Streamline Takeoffs: Attend a Master Class in Estimating

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Takeoffs are critical to any successful project. A well executed quantity takeoff helps the team stay within their budget, deliver work on time, and ultimately maximize profitability on construction projects. 

This is why preconstruction managers and estimators face tremendous pressure to generate estimates quickly, accurately, and iteratively throughout a project. 

Unfortunately, most takeoff solutions and processes don’t make these things easy for estimators. They often lack collaboration and automation capabilities, resulting in data silos and manual processes across teams. 

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Teams in charge of preconstruction and estimation then have to spend time hunting down information or correcting mistakes rather than devoting their energy towards tasks that truly matter — such as analyzing costs and improving the bottom line. 

Introducing the Construction Estimating Master Class

If you’re an estimator or preconstruction manager grappling with data silos, inefficiencies, and lack of productivity during takeoff, check out our construction Estimating Master Class

It's part of our series of Master Classes, where you you can choose from a number of classes in four distinct core processes: Coordination, Quantification, Project & Cost Management, and Quality Management.

The Estimating Master Class, in particular, contains nuggets of information to help you streamline the takeoff process in your projects. 

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What You’ll Learn in the Estimating Master Class

The master class in quantification will focus on helping you quickly deliver bids, reduce risk, and improve project outcomes with the use of cloud-based technology and by integrating 2D and 3D takeoffs. 

You’ll get a glimpse of Autodesk Construction Cloud’s unified platform and Autodesk Takeoff, our brand new 2D and 3D quantification solution, to see how it benefits estimating and preconstruction teams. 

You’ll also learn how to leverage a Common Data Environment (CDE) and get a single source of truth that you can rely on when going through the takeoff process. Specifically, this master class will shed light on how you can unlock benefits like:

  • The ability to access updated information from anywhere and have confidence knowing  that all estimators are working from the latest project documents.
  • Improved collaboration among the estimating team.
  • Having the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time, so you’re not tied to a single device. 
  • Perform both 2D and 3D takeoff in a single solution without having to leverage Excel to combine the quantities.

How the Estimating Master Class Can Help You

Beyond giving you a detailed look at Autodesk Construction Cloud, this master class will also teach you how to speed up project takeoffs and reduce risk. 

Perform accurate 2D and 3D takeoff faster

When you're working with digital and cloud-based construction tools like Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can combine 2D and 3D quantification to streamline the takeoff process. Organize and manage 2D and 3D quantities from one platform and easily leverage everything with other estimating tools.

Improve project visibility for everyone

Estimators often work with various stakeholders, and some projects may even have multiple estimators on board. As such, it's important for team members to stay in sync. 

Estimating and preconstruction teams work better in a collaborative environment. This master class will show you how to access a collaborative, unified, and real-time view of quantities, so everyone stays on the same page. 

Win more business

A collaborative and efficient takeoff process enables teams to save time, reduce risk, and increase bid accuracy. All that results in higher win rates, increased repeat business, and great outcomes for everyone involved.

Perfect Your Craft in Estimating Today

Autodesk’s Master Class in estimating is packed with information that can help modern estimating and preconstruction teams succeed and stay competitive. Check it out today!

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