Unleashing Success for Drywall Contractors with Technology [Ebook]

Drywall Contractors improve business with technoloyg

Don’t Arrive Late to the Party–Leverage the Right Technology Today

Drywall contractors face a multitude of challenges on today’s project sites. The largest challenge arises when drywall teams can only complete large parts of their work once the other specialty trades have finished their part. When so many outside factors and unforeseen conditions impact the project schedule, drywall contractors simply don’t have full control over their part of the work.

A Crowded Jobsite

MEP contractors are typically made up of three separate contractors: a mechanical contractor, an electrical contractor and a plumbing constructor. These specialty contractors may even subcontract portions of their work out to more contractors. If ‘three’s a crowd’ adding more drywall subcontractors into the mix of people on the jobsite with widely different scopes of work makes it nearly impossible to quickly respond to any problems that come up.

Typically the work is staggered in the project schedule to allow for a deliberate approach for when teams come on and off the project site. However, when schedules start slipping and the plan goes out the window, drywall contractors can struggle to be productive and meet their deadlines when everyone else is on-site and behind schedule.

Mistakes Cost Drywall Teams Time and Money

We’re all familiar with teams building off the wrong set of drawings or missing a change order that got pushed to the bottom of their inbox. When a project is already behind schedule, these types of problems amount to even more wasted money and time. Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide to help drywall firms get on track with the right software.

What’s Inside

By downloading our ebook, drywall contractors will gain valuable insight in:

  • How Drywall Contractors Can Deploy Software for Better Business Outcomes
  • The Drywall Contractor Landscape
  • Common Challenges Drywall Contractors Face
  • The Benefits of a Technology Strategy for Drywall Contractors
  • Software Solutions for Drywall Contractors

A Case Study in Drywall: The Raymond Group

The Raymond Group is a top interior and exterior contractor in the United States. In 2014, the Las Vegas division began working on a $450 million arena project. They completed all of the metal framing, drywall and painting for the arena, as well as the exterior and plasterwork. Nevertheless, the project was not short of challenges.

In our ebook, learn how The Raymond Group recuperated about 70% of project delays and impacts and 90% of related costs by centralizing their data with software.

It’s Time for Drywall Contractors to Own Their Success

With the right tools, drywall contractors have the opportunity to take control of their work amidst the large number of players on every construction site. Finding a platform that provides better access to data, consistency in tracking project details and clear communication–drywall contractors will be more productive and profitable as a result.

Download our ebook now to get started.

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