How Rajat Buildtech is Leading the Way with Digital Adoption and Benefits

How Rajat Buildtech is Leading the Way with Digital Adoption and Benefits

A part of Rajat Group, Rajat Buildtech Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2005 with the vision of creating landmarks and contributing to the urban infrastructure development in the newly formed state of Chhattisgarh. Today, it is one of the most progressive and multi-faceted real estate and construction entities in the state.

Their progressive status is backed up by their adoption of digital transformation. Having created a more streamlined and efficient construction management environment, the company is continuing to reap the rewards of adopting new technology and the benefits it can bring.

Out with the old…

In the markets Rajat Buildtech operates in, manual and paper-based workflows are the norm. Project teams have traditionally designed using 2D drawings, leaving room for misinterpretation and error between collaborating teams. Errors that, as projects progress, can become increasingly costly for timelines and budgets. This siloed process also meant drawings could only be reviewed one at a time, leading to further pre-construction delays.

How Rajat Buildtech is Leading the Way with Digital Adoption and Benefits
Automated Version Management in 3D environment

Teams would also often need to go on-site to manually monitor each stage of the preconstruction work, which was time consuming. When it comes to budgeting, manual take offs would be used to calculate estimates of the construction budgets at various stages, potentially leading to inaccuracies. As such, Rajat Buildtech was keen to move away from this model and harness technology to bring design and construction closer together to work more efficiently.

…and in with the new

With the help of Autodesk India’s services and software training partner, 5D VDC Services LLP, Rajat Buildtech began their journey to a smarter and more streamlined construction management environment.

First to be deployed were Autodesk BIM 360 and Autodesk Assemble. With the support of 5D VDC, Rajat Buildtech’s team were able to rapidly master the new ways of working and see the benefits for themselves, enjoying smoother and faster teamwork and boosting productivity across the construction workflow.

How Rajat Buildtech is Leading the Way with Digital Adoption and Benefits
Side-by-side of 3D models from different trades.

With the adoption of construction management software, the teams were able to move to cloud-based collaboration and coordination for construction planning and design, reaping immediate benefits within their processes.

Now using Autodesk BIM 360, they could find all of their project data in one place, and each team’s work could be accessed from and shared from a single server, giving Rajat Buildtech teams and partners unprecedented visibility of their processes.

The time savings were immediately apparent, with savings of up to 75% for some processes. In one example, internal building measurements and calculations were previously carried out manually, which could take an hour or longer. With the new system in place this time was reduced to less than 20 minutes.

By accurately constructing each stage of the project virtually, and avoiding duplication or incorrect drafts being circulated, many of the disruptions previously commonplace could be avoided. With these reworks, revisions and corrections avoided, Rajat Buildtech enjoyed further cost savings.

Mrinal Golechha, Director, Rajat Buildtech - How Rajat Buildtech is Leading the Way with Digital Adoption and Benefits
Mrinal Golechha, Director, Rajat Buildtech

“Scaling up, multiple projects is possible because we don’t have to worry about the plan and execution because the project is almost all virtually constructed beforehand.” –Mrinal Golechha, Director, Rajat Buildtech


The impact at a glance

  • Significant time savings across processes
  • Reduction in calculation time from hours to just minutes
  • Costly delays and disruption avoided
  • Project costs of up to INR 50-55 lakhs (USD 67,000 – USD 73,000) saved
  • Inspection approval times reduced
  • Design changes and fabrication defaults reduced
  • Improved visibility of data throughout the project lifecycle

The COVID-19 pandemic caused disruption and presented new challenges across the construction sector, but having migrated to cloud-based operations Rajat Buildtech was able to pivot to remote working with ease.

“Despite Covid times, everything was available in the BIM 360 cloud server. Because of this, WFH became easier. It took us less time to know the material requirements during these times.” –Loknath Dewangan, Project Engineer, High Park Project, Rajat Buildtech


Building towards the future

Rajat Buildtech is now a landmark example of how digital transformation and adoption can transform a company and its efficiency. The company looks to grow into the future and take on larger scale projects, and have built strong foundations with a management environment that can grow as big as their ambitions. As part of CREDAI, Rajat Buildtech wants to pioneer technology-led efforts in moving the needle for the construction industry within India. With a keen eye on using the latest tools, better products, and technology to offer superior value in construction, the company is looking to expand further with a tech-savvy team.

Anand Singhania, CHAIRMAN MSME CREDAI, MD Avinash Developers Pvt Ltd - How Rajat Buildtech is Leading the Way with Digital Adoption and Benefits
Anand Singhania, CHAIRMAN MSME CREDAI, MD Avinash Developers Pvt Ltd

“With the current state of the real estate industry, use of technology like BIM is imperative for developers to deliver quality projects on time. I believe Rajat Buidtech is at the forefront when it comes to adopting new technologies in tier 3 cities. They are also an inspiration for other developers to change and adopt new technologies within their organisations." –Anand Singhania, CHAIRMAN MSME CREDAI, MD Avinash Developers Pvt Ltd


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Ljubica Radoicic

Director Marketing APAC, Autodesk Construction Solutions