Explored: Miscommunication in Construction [VIDEO]

Anyone who has ever worked in construction knows the challenges posed by miscommunication: rework, serious safety risks, plus cost and schedule overruns. Project teams have more data available today than ever. But siloed technology and teams can lead to both information overload and data gaps that result in poor decisions and miscommunication.  

In hindsight, some construction miscommunications can be comical (as highlighted in our construction mishap cartoon series here), but industry experts know this is a serious problem that needs to be tackled. We talked to subject matter experts and real customers to get a better read on the state of communication in construction.  

The good news is that a new generation of digital tools is driving faster, clearer collaboration. Not all tools are created equal though. Digital platforms that connect different project stakeholders and teams though all stages of the project lifecycle--from designing, to planning, to building, and operations—are best suited to improve construction communication. 

So, what is being done to fix a decades-old challenge? 

Watch this 5-minute video to find out. 

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