He was kind enough to offer us a little more insight into where he’s coming from regarding construction and integration, and we invite you to read the interview below. 

Tell me about yourself and what you specialize in? 

I am the digital engineering lead at DBM Vircon, specializing in integrated project delivery. I spend most of my time working with teams to utilize Autodesk solutions fully. I have been in the industry for about 5 years. I also regularly use Revit in my work. 

How did you get into the construction industry? 

I studied to be an architect and I have a bachelor’s degree in design from Griffith University and a Master's in BIM & IPD from Bond University. 

While I enjoyed drafting, as I got further into my career and got to experience other disciplines, I noticed how poorly we work with each other and wanted to change that. That’s why I decided to switch direction to project delivery and team integration. 

What are you passionate about in construction? 

Technology is rapidly transforming industries, but the construction industry is hesitant to change. I’m passionate about showing people a better way and seeing the benefit that technology brings for an entirely new way for teams to work and build projects. 

Is there a project or person in the industry that inspires you to build better or differently? 

I attended a presentation that Meno de Jonge gave on NEOM. NEOM is a brand-new community of many regions being built in the northwest Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and stands for “new future”. Meno is the director of digital delivery at NEOM and is responsible for leading its design and construction sector. 

Meno is someone I admire as he’s built a career in advising the construction industry on implementing digital strategies and urging standardization to drive business opportunities. Minds like his are vital to eliminating silos and bringing people together to work collaboratively – and that’s what I strive to do. 

What can readers expect to learn from you? 

You can expect me to cover the tips, tricks, trials, and tribulations of change management and using new tools. As organizations move to be more integrated with BIM and project delivery, it’s a mixed bag of reactions, and there is a level of risk associated with change. 

I’ll cover how to assess and resolve internal processes before integrating new software to reduce that risk. I also plan to discuss the lessons learned from first-hand experience to solve problems with adoption and implementation. 

What is one “tool” you can’t live without and why? 

Submittals, because it is the most functional and practical tool that we can rely on for project delivery. 

Lauren Noble