Improve Operational Efficiency with These AU 2023 Classes

Autodesk University 2023 is rapidly approaching, and it’s going to be our best one yet! Join us November 13-15 in Las Vegas for all of the excitement. This is your chance to gain the crucial insights needed to get ahead in the construction industry — all while embracing the future of construction technology. 

From designers and engineers to creators and builders, this gathering of the world’s innovators is sure to inspire and educate. You’ll discover new approaches to designing and making, allowing you to improve the quality and profitability of all your projects.


Sessions Around Operational Efficiency

Thousands of construction professionals joined AU 2022, reporting that one of their main goals was to learn how to utilize and optimize operational efficiency. We’re proud to say we helped meet and surpass those goals, knowing that today’s leading construction companies rely on strong integrations and connected solutions.

Both in years past and in AU 2023, our sessions offer key insights on how to achieve operational efficiency through automated complex workflows and greater collaboration across departments.

Top Sessions for Operational Efficiency at AU 2023

If you’re looking to learn more about operational efficiency at AU 2023, you’re in luck. Countless sessions are dedicated to this topic by teaching you skills related to connected construction, data productivity, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite sessions on these topics below.

(Please note, this session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. Check out the full session catalog here.) 

CS602278 | Seamlessly Integrating Data into Everyday Construction Workflows

In construction, project success depends on identifying trends and finding ways to capitalize on those trends to improve workflows. Thanks to the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform’s robust Data Connector, this data does now exist—and if it’s managed well, it can boost safety, quality, and productivity on current and future projects. This industry talk will specifically focus on how Autodesk Construction Cloud data can be maximized effectively both on a project level and an executive level. We’ll dive into what data and trends typically will show indicators of pending procurement issues, safety issues, quality issues, and design issues, and then we’ll explore how to effectively share this info.

CS601408 | Model Quality: The Biggest Efficiency Gain That You Are Not Using

Unlocking model data to de-risk planning and drive execution is one of the biggest efficiency gains and business differentiators available to contractors. However, the current era of construction is filled with information handoffs, leading to an environment of distrust and models that are unfit for purpose. In this session, forward-thinking building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) teams at ERA Contour, Mortenson, Mott MacDonald, and Fortis Construction will share how they approach the design models to ensure quality and accuracy, increasing cost certainty and reducing rework during execution.

CS602401 | Digital Twins: Empowering Collaborative Data Management

GitHub has revolutionized collaboration among programmers, enabling efficient project development through collaborative contributions. Imagine applying this ideology to the design and construction industry, where all project data can be collected, integrated, and used collaboratively. We can use digital twins as the GitHub of project data by eliminating the traditional turnover process and validating data during construction. This presentation will explore the transformative potential of the digital twin as a collaborative environment for gathering, validating, analyzing, and delivering project data.

CS602620 | Better Site Planning Using Commercial Satellites for Reality Capture

Many are familiar with the concept of using drones or terrestrial sensors for reality capture techniques. In this session, we will discuss how the advent of new technical advancements in imagery from satellites makes it possible to use sensors from space to develop brand-new, previously unavailable reality workflows. The session will start with an overview of the commercial satellite industry: We will study the different satellite constellations and explore reasons why we would pick one over the other. Then, we will show how to process satellite imagery in ArcGIS Reality. Finally, we’ll show how the processed data flows into the Autodesk ecosystem and is used as authoritative data for planning.

CS600046 | Streamlining the Design Process CO2e Footprint, Cost, and Time Assessment

In this session, we’ll showcase how a web application built on top of Autodesk Platform Services and our local database can optimize the design process, improve CO2e footprint assessment, and enhance collaboration among clients and stakeholders. Using this web application enables clients to efficiently simulate design modifications, making well-informed decisions that effectively minimize both the cost and time associated with CO2e emissions. This ultimately leads to a more streamlined and sustainable design process.

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With so much to do and see, this year’s event is shaping up to be our most exciting one yet.

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