Discover the Latest in Construction Innovation at Autodesk University 2022

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The construction industry wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for visionaries who dared to innovate. These are the people who didn’t settle for the status quo; those who came up with creative solutions to problems and found new ways of doing things. 

Innovators move businesses—and ultimately entire industries—forward. Their ideas and solutions enable us to work better, faster, and more efficiently. 

Autodesk University 2022 is the premier event for innovators in the architecture, design, and construction. This highly anticipated in-person function will be held in New Orleans between September 27-29, so mark your calendars!

There are hundreds of sessions dedicated to emerging trends and developments in construction, and you’re bound to leave the event inspired to innovate and build the world you want to see. 


Why Driving Innovation in the AEC Industry is Vital

Those who were at AU 2021 reported that innovation was a top reason they attended the event. And this year, we fully expect it to be top of mind, given the pace of change in the construction sector, particularly when it comes to digital transformation and tech.

Staying on top of these changes is necessary for success. Research shows that digitally-savvy firms outperform non-savvy companies by as much as 48% on revenue and 15% on net margin. 

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then you must keep up with the innovations happening within the AEC industry. 

Learn About the Latest in Innovation at AU 2022

AU 2022 is packed with resources and opportunities that can help you drive innovation at your firm. From informative classes to networking functions, you’ll be sure to gain new ideas and perspectives at every turn. 

There will be hundred of innovation-focused topics for you to discover at AU 2022. These include:

  • AR, VR, and Mixed Reality
  • Digital Twins 
  • Robotics
  • Laser Scanning
  • Industrialized Construction
  • and more.

A Look at Some Innovation-Focused Sessions at AU 2022

You can view AU 2022’s full agenda here. Be sure to go through the schedule and bookmark the sessions you’d like to attend. 

Curious about the innovation-specific classes at AU? Here are our top picks.

Making VR's ROI a Reality: A Case Study on Hyper-Realistic Clinical Mockup

When: Tuesday at 8:30 am

Speaker(s): Flora Liu, Studio Lead, VIATechnik

In this class, you’ll learn the story of how Carilion Clinic, Robins & Morton, and VIATechnik produced a virtual reality (VR) hospital room mockup to validate the design and feasibility of their expansion project. This move not only accelerated the design and validation process, but they saw 13x ROI.

Geared towards owners and general contractors, this session will fill you in on the team’s VR development process to deliver maximum participation and results. 

AR/VR Enhances Workflows, Fuels Collaboration, and Improves Decision Making

When: Wednesday at 8:30 am

Speaker(s): Nicolas Fonta, Director & General Manager | AR/VR, Autodesk

If you want to get different views and perspectives about extended reality (i.e., AR and VR), then this session is for you. It brings together a panel of Autodesk experts and customers from various fields—including construction, entertainment, and technology. 

Panelists will share their experiences in implementing AR/VR; you’ll hear their successes, challenges, and lessons learned. By the end of this panel, you’ll pick up useful insights to apply in your own efforts with extended reality.

F1 Grand Prix Through Autodesk Build and Autodesk Forge

When: Tuesday at 3:30 pm

Speaker(s): Fernando Malard, Chief Technology Officer, ofcdesk, llc

This session will highlight the story of how ofcdesk, llc came up with solutions to facilitate the F1 track construction process. Presented in a case study format, you’ll discover the software challenges the team faced and how they successfully integrated Civil 3D, Autodesk Build, and Autodesk Forge.

It’s certainly a must-attend if you’re interested in implementing these technologies and are curious to learn how they can work together. 

Spot on Site: Maximizing Jobsite Robotics for Evaluating Housekeeping

When: Tuesday at 3:30 pm

Speaker(s): Brooke Gemmell, Emerging Technology Manager, Skanska

In this class, you’ll get an inside look at an exciting research collaboration between Skanska USA and Autodesk, where we sought to find and create construction use cases for Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog platform Spot. 

The collaboration involved testing the technology and evaluating Spot’s ability to execute autonomous missions, as well as benchmarking Spot’s performance versus human operators. 

If you’re looking to carry out innovative partnerships, be sure to stop by this class.

Get Packed for Your Digital Twin Journey

When: Wednesday at 3:30 pm

Speaker(s): Etienne Pansart, Head of Digital Engineering for Construction, SYSTRA SA

This session will showcase the story of Montreal's new metro line project and how the team behind it implemented digital twins to streamline handover and operations. You’ll learn about the strategies and methodologies used to leverage project data and ensure that teams have an accurate virtual representation of the structure. 

If you’re implementing digital twins in your projects, this is a class you don’t want to miss. 

In addition to these sessions, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to discover the latest innovations in construction. Don’t forget to stop by the AU 2022 Expo, which features offerings from Autodesk’s most trusted partners. 

The Expo will allow you to:

  • Discover emerging technologies and trends 
  • Meet Autodesk product experts face-to-face 
  • Connect with hundreds of trusted partners

See You at AU 2022!

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It comes from the conscious effort of forward-thinking individuals who are committed to building a better future. 

AU 2022 empowers you to be more innovative by giving you the opportunity to experience the latest and greatest developments in the industry. 

Don’t miss your chance to attend! Register today, and we’ll see you in person in New Orleans from September 27-29!

Jenny Ragan

As Managing Editor - Content Marketing, Jenny oversees the execution of content strategies and implementation across the Digital Builder blog, podcast, and video channels. She has been working in the marketing side of the AEC industry for the past 15+ years and is the cornerstone of content marketing channel production, owning core editorial calendars and working with internal collaborators and external vendors and contractors to keep all deliverables moving forward.