COVID-19 and Construction: 6 Recommended Articles

covid-19 and construction

COVID-19 has become consequential to public health and the global economy, where the construction industry is no exception. Recently, Andrew Anagnost, CEO of Autodesk, addressed how the company is supporting customers, partners, and staff during this period of uncertainty. Autodesk has also published the COVID-19 Autodesk Resource Center for everyone in our community.  

Worldwide, health professionals and public officials are on the front lines of tackling the coronavirus. Online, both trade and mainstream publications are working tirelessly to report the latest news and analyses, particularly as it pertains to construction. 

Here are some of the articles that have stood out to us in recent days:

  • Construction Dive: 6 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect construction
    • As the COVID-19 pandemic induces global lockdowns and travel bans, construction is halted, schedules are disordered and teams are required to change the way they design, plan, and build. What immediate and lasting impacts will these global public health measures have on the construction industry?
  • ENR: Construction Responds To Limit Coronavirus Infection Exposure, Manage Work
    • In addition to quarantines that halt construction projects, addressing a public health crisis like COVID-19 can also necessitate building new healthcare facilities. China deployed modular construction to build two hospitals to address the crisis, while some in the construction industry have been responding decisively to limit the spread of the virus, and tackle new and existing work.
  • Construction Business Owner: Coronavirus: Who Will Bear the Risk & Cost for Construction Delays?
    • A global, society-halting pandemic like COVID-19 can invoke “force majeure” (or “force of nature”) clauses in contracts across the entire construction industry and its supply chain. Projects will be delayed, budgets will be disrupted, and someone will have to bear the associated risks and costs. 
  • Washington Examiner: Pence calls on construction companies to donate masks to hospitals during coronavirus outbreak
    • Vice President Mike Pence introduces one immediate way the construction industry can help the fight the spread of the coronavirus: donate masks to healthcare workers.
  • Harvard Business Review: Communicating Through the Coronavirus Crisis
    • Communication is key in all industries, but especially in the client and team-heavy construction industry. In a moment of crisis, how do you communicate what’s going on to your key stakeholders to reassure them and prevent panic, while still acknowledging that circumstances may quickly change?
  • LinkedIn: Webcor, the COVID-19 Emergency, and the Future of Construction
    • Construction leaders are stepping up and showing courage and resilience. Jes Pedersen, CEO and President of Webcor addresses the current state of the industry as well as how his company plans to move forward when the time is right.

What are you reading?

Over the next few weeks – and hopefully not much longer than that – there will be additional news and analyses on COVID-19 and its impact on the construction industry. Share what you’re reading in the comments below, and look out for more coverage roundups from us.

Niyati Desai

Public Relations Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions